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What does the heart line on the hand mean?


In palmistry, there are 4 main lines, which give in insight to a lot of things about yourself, your destiny, hidden talents, and the future. In this article, you will learn what the heart line on the palm means. This very line is responsible for the emotional component. By examining this line, you can understand some of the distinctive features of your character, as well as what kind of relationships you have with other people.

The line of the heart on the palm lays the closest to the base of the fingers (the topmost). It originates under the little finger and ends off differently depending on person. It can be read in either direction of the passive or active hand.

The active hand is the one you write with. The passive hand reflects the qualities that were given to you at birth. They are interpreted as the basis. The active hand reflects all changes over the course of life due to certain events. If the lines on your hands vary wildly, it means that you have worked a lot on yourself.

So, let’s start reading the line of the heart.

Physical line of the heart on the hand


If your heart line on the palm rounds off in an arc form to the direction of the pointer finger or middle finger or ends between the pointer and middle fingers, you have a physical line of the heart. People with this type of line are able to openly express their feelings and emotions. They are emotionally stable, if unhappiness occurs in their lives, they are easily appeased and quickly come to their senses, while other people may suffer and fall into despair for a long time. These people are direct, open to the world; they never hide their true feelings. They can make a scene and throw a temper tantrum if they are not happy with something. However, they are caring and loving people. You feel easy and comfortable around them.

Spiritual line of the heart


If your line of the heart doesn’t rounds off and horizontally crosses the palm, then you have a spiritual line. People with such a line are having a hard time expressing their feelings; they are reserved, not straightforward. It is easier for such people to cope with emotions alone, internalize, rather than share grief with loved ones. They will never have a meltdown, get into it with someone but simply hide all their emotions and feelings deep inside. They share something intimate very seldom, do not discuss their personal lives with other people, they are very passionate and sensitive. If you recognize yourself, you need to learn how to work on yourself, because you cannot always keep all negative emotions in yourself. This may result in a poor health, depression, constant worries and stress. Try to open up to the world, start with the closest people.

Emotional problems in life 

If your heart line is intermittent, it means that you have faced emotional problems: failures in love, quarrels with loved ones, unhappy marriage. If, for example, at first, your line is irregular and aby the end, it straightens and thins up, it means that you have experienced some emotional difficulties in your life, but now everything is fine. If small thin lines cross your line, it means you are often depressed and experiencing stress.

End of line


If your heart line ends between the pointer and middle fingers, then you are in balance with yourself and with people around you. You are a realist; often do not make steep demands. You do not look through rose-colored glasses; therefore, you will not suffer from unfulfilled expectations.


If your line of the heart ends off under your pointer finger, then you are prone to idealize people and events, you are very vulnerable. Often you experience failures in love because of too high expectations from your partner.


If your heart line ends under the middle finger, then you are selfish, rarely having a deep attachment to other people. You put yourself first.  

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If your heart line doubles at the end, then your soul is quite multifaceted. You can see and understand things in its entirety. And if the line branches out in several directions at once, it means that such person had a lot of romantic relationships. A person with such a line will always be lucky and successful in everything, provided that he can find a suitable partner and build a happy future with him/her. Such a union should be based on constant mutual support, love and care.

Partners compatibility on the basis of heart line 

The best option for partners is when the lines of the heart on their hands end in the same place. It happens that a person has a double heart line, when there is another one over the line. This means that the partner will be very loving, loyal and caring. Also, if you have a thin parallel line at the very end of the heart line, it means that you will build an eternal love union: a happy marriage that will be the only one and will last until old age.

Other characteristics

  • Sometimes there is no heart line on the palm. This means that a person is guided not by emotions, but by logic;
  • A barely visible line of the heart indicates that a person attachment little importance to emotions;
  • A short line of the heart ending with a ring finger indicates that love plays little importance to a person; he/she has other priorities;
  • If there are many bends on your heart line in a waveform, it means that you have had many unserious relationships;
  • If the line of the heart merges with the line of life, it is very easy to offend a person.

This is only 1% of all knowledge in palmistry. If you are interested in this topic and you want to learn more, learn to understand fate, see the past and future, send Dmitry Lakshmi your full name, date, time and city of birth, as well as photos of all hand angles.

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