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Temperance Tarot card meaning


The Temperance Tarot is the Major Arcana card. Read the article from an expert Tarot reader to learn meaning and interpretation of the Tarot Temperance in readings.

14th Major Arcana Temperance Tarot card follows the Death Tarot Arcana and carries a special meaning. This is the time for transformation, renewal, accumulation of energy, that which will bear fruit after the period of “death”. Temperance in the Tarot suggests patience and calmness, it is a strong auspicious Arcana, which switches bad sides of your life into the good. Just give it some time and you will see positive changes.

Upright Temperance Tarot meaning


What else does the Temperance Tarot indicate to? Its meaning in the upright position is as follows:
• modesty and setting of personal limitations;
• ability to be honest and prudent;
• tendency towards routine duties;
• balance and harmony;
• adaptability;
• conciliation;
• perfect time management;
• reminds that any heart break would be healed by time;
• unification of forces;

Temperance Tarot Major Arcana represents the following groups of people: healers, spiritual leaders, defenders, alchemists, human rights defenders, activists, mediums.
The Temperance harmoniously combines all four elements: Air, Water, Earth and Fire. This balance and harmony shows that opposing but inextricably linked elements make up life as a whole. Darkness and light, good and evil, life and death, cold and heat – it is important to find a “golden mean” in opposite values, a truth is in a balance of every side of our lives. This is another important mystical meaning of the Temperance Tarot card.

Reversed Temperance meaning


If the Temperance falls out in an inverted position this speaks of indiscretion, pressure, wrong or hasty actions, which results will have to be disentangled for a long time.

Other meanings of the reversed card:
• imbalance;
• excess (including sexual);
• refusal to compromise;
• disagreements;
• impatience and intemperance;
• haste and poor results;
• amoral behavior;
• stress;
• conflict of desires, interests;

It can also indicate frivolity and talkativeness, as a result – empty promises, chatter, the desire to achieve the goal by any means.

Temperance Tarot combinations

If Temperance falls out in a spread with:
Empress – this indicates economy and thrifty spending of finance.
High Priestess – study, advanced training.
Hierophant – indicates that your actions will be marked.
Lovers – says that the time has come to find a compromise, a solution that will suit everyone.
Chariot – promises concern.
Wheel of Fortune – important changes, dramatic changes.
Hanged Man – speaks of the threat of depression.
In combination with the Devil, Judgment or Star, it promises recovery, healing from illness.
Sun – good news, happiness and success.
Tower – indicates independent behavior, confidence, and sometimes fanaticism.


Temperance Tarot: relationships, finances, health

If in fortune-telling on finances and work an upright card of Temperance of the Tarot falls out, the meaning will be as follows: fruitful cooperation, a successful career awaits you. The card speaks of the end of work conflicts, the establishment of reliable connections, the ability to manage money and free time.

The Temperance in Tarot fortune telling on health indicates healing from illness, restoration of strength, and gaining good physical shape.

In fortune telling about relationships Temperance in an upright position indicates a committed relationship, a strong and lasting union, where partners are connected not only by sex, but also by spiritual kinship.

In divination to the question, the Temperance is the Yes answer in the long run period, the result will not be immediate.

If in daily fortune telling you get Temperance as your card of the day this is a good forecast. It indicates a stable position, good health, self-confidence. Temperance advises to work hard, stay calm, be neat and punctual. Such a hard work will bring its great results very soon!

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