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Tarot Major Arcana – Birth Tarot Card


Tarot Major Arcana – what do they mean for a person and how to interpret them? We will find out in the article from an expert.

The deck of Tarot cards holds encoded information, which gives answers to all kinds of questions using tarot card spreads, various combinations of cards (layouts). The classic deck of Tarot cards consists of 78 cards. It includes the Major arcana cards and the minor Arcana of the Tarot. Each of the cards has a certain meaning, understandable only to an experienced master.

How Many Cards Major Arcana Includes

Major arcana Tarot are considered as the most important cards. There are 22 of them in the deck and they mean events, actions, important milestones that await you in the future. Note that some layouts with the Tarot arcana imply the use of only 22 cards belonging to the major arcana of the Tarot. Now you know how many cards in the major arcana and we can keep on.

There are 56 minor Tarot arcana in the classic deck. They are divided into 4 suits, 14 cards each. Here you can see the analogy with playing cards. Minor arcana covers all shades and characteristics of events, emotions, actions and the daily existence of the individual. That is, if the major arcana answers the question “What?”, the minor ones describes “How?”.

In other words, the major arcana is static, meaning capturing events, and the minor arcana is dynamic, it means the development of events, actions and their consequences.

From the value point of view, Tarot cards (minor arcana) are usually divided into numerical and court ones. The value of the numerical minor arcana consists of two levels of information – the element of one of four suits and the energy of a specific number.

The suits carry the meaning of the four main elements:

Earth is coins (disks, pentacles, dinars). They rule the material world – money, pragmatism, everyday life;

Water is cups (bowls). Stand for emotions and feelings, intuition and health;

Fire is wands (staves, scepters). They mean actions, events, symbolize spirituality, purification, energy;

Air is swords. They indicate difficulties, barriers, inspiration, creativity and ideas in a broad sense.

Now let’s look at the meaning of the court minor arcana. Their meaning is also twofold. On the one hand, like every card in the Tarot deck, the minor arcana has a certain information. They show and explain events, thoughts, emotions. On the other hand, the court minor arcana is associated with certain personalities. By analysing their name and suit, it is possible to describe person’s appearance, understand how old a person is, what is his/her zodiac sign, what is his/her job.

The minor court arcana include Page, Knight, Queen and King. Numerical minor arcana  – Ace, as well as cards from 2 to 10.

Tarot Arcana by date of birth will help to understand yourself and understand loved ones

There is perception that in psychology or socionics, specialists don’t work with the essence of the personality, but with certain masks that literally “glue” to the person. The major arcana of the Tarot by date of birth online gives exhaustive, unbiased characteristics of the individual, allowing you to get to the very essence of the character.

What Tarot Major Arcana Are You

Understanding the meaning of the Tarot Arcana using the date of birth online or manually will be useful to anyone who wants to know and analyse their strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, you can also use the Tarot arcana by date of birth to find out about the compatibility of the couple. Knowing the date of birth of your partner or family members, you can find out how to build the healthiest relationships with them. If you know the dominant arcana of loved ones, you can understand the intricacies of their character, learn to understand their actions and accept the strangeness in their behaviour.

Note that each arcana which is assigned in the date of birth, has individual characteristics, tasks and levels. In this regard, the values of Arcana can be compared with the influence of planets and constellations in astrology, the meaning of numbers in numerology.

Why do I need to calculate the Tarot arcana by date of birth? First of all, it is necessary for understanding yourself and therefore, self-acceptance. Self-development can only be started after understanding the characteristics of the person’s data from birth.                                     

tarot major arcana

How to Calculate Birth Taro arcana?

There are several options for calculating the Tarot arcana by date of birth. Let’s look at an option that takes into account 4 cards related to the major arcana.

Let’s suppose a person was born on June 1, 1983.

Important! Any number greater than 22 needs to be reduced to a prime number, because in the Tarot deck there are exactly 22 major arcana, the number 0 is equal to 22.


Arcana #1

The person’s date of birth is the most important arcana. In this case, this is the number 1, Wizard arcana.

Arcana #2

The next number is the month of the person’s birth, in our case it’s 6, the Lovers arcana.

Arcana #3

We need to get the total number of year of birth. 1 9 8 3 = 21. This is the Peace Arcana.

Arcana #4

The last one, it is common arcana – it is the total of all numbers of the date of birth. It should be counted as integers. 1 + 6 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 3 = 28, 2 + 8 = 10. This is the Arcana Wheel of Fortune.

Key arcana of this personality: Wizzard, Lovers, Peace and Wheel of Fortune.

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How to calculate the Tarot Major arcana with three cards?

Let’s take a look at the second calculation option.

Let’s take the same date of birth – June 1, 1983.

The first number is one, that is, the Wizard arcane.

The second number is calculated by adding all the numbers in the date of birth. 1 + 6 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 3 = 28. In this case, the number 22 should be subtracted from 28. 28-22-22 = 6. This is the Lovers arcane.

The next number is calculated as follows. First you need to write in a column all the digits of the date of birth.




If each individual number is greater than 22, then we subtract this number from it. In our case, this is not necessary. Now add up all three digits 1 + 6 + 21 = 28. If the final digit is less than 22 or 22 then it is the number of the last arcane. If it is greater than 22, we calculate 28-22 = 6.  Lovers arcane.

In such a manner, we have 3 main cards, two of them are repeated: Wizard, Lovers and Lovers.

Note that the first major arcane indicates the talents and abilities of a person given to him/her from birth. The second arcane is the hidden qualities of the personality that have a strong influence on fate. The third arcane from this layout complements and strengthens the significance of the first two. The experts of our tarot school are open to answer your questions in the comments.

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