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Zodiac sign compatibility in love and marriage: what do the stars have to say?


Do you want to know about zodiac sign compatibility in love and marriage? Who suits you best in terms of marriage, and who is the person which should be avoided for a relationship? Then read our article.

No one has yet managed to fully solve the mystery of a happy marriage, except … astrology. Indeed, unhappy relationships can be predicted even before they begin, given the characteristics of the partner’s personality, his/her negative and positive sides. For this end, it is important to know how to cast your personal horoscope. But sometimes it is enough to calculate your ascendant sign in order to predetermine the obstacles in a relationship and understand who is the wrong person to be with.

Remember that it is impossible to fully determine the compatibility of the zodiac signs by date of birth, it is recommended to study your natal charts with your partner, since the information is strictly individual! But first, you can identify your compatibility in ascending signs; this does not require special complex analysis.

The ascending sign in Jyotish is identified based on information about the place, date and time of the person’s birth.

You can find out how to identify your ascendant in this article. It is not difficult and only takes 10 minutes of your time.

Follow the link to learn useful techniques, draw up your natal chart and predict the future.

How to determine the compatibility of zodiac signs

There are several ways to determine the compatibility horoscope:

  • define compatibility by chakras
  • identify astrological zodiac sign compatibility
  • calculate the numerological compatibility of a couple
  • identify the compatibility by nakshatras

The latter method is one of the most difficult, as it includes the analysis of a couple compatibility from different aspects: psychological and sexual aspects, possibility of a long-term relationship, level of affection, physiological compatibility.

Zodiac Sign Compatibility Chart

To find out how compatible your zodiac signs are, see our date of birth compatibility chart. This table takes into account not only the zodiac sign, but also your gender: on the right are options for women, on top – for men:

zodiac sign compatibility chart

Want to know what are the love characteristics of all zodiac signs? Then read the descriptions of the signs below.


Fire burns in the heart of Aries. Hi love is unconditional, he is ready declare about his endless feelings to the whole world. He lives in the now, loves passionately, fiercely and on a large scale. Aries are not short of determination, they will not give up and will obtain the heart of their cherished love. People born under this zodiac sign are masters in courtship, they get under the skin of anyone. Tenderness and romance are combined with strength and confidence. Their affection is sincere, they will not lie as they themselves do not tolerate lies.


Taurus as has one of the most valuable and rare human qualities – loyalty. They are highly appreciated by friends and relatives for this feature. They are the most reliable, stable people whom you can safely trust and who are always ready to listen. In a relationship, they value stability. Unpredictability scares them. Taurus try not to fall in love with someone who can turn around and leave at any moment. They need a guarantee, consistency. As a rule, Taurus are homebodies, since they feel the most comfortable at home.


But with Gemini – the opposite is true. These fidgets love spontaneity, they are inspired by the freshness of emotions and the unpredictability of further actions. To win their hearts, you need to entertain them and make them laugh as much as possible. For a date, it is better to choose not one, but several places: they will certainly appreciate such a variety. The main thing is not to let them get bored. Best of all, Gemini get along with those who recharge them: it gives motivation to be active.


Cancers are wonderful partners in relationships. They are caring and understanding, this is how they express love, but they expect the same from their partner and if they do not see the return, they fall into deep despondency. Family is a priority for Cancers and after having starting it, they become loyal and reliable family men. As with Taurus, stability is important to them. In search of a second half, Cancers focus on the harmony of body, soul and consciousness. To put it simply, they are looking for an ideal partner and they lower the bars only on rare occasions.


Anyone who knows a thing or two about the signs of the zodiac remembers well that Leos love to be admired. They enjoy compliments and know how to take care of themselves. They give passion, romance and a lot of warmth to the loved ones. They value full understanding from the spouse, although they themselves are not always ready to compromise. They do not tend to be modest at all, but they are generous, big hearted and noble just like real kings. The endless charm of Leos will make you lose control and immediately fall into their strong arms.


Virgos value responsibility and commitment in a partner. They strive for excellence and they expect the same from their spouses. Virgos are attracted to peoples that are constantly trying to grow and pushing the limits. In life, Virgos are looking for their own kind; they always demand emotional return as they completely give off themselves to loved ones. They always try to keep promises and keep their word, again, thanks to a keen sense of responsibility.


Libra values perfection. It is important for them to have a common worldview with a partner. In the process of acquaintance, they try to determine the values and position of a person. Surely, many have noticed in Libra the ability to smile in such a way that even the darkest corners of the soul are illuminated.

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The most mysterious and hard to read personalities. Their real qualities are never plain to see, because they might be speaking one thing and thinking about the opposite.  If they meet their true love, they show unprecedented generosity and care. By nature, their feelings can be deep and they see the true essence of things. In this case, marriage with Scorpio will be strong and prosperous. As you can see, the compatibility of this zodiac sign by date of birth is not a fiction!


Friendly Sagittarians are always ready to have fun and make new acquaintances. They are not afraid of new ideas and changes. They are brimming over with life. Sagittarians are drawn to diversity and vibrant lifestyles. They love to make new discoveries. They often serve as examples and motivators for other people. Sagittarius will never put up with routine work and the dullness of monotonous days.


Capricorns go towards their goal slowly but surely. And most importantly they do it silently. When Capricorn achieves success, many are surprised because they did not even know about his/her plans. In matters of the heart, this category of people is very picky. To get under the skin of the Capricorn, you need to be versatile, interesting, independent, hardworking, reliable, you’d better to have a good job – this will mean that you have ambitions. First of all, Capricorns are attracted to strong people.


It is not easy to understand Aquarius. They live in their own world and always strive for freedom, they need space for self-expression. If you break their private space, they will become estranged. Aquarians value privacy and other people. They will not put bounds to their partner and will let her/him breath. It can be very interesting with Aquarius, they make a good company and will not let you get bored.


This water sign also values ​​privacy. When Pisces falls in love, they completely dissolve in their other half, giving her all the emotional resource. These are devoted spouses who live for the family and never get tired of giving love, because love is inherent in their very nature. The charisma and natural charm of Pisces rarely leaves anyone indifferent.

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