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What To Do In A Full Moon? 5 Effective Rituals for This Full Moon Day


Have you ever watched the beautiful cosmic rays produced by the full moon? If not, then you have been missing something incredible. This article explains what a full moon in astrology means, when it occurs, what to do during the full moon day, and things to avoid during this phase.

If you have any questions on the above-mentioned topics, then this is the perfect astrology article for you.

What does a full moon mean in astrology?

Full moon normally appears once a month after every 29.5 days. If you have been wondering how many full moons in a year are seen or when the next full moon will appear, then you already have the answer. 

This phase of the moon occurs when the earth is between the sun and its moon. The term ”its” is used because each planet has its moon.

During this period, the moon moves in its orbit from the right side to the left side until it faces the opposite side of the planet earth from the sun. During this period, the moon’s light is fully illuminated.

The moon has 8 phases including the new moon, waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full moon, waning gibbous, third quarter, and lastly the waning crescent. The moon does not produce light of its own but receives light from the sun which reflects the earth.

Just like any other phase of the moon, a full moon occurs for a short period usually 3 days hence the energy formed needs to be well-utilized within a short time.

How is the full moon connected with the energy?

The full moon normally has a very strong gravitational pull with the earth which nurtures a lot of energy. This energy brings a lot of enthusiasm to life hence this is a good time to cherish this powerful liveliness.

The full moon day should be a time to reflect on our goals and efforts made during the month.

Some call this period the ”endings” since it is meant to be the final stage of the month’s exertions. The phase starts with the new moon where goals are set (it can be financial, social, or relationship goals).

The new moon is usually dark which represents the fruition time. As the light increases in different phases, it means efforts are applied to succeed in accomplishing the set goals. When the full moon days approach, they provide time to reflect on the results.

For instance, if your goal was increasing your savings to let’s say $5,000 this month, the full moon days provide a time to reflect on your results. For example, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have I achieved my goal? If not, why?
  • What beneficial steps did I follow?
  • What steps should I avoid next time?
  • What should I do to increase the savings amount next month?

These questions not only apply to the above-mentioned example. You can also use them in whatever goal you had set.

Don’t forget about the solar and lunar eclipses as they can also occur during the new and full moon. The eclipses create a great time to work on a decision we have been evading or procrastinating about but never made any efforts on them.

This can be a breakthrough as they act as a form of motivation to work on the chosen decisions.

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5 effective rituals for this Full Moon Day

Since full moon acts as an energy nourishing factor, there are certain things you can do to utilize this energy or simply reflect on your past goal-setting. Should you manifest on a full moon day? Of course! And not only.

These things can be based on the different zodiac signs present. The things to be done include:

  • Ponder on the past activities.

 The full moon day is about endings. That means you reflect on your past emotions and physical activities. If there are relationships or patterns which are not helpful, let them go.

Process all activities to determine their usefulness. Keep the helpful patterns to use them later for other goals. To do this, sit quietly in a room and stay still while thinking about your past moves and observe your surroundings.

This can be a great way to discover other opportunities that had been buried by our dark emotions.

  • Do a full moon meditation

We have already mentioned that during the full moon, a lot of energy is nourished. You need to nurture energy to feel the reflection. Since a full moon is all about endings, meditation provides a great to reflect on our emotions and physical patterns.

To do this, sit in a nice spacious room or outside either on the balcony or any other quiet environment of your choice. Then slightly raise your head, close your eyes and let go of any destructive thoughts. Feel the moon’s energy. Let it penetrate through your body and soul for a while. Then slowly open your eyes and see the change.

You can repeat this step severally until you fully nurture energy from the full moon.

Do you know what is your spirit animal? You can use its image in your meditation.

  • Take a short walk

One of the most sensual zodiac signs is the Taurus from Venus. The sign signals that you should take some nature walk while inhaling the peaceful air and still feeling the strong energy. This should not be far from where you reside.

As you walk, you can be pondering on your emotions to understand what is happening inside of you and release all the negative thoughts.

  • Release all the negativity

Negativity can lure us from achieving our goals. Consider letting them go. To accomplish this, you can write all the negative thoughts on a piece of paper, take a deep breath and tear the paper or throw it away in an ocean to signify letting them go.

If you had written a list of things to be done and had not accomplished them, try asking yourself ”why”. Write down all the things you did that made you not achieve them. Promise yourself not to do them again and throw or tear the piece of paper.

You can also dance to your favorite tune, watch your favorite movie or chat with your friends to release all the negativities. The Gemini zodiac sign emphasizes the latter point.

  • Take the moonlight bath

We all feel energized after taking a normal bath. Just imagine how it would feel if the bath was taken during the full moon with all the energy being nurtured. 

The full moon bath can be a healing activity. Some science says that the moon bath reduces inflammation and support women during their menstrual cycles.

The Cancer, Aquarius, and Pisces zodiac signs emphasize the need for taking this moon bath. You can even dip yourself in low-level oceanic water and feel the energy while listening to the waves. What a great feeling!

Read this vedic astrology guide to learn more about yourself.

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What not do during the full moon day

  • Overthinking

The full moon provides a great environment to ponder and meditate on things. This can tempt us to start overthinking and even blame ourselves for things we did not do. Avoid that. 

Similarly avoid overstressing, overreacting to emotions, or overworking during this period. Let it be peaceful and helpful.

  • Starting new projects

The great energy harnessed during the full moon can lure us into starting something new. It is better to wait for the full moon to get into new projects. The full moon only lasts for about 3 days. Use these days to reflect and meditate on your past activities and emotions.

  • Making big decisions

Once you feel energized, making big decisions might be very easy. Relax and take time. Don’t rush out on any decision during this period. Be aware. Use energy with core drawing. 


Full moons create a great environment to reflect and meditate on the goals we had set during the start of the month. For love of this life-changing period, make good use of the full moon this month. Look out the window and see how beautiful the cosmic rays are tonight!

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