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The Star Tarot card meaning

the star tarot

The Star Tarot in the deck. The meaning of the Star Tarot card and interpretation in the spreads. Read in an article from an expert Tarot reader.

17th Major Arcana Star Tarot card, also known as “Hope”, “Daughter of the Heaven” or “Star of the Magicians”. This is an optimistic card of rebirth, achievement, hope and aspiration for the future.

The star is considered a very good card in most hands and combinations. It is portrayed by a beautiful woman standing on land and in water. Such duality personifies the past and the future – until recently, the situation seemed unstable, but time has passed and everything is fine.

Upright position meaning

You can safely rejoice if the Star Tarot falls out in the upright position in the spread. Its interpretation ​​will be as follows:

  • good luck and success in business;
  • calmness, optimism, inspiration;
  • comfortable life;
  • restoration of health and healing;
  • special talent;
  • help from above, help from other people;
  • happy changes;
  • a surge of creativity;
  • joy and happiness;

The Star Tarot card represents the following groups of people: young women, girls and girls, healers and astrologers. In addition, this card also means the help of the Guardian Angel. He is always by your side!

The star often falls out in fortune-telling when you make plans. They can be grandiose and ambitious, but you need to plan real steps only taking into account your own strengths and capabilities. Others will help – well, no – you can do it yourself! Then the plans are more likely to come true. This is another important the Star Tarot meaning.

The Star reversed

the star tarot

If the Star Tarot falls out in a reversed position, then it partially retains its positive effect. However, it indicates some delay in action, frustration and anxiety associated with this. Other card meanings when turned upside down:

  • pessimism;
  • getting rid of illusions;
  • daydreaming and slowness;
  • disappointment and self-doubt;
  • the glass is half empty;
  • fearfulness and anxiety;

In an inverted position, the card represents pessimists and those who have difficulties and need help from others.

The Star Tarot combinations

If there is a Star falls out in a spread with:

Magician – a good time for action, beginnings, ideas and projects.

High Priestess – calmness and confidence, resolution of the situation, a find.

Empress – a happy event, achievement of the goal.

Emperor – good luck, reward, help from patrons, a good position.

Hierophant – inspiration, acquisition of new knowledge or a mentor.

Lovers – love, excellent relationships, harmonious union.

Chariot – moving, a successful trip, the right road.

Strength – victory, hope, chance, healing.

Hermit – a reward awaits you after a long wait.

Wheel of Fortune – happy changes, a trip abroad.

Justice – a favorable solution to the problem, the outcome of the case is fair.

Hanged Man – not all is lost, you can get out of the predicament.

Death – changes for the better, hope, the best way to solve the problem.

Temperance – improving the situation, controlling it.

Devil – renewal, liberation from old ties.

Tower – to start anew, frustration of hopes.

Moon – creativity, changeable situation.

Sun – receiving an award, a male assistant, good luck in what was conceived.

Judgement – the hope for changes, everything can be decided for you.

Peace – talents, success, the favor of fate.

the star tarot card

The Star Tarot love, finance and health

If an upright Star Tarot card falls out in fortune-telling for the future, the meaning will be as follows: a fulfillment of desire, a new stage in life, a happy event, achievement of a goal awaits you.

The Star Tarot in fortune-telling about relationships indicates a new acquaintance, harmony and intimacy in a couple, mutual understanding.

In divination for work and career, the Star in a direct position indicates financial and career prospects, a successful job change, successful trips and business trips, and lucrative contracts.

In fortune-telling, the Star card gives the answer to the question – yes (in an upright position), there is hope (in an inverted position).

If in daily fortune telling you got the Star daily card, then this is an excellent forecast. She indicates a positive, auspicious day, a successful solution to current issues, finding help, creative inspiration. Make the most of this day!

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