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The Yes No Tarot Card Reading


“Am I getting married to my beloved one?”, “Getting promotion this year or not?”, “Will I win the contest?” – Tarot provides you with answers to these and many more other questions with its Yes No Tarot fortune telling technique. Learn how to do this and other interesting Tarot spreads to improve your life and achieve your goals.

One or two cards Yes or No Tarot spread

The Yes No Tarot is the easiest express card-reading method. It is truthful and accurate as much as other spread options. It is aimed for urgent questions requiring fast yes or no answer. Take your pack of cards, imagine your question, shuffle the pack and pick one card.

Only Major Arcana cards can be used in this Yes or No Tarot technique.

You get only Yes or No reply to this Tarot spread, so phrase your question carefully. If the question is not formulated clear, you may be lost in interpretation. Questions can be asked to yourself or aloud while shuffling the deck. This doesn’t affect the result of the card reading.

Yes/No Tarot Card Interpretation

Check the chosen card and look up for the Yes or No Tarot accurate reading.

Card numberCardInterpretation
0 (XXII)The FoolUncertain, may be Yes if you act differently
IThe MagicianYes
IIThe High PriestessYes
IIIThe EmpressYes
IVThe EmperorYes
VThe PopeYes
VIThe LoversUncertain
VIIThe ChariotYes
VIIIThe JusticeYes
IXThe HermitNo
XThe Wheel of FortuneYes
XIThe ForceYes
XIIThe Hanged ManNo
XIIIThe DeathNo
XIVThe TemperanceYes
XVThe DevilYes
XVIThe TowerNo
XVIIThe StarYes
XVIIIThe MoonUncertain, you are doubtful
XIXThe SunYes
XXThe JudgementYes
XXIThe WorldYes

One card doesn’t provide you with a deep understanding of the situation. It only tells you the most probable option at the time of asking. Use second card for more information. First card gives you a yes or no reading of your issue. Second chosen card gives you an advice on what you should pay attention to.

Answer to a Question – Tarot 5 cards spread

If yes or no Tarot accurate answer is not enough in your case, you can do the 5 cards spread. It gives you an opportunity to understand the whys and wherefores of your situation and to see obstacles on the way to your dream.

Use all cards in the deck, shuffle and formulate a short and clear question. Pick out 5 cards and put them as shown below:


Interpret the combination as follows:

1 card – highlights positive sides that may help you to succeed in the story

2 card – points on the obstacles

3 card – shows the cause of the problem

4 card – the key-card: the answer to your question

5 card – shows the future of the story

Answer to a Question – Tarot 7 cards spread

Another technique of the Tarot fortune telling. You know what to do. Question clearly while shuffling the card pack. Pick 7 cards and display them as shown in the picture:


1 card – explains the impact of your past to the current situation

2 card – highlights something in your present that is important for your situation

3 card – shows the future of the story

4 card – the issue

5 card – invisible part, something you ignore

6 card – obstacles

7 card – the key-card: the answer to your question

Yes No Tarot Online

You don’t always need Tarot cards to be carried with you as our grandmothers did. Technology provides us with new opportunities. Today you may find Yes No Tarot fortune telling online. Whenever you need a fast answer to any question, you can trust online web services to support you in a difficult moment.

Fortune telling is a necessary tool for happy living. It leads you to right decisions and helps you prevent difficulties on your way. But always remember that your future is in your hands, and only you decide your own path.

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