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Tarot card meanings and combinations


How to get advice from Tarot cards? You just need to understand the Tarot card meanings and know how to apply this new learning in your life. Tarot cards:  we will go through the meaning and combination of all cards in this article.

There are only 78 cards in the deck, but the Major Arcana are considered as the main ones in the layouts. These are the trump cards, which give importance to any scenario. There are only 22 of them and this is an indication of the main events, changes, fate, important people who will play a significant role in the life of a fortuneteller. In the process it is also important to pay attention to whether the cards are drawn upright or upside down. Let’s take a look at tarot cards and their meaning.

 Tarot card meanings – Major Arcana

 The Magician

Self-confidence, energy and knowledge, determination, opportunities, architect of own fortune.

Reversed card: lie/lier, weakness, selfishness, procrastination, indecision.

The High Priestess

Subconscious, premonition, intuition, hidden problems. Early memories, past circumstances, prophetic dreams, secret influence.

Reversed card: prejudice, bias, manipulation, ignoring intuition.

The Empress

Prosperity, creativity, productive action, fertility. Education, healing, love, harmony, union, sensitivity.

Reversed card: stagnation, problems, sterility, missed opportunities, blocked growth.

The Emperor

Masculine strength, control, ambition, security. Structure, strength, fearlessness, firmness, stability, leadership, law and order.

Reversed card: tyranny, rebellion, laziness, insecurity, indecision, rudeness.

The Hierophant

Seriousness, conservatism, traditionalism. Justice or peace. Platonic relationships, education, learning new things.

Reversed card: common-law marriage, non-standard approach, bad advice, vindictiveness, secrecy.

The Lovers

Union, love, trust. Short trips, health, healing. Romantic meeting, sexuality, attractiveness, partnership and new relationships.

Reversed card: end of love, wrong decision, inconstancy, problems in relationship, illness, separation, divorce.

The Chariot

Determination and initiative, self-affirmation, willpower. Movement and conquest, success, domination. Skill, courage, competence.

Reversed card: defeat, failure, conflict. Unsatisfied ambition, wrong goal choice, danger.

The Strength

Strong position, action, conviction, courage and energy. Patience, wisdom, protection of own interests.

Reversed card: selfishness, illness, intimidation, self-doubt, fear, depression, timidity.

The Hermit

Loneliness, retreat from society, responsibility for oneself, patience, discretion. Reflection and meditation.

Reversed card: exile, lack of human contact, standoffishness, denial.

Wheel of Fortune

All for the better, progress, luck, reward, quick changes.

Reversed card: dead end, fall, failure, bad luck. Negative changes, unexpected obstacle, stagnation, deterioration.


Action, balance, harmony, recovering the balance. Honesty and neutrality. Impartiality, rationalism.

Reversed card: injustice, wrong decision, loss, false accusations, legal problems.

The Hanged Man

Upheaval, braking, crossroads. Unexpected changes at home or work, bold actions, a break with the past.

Reversed card: uselessness, failure, dissatisfaction, depression. Melancholy and apathy, insufficient effort.


The beginning of something new, transition, purification, redemption. Gaining new vitality, liberation from useless deeds, relocation, termination of relationship.

Inverted card: decline, inaction, stubbornness, stagnation, immobility. Fear of change.


Conformation, patience, balance, calmness. Serenity and peace. Harmonious balance, adaptation.

Reversed card: frivolity, bigotry, imprudence. Sexual excesses, lust, lack of balance, immorality.

The Devil

Addiction, greed, lust. Strong sexual desire, obstacles, fear, incertitude, self-doubts.

Reversed card: getting rid of addiction, overcoming, enlightenment, taming fears.

The Tower

Inevitability, suddenness, destruction of the old, breakup and shock. Desolation, awakening. Sudden insight, significant changes, crisis, surprise.

Reversed card: expected changes, chaos, disaster, freedom.

tarot card meanings

The Star

Happiness, dreaming, luck, calmness. Optimism and trust, pleasure, confidence, faith in the future, comfort.

Reversed card: frustration of hopes, pessimism, loss, anxiety, unhappiness.

The Moon

Intuition, mother, female archetype, strong emotions. Hidden truths, abilities, dreams and fantasies, fictitious, mystery.

Reversed card: misunderstanding, ambiguity, deception, illusion.

The Sun

Masculine energy, success, pleasure, ambition. Finding strength. Favorable development, insight. Tarot meaning of the Sun: everything becomes clear.

Reversed card: Failure, late success, vanity, bragging, ignorance, selfishness.


Deliverance, awakening, change of profession, promotion. Tough decision or call to action. Renewal and new life.

Reversed card: disappointment, delayed action, stagnation, unwillingness to let go, aimlessness, reluctance.

 The World

Goal achievement, end of something, fulfilment, climax and result. Harmony, prosperity. End of travel, change of job, relocation.

Reversed card: unsettled matters, shortcomings, routine, overwork, unreliability.

The Fool

Starting from scratch, a new chance, new experiences and opportunities. An important decision, the beginning of an adventure, a time of change, originality.

Reversed card: risk, stupidity, impulsiveness, naivety, inexperience, gullibility.

Important! You don’t have to memorize the meaning and interpretation of all Tarot cards by heart! They are easy to remember if you practice. In addition, the interpretation can be understood based on the image on the card, and you can also keep a crib note at hand.


List of Tarot card combinations

Remember a few simple rules:

  • Before analyzing the meaning of specific cards, you need to think about what feelings do they arouse and observe the general impression as a whole;
  • It is recommended to group the cards in your mind and evaluate them – which cards are prevailing, from Major or Minor Arcana;
  • Identify the “ruling group” of the layout – these are the suits of cards, which number is the greatest in fortune telling;
  • Among the Major Arcana, the most significant cards are considered the High Priestess, the Magician and The Emperor.

For an accurate interpretation of fortune-telling, it is necessary to consider not only each card separately, but also their combinations. Especially combinations with the Major Arcana. They can provide important advice or warn of future changes.

Let’s look at some important card combinations:

Fool and Death – many difficulties and problems are expected in the near future, circumstances will be against you.

The Magician and the Wheel of Fortune – big changes, landmark event.

The Magician and the Tower – sad event.

Magician and Temperance – the long awaited meeting with a loved one will soon take place.

The High Priestess and the Star – the debt will be returned to you shortly.

The High Priestess and the Devil – you won’t be able to deal with the problem alone; seek some help.

The High Priestess and the Hermit – the trip will be unfavorable, it is better to cancel it.

Death and Judgement – a commemoration/funeral, not necessary in the family, you can just be present.

The Devil and the Magician – plans frustrations, a complete collapse.

The Devil and The Lovers – your relationship is destroying you.

The Devil and Strength  – great temptation on your way.

The Devil and Justice – you will not solve your problem in a legal way.

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As you read the Tarot card meanings list and combinations, remember that interpreting Tarot card combinations is in many ways a creative and intuitive process! Therefore, don’t be afraid to practice, assume, learn more about cards and combinations. In this case, a complete understanding of the Tarot and immersion into this fortune-telling process will happen.

In this article, we reviewed the Tarot cards with you: the meaning of the Major Arcana and a combination of some cards. Follow our page, we will share with you many other helpful Tarot card meanings and spreads for different areas of life!

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