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Success Story of Kate Green: How I Quit My Job for Astrology


Today our guest is Kate Green, a Vedic astrologer, a graduate of the Lakshmi School. Kate shared her story about how she quit her job, found her life purpose and improved the relationship with her partner.

 “Lakshmi” blog: Kate, how did it all begin? What did you do before astrology?

Kate Green: I have been working in IT industry for more than 7 years, as a software tester. I never intended to be an astrologer; I just once saw an ad for the Lakshmi School webinar and watched it. An inner voice told me that this was exactly what I needed. I did not hesitate to pay for the entire course, and never regretted it. 

 “Lakshmi” blog: what has been driving you at that moment?

Kate Green: I wanted to quit working offline and completely switch to remote work from home. At that time, of course, I was also interested in money; I found the astrologer’s earnings prospects appealing. First, I wanted to learn astrology for myself. I was worried about issues of relationships, personal life. Besides, I had a great desire to help people and this is exactly what I am doing now.

However, even though I wanted to work remotely so bad, I always still afraid. I had doubts about whether I would be able to make money. When started the course, this fear has disappeared. Now astrology is my main source of income.


Generally, I am a quite skeptical person and believe only in my own experience. Now I am convinced that astrology really works. Here is a small example. According to my natal chart, I was supposed to be fired from work twice. I could not believe it, what a nonsense. However, that’s exactly what happened. At the beginning of the summer of last year, my colleagues and I were fired. Our manager just gathered us and told us that we no longer work here. We have been cut down.  But after 6 days they returned us back. We worked for a month and we were fired again! And all this was reflected in my chart…

 “Lakshmi” blog: What changes have occurred in your life after completing the training?

Kate Green: I don’t really talk about private life, but I can tell you in general. According to one of my karmic tasks, I am getting to much attached to partners. It works like this: as soon as I turn from the state of love into the material world, I start to wait for something from my partner; I start planning my future with him, thinking about what will happen and how my life with him would be. Then the relationship breaks apart. Now I know why this is happening, I know how the planets in the Partnership mansion influence my relations and, most importantly, I know how to work on it. I learned to watch my thoughts, just love, not to expect anything from a partner. My karmic planet teaches me to live here and now.

Due to the knowledge I acquired while studying at the Lakshmi School, I am working on the current relationships, and I am doing very well. Now, knowing the cause of past failures, I manage to maintain a fairly long relationship. I try to get rid of my attachments and my internal happiness keep growing.

There have been changes in relationship with parents, with the family in general, with my sister. Our relationship has become more trusting and warm. Previously, the family has been reacting to my passion for astrology with hostility, now they accept and understand me. I became more open-minded, and I started to communicate with my relatives with great enthusiasm, before we didn’t get along. 


“Lakshmi” blog: Could you share some interesting stories from your consultations with your readers?

Kate Green: I also offer consultations in English. My first consultation in English was with an American. I used to be in a relationship with him, and when he found out that I was studying astrology, he took it extremely negatively. Later on after we broke up (for the same karmic reason I mentioned), he contacted me and asked me to have an astrological consultation with him. I designed his natal chart and prepared detailed answers to his questions. At the end of the conversation, he was speechless. All he could say was “Wow! Amazing! ”. He was genuinely surprised at how powerful astrology is.

“Lakshmi” blog: Ekaterina, can you share with some life-hacks, which would make life easier right now. 

Kate Green: I’m happy to share with two effective practices. The first is “Protective and purifying roses”. It helps to get rid of negative influences when dealing with people.

The rose is a symbol of harmony; it collects and neutralizes negative vibrations. Imagine a rose between your aura and the aura of another person you are talking to, or with whom you intend to communicate. You will immediately feel how you grow more benevolent and your interlocutor will respond with the same emotions. Before going to bed, imaginatively dissolve the rose. You can imagine it as a magnet, attracting, and absorbing all the negativity accumulated during the day.


The second technique is based on visualization. For example, if emotions are raging inside of you (both positive and negative) and they bring discomfort, they can be forwarded in the right direction. Depending on what level of Chakra the energy is located we can lead it up through the other chakras, and through the 3rd eye (Ajna Chakra) we direct it to the blue ball, which is in front of us at the 3rd eye level. Any excess energy is directed to the ball in such a manner. At the same time, we think about our goals. The goals should be concentrated in the ball. We visualize them when directing energy to the ball. Then the ball can be released into space. This technique helped me to start learning astrology and to understand my destination.

“Lakshmi” blog: Kate, in conclusion, what would you like to wish to those who are now reading this?

Kate Green: I found like-minded fellows in the School and support. Astrology expands the mind. You start to realize that the whole world is located on one small chart. It’s amazing! Therefore, in order to experience this magic, I definitely recommend to take the astrology course at the Lakshmi School. A lot of discoveries and impressions are on the way!

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