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What should be done during Waning Gibbous? Astrologer’s tips


The period of the Waning Gibbous lasts for two weeks from the moment of the full moon until the new moon. During this time, the full moon diminishes day by day losing power and influence, to be reborn on the new moon. Let’s talk about what to do on the Waning Gibbous.

Since we all depend on the lunar cycles (especially women), the time of the Waning Gibbous should be used correctly. In this case, things will go easier; there will be more peace of mind, self-organization and happiness in life.

What should be done on the Waning Gibbous? It is important to remember that this is a time of purification, good riddance, deliverance from everything that annoys or make you feel unhappy. During this period, many things slow down, the lunar energy gives us the opportunity to “take everything easy”, think over, clear out the mind and revive with renewed vigor along with a young moon.

What should be done on the Waning Gibbous?

It is recommended to do the spring cleaning of the house, sorting out staff, getting rid of junk and rubbish. It is especially favorable to do this on Tuesdays (Mars Day) and Saturdays (Saturn Day). Active Martian energy is beneficial when you clean your house.  Saturn Day is good for organized cleaning, the result will be more durable.

Clearing the living space at home. Moreover, the ritual itself can be different: you can do the cleaning with a candle, incense, salt (sprinkle corners of the house with and sweep it out in a day), salt water (mop the floor thoroughly in the entire house), mantra (cleansing mantra for the house OM AH HUM). All this will perfectly work on a Waning Gibbous. You may also once in 3-5 months try a great Vedic purification of the space with 5 elements, which completely renews the energy of the house.

Cleaning the desk and computer. Do you want the things to go well? Then, in the days of the Waning Gibbous, do a thorough cleansing of your desk and computer. Sort out the papers and folders, throw away the old stationery, wipe the dust, and clean the basket. Put a vessel with clean water on the table for a day and then pour it out, this will be the end of the purification.

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Body purification. What should be done with the body during the Waning Gibbous? First of all this time is favorable to do facial cleansing, peeling, various detox procedures. It is a good time to start a diet, get rid of extra pounds through sports. The period is favorable for such procedures as removal of warts or moles, treatment for alcohol abuse, quitting smoking and other bad habits.

Pay debts, repay loans, and perform a ritual to get rid of debts. Take a sheet of paper and make a list of people or organizations to which you owe money, indicating an amount of your debts in front of each. Write the list in silence. In the process, you can imagine the faces of these people.

As soon as you did this, say: “The smaller the moon, the less debt I have. When the moon disappears, debts will disappear from my life. The power lies in my works, my intentions are hard as iron. Let it be so!”

Now burn the sheet. Speak out loud – “I got rid of all my debts! Let it be so!” The money, which will come in the near future, will need to be used to pay off debts.

To part, break the energy relationship with former partners. A Waning Gibbous will help you to recover quickly and start a new life.

Break the old connections. It is a good time to “burn bridges”, clear the things up in relationship. If you can’t forget a person, however you don’t have possibility to say a final goodbye, write him a letter and burn it.

Analyze plans, summarize results.

But when it comes to new beginnings and projects, it would be better to wait until the Waxing Gibbous. The start of construction, opening of a business will also go well when the moon grows.

Keep in mind that the Waning Gibbous is the time of the wrap-up, when you can sum up the results, part with all the old, obsolete, forgive yourself mistakes and open a new stage in life.

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