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The Wheel of Fortune Tarot card meaning

wheel of fortune tarot

10th Major Arcana Wheel of Fortune Tarot card, also known as “Wheel of Fate“, “Wheel of Happiness” or “Circulation”. This is a card of changes and luck that says “everything flows and everything changes.” Just as it is impossible to stop the living, it is impossible to resist changes. And that is good as changes may be positive or bring priceless experience.

In most spreads, the Wheel of Fortune is an optimistic forecast, a symbol of progress, a change of events, something that brings beneficial improvements in your life. Slowing down and trying to delay them is not the best solution. The Fate has already intervened in your life and the Wheel is running, its turnover will get bigger! You just have to gratefully accept and use the results in your interest.

Tarot Wheel of Fortune card meaning

Expect lucky opportunities if the Tarot Wheel of Fortune falls out in an upright position. Following are the interpretations of the card:

  • sudden luck, successful decision of affairs;
  • promotion and development;
  • rise, progress;
  • new opportunities;
  • turn of events in your favor;
  • the beginning of a new stage;
  • changes;
  • everything flows, everything changes.

The Arcane Wheel of Fortune in Tarot represents the following groups of people: lucky ones, players, speculators. This is a card of lucky people who are willing to experiment and take risks. “Nothing ventured, nothing gained!” The Wheel of Fortune turns towards the brave and active! A white streak begins in their life and everything is going well. This is another important Wheel of Fortune Tarot card meaning.

Wheel of Fortune reversed

wheel of fortune tarot

If the Wheel of Fortune falls out in an reversed position, then it generally retains its positive effect. However, it indicates that happy results will have to wait. Changes will take place, everything will work out, but not right now. Other meanings of the reversed card:

  • delay, obstacles on the way;
  • bad luck;
  • obstacle;
  • resistance to change;
  • marking time;
  • volatile luck;
  • the darkest night before dawn;

In a reversed position the Wheel of Fortune card represents unlucky people, those who miss their chances and lose.

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot combinations

If the Wheel of Fortune falls out in the spread with:
Magician – time for a change, a successful action.
High Priestess – a change of situation, many events, it is important to use them.
Empress – something new enters life, happy changes, the birth of a child.
Emperor – family and business changes.
Hierophant – a change in social status, outlook on life.
Lovers – happy changes in relationships, matters of the heart.
Chariot – a trip, a journey, a good road.
Strength – overcoming obstacles, using force to move on.
Hermit – wisdom, old age, retirement, loneliness.
Justice – solving legal issues, everything is in your favor.
Hanged Man – delay, crisis, postponement of change, unclear vision of the situation.
Death – a chance for a new life, difficult but necessary changes.
Temperance – quick action, instant decision, new path, urgent trip.
Devil – sudden hindrances in plans, obstacles.
Tower – danger, collapse, uncomfortable relationship.
Moon – changeable desire, vague and complex perspectives.
Sun – great opportunities, a new place, successful changes, glory.
Judgement – it’s time to make a decision, the way is the way.
Peace – a long-awaited result, joy, a suitable occasion.

wheel of fortune tarot

Wheel of Fortune Tarot love, finance and health

If, in fortune-telling for the future, an upright Wheel of Fortune (Tarot card) falls out, the meaning will be as follows: significant changes await you, changes have entered your life, fateful circumstances will turn everything upside down.
The Wheel of Fortune Tarot in fortune telling about relationships indicates a new meeting, a fatal acquaintance, overcoming a crisis in a relationship.
In fortune-telling for work and career, the Tarot Wheel of Fortune in an upright position indicates the search for recognition, sudden good luck in business, work as intended, unexpectedness in professional activity.
In divination the Wheel of Fortune card gives the answer – rather yes (in an upright position), rather no (in a reversed position).
If in daily fortune telling you get a card of the day Wheel of Fortune, then this is a favorable forecast. Surrender to fate, get ready for the change, and enjoy your life!

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