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The sun as a symbol of self-consciousness. Let’s strengthen your energy.


In Vedic astrology, the Sun (or Surya) symbolizes the power of self-consciousness, the human ego, your own self. The strong Sun helps us moving towards our goal, gives us joy, energy, confidence in ourselves and our strengths. Surya is the God of the planets; the Sun personifies the energy of life. The weak Sun in the horoscope can cause problems and failures.

How to define a weakened Sun in your horoscope?

First of all, observe your sensations. If you feel insecure, you have low self-esteem, you don’t love and believe in yourself, then your Sun is definitely weak. This can lead to loss of strength and motivation, poor health, depression and failure: if you don’t believe in yourself, how can you live a full life? You will not be able to achieve success, and as a result, you will have a negative self-image. 

What happens to the physical body? The weak Sun in the horoscope always results in a lack of energy, poor appetite, weak heart, cold limbs. A person with a weakened Sun always has poor eyesight, a rare pulse, pale skin and tired look.


What is to be done if the Sun is weak? 

To give up and bite the bullet? In fact, there is always a way out. In Vedic astrology, we ourselves can strengthen the planets and achieve what we want and what we dream of. What specific actions to strengthen the sun can we take?

1. Wear a gemstone, namely a ruby. You can wear a gold ring with a ruby on the ring finger of the right hand.

2. For the first time, we wear the stone on Sunday, at sunrise. An astrologer can choose a good time for you.

3. If you have a weak Sun, then you will have to develop the missing qualities yourself to become stronger and more confident. You need to learn to deal with your fears, to demonstrate more initiative for the development of leadership skills.

4. You need to learn how to get out of the comfort zone. Get out in the sun more often. In the morning, try to wake up at sunrise.

5. On Sundays, the Sun can be worshiped through the ascesis of the katha gate. You can read this ascesis for yourself and your friends to improve your karma and enhance the Sun in your horoscope.

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The most important thing is to believe that it is real to improve and change your destiny. Follow the position of the planets in Vedic mansions and use our simple tips.

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