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Through rough ways to the stars: how did I manage to get my life together with the help of astrology?


Through rough ways to the stars: how did I manage to get my life together with the help of astrology?

My name is Zarine Browns. I am an active person by nature; I have traveled a lot and moved from country to country. I lived in America for 4 years, then moved to Mexico, where I have been working as a translator for a telecommunications company for the past 5 years.

As it happens, t I was overtaken by the Sade-Sati period (the transit of Saturn on the Moon), which is the hardest period in human life. Then I lost my house, my job, my family, I moved out of the country, I had no money, and I had to start everything from the scratch.

I got into debt and realized that something was not going right and that everything is happening for a reason. At the same time, I have been always curious about arcane knowledge, but I never thought to take it seriously. It was then, in my difficult life period, I decided to go for a consultation to one of the teachers of the Lakshmi School. He offered me training at his school of astrology, and just at that precise moment I realized that it was exactly what I needed that it was time to change something in life.

I also took part in the School Marathon, where I have revealed the secrets of the practices of forgiveness. In the process of this practice, I began to get in contact with with my father, whom I had not seen since childhood, told him about my intentions to study at the school of astrology; he supported me and offered to pay for education. That’s where the real power of the practitioner is! Everything works, guys!

I discovered a lot about my potential and myself as well as about life goals. I managed to get my thoughts together, identify my uncertainties, understand and accept them. Some of my compulsive and disturbing thoughts are neutralized.

It has become clear to me which way to go, what should be improved in myself, what actions should be undertaken in order to feel harmony and love! That was exactly what I needed. Thank you! 

After completing the course, my life had changed dramatically. I changed my eating habits – I became a vegetarian, I do what I enjoy to do – I help people find their way and solve difficult life situations.

Now I know exactly what my life purpose is. This is such an amazingly wonderful feeling when you know what you live for.

I wish you all not to be reluctant on getting started with studying astrology and take this step right now to change your life for the better!

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