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How I overcame my fears, got a new profession of an astrologer and gained confidence in my future


We talked to the Vedic astrologer Irys Reed about how astrology changed her life, learned what fears prevented her from launching her own practice and what techniques contribute to inner transformations.

Blog “Lakshmi-Ameya”: Irys, tell us what you were doing before you became an astrologer?

Irys Reed: I used to work in sales, in the beauty industry. I reached some heights in this sphere and the goals that I set for myself were achieved. I moved to New York for work, and probably that was the time and place of my transformation. I said to myself “yes, girl! You achieved so much, you are a high paid specialist”. And then I realized that regardless of all the success I got my soul is uneasy. I wanted something bigger than that, I wanted to do something different.

I have always been interested in esotericism, I read a lot of books, watched webinars, and even practiced feng shui. And while in New York, I learned that I can implement this topic in such a way as to improve my life and the lives of other people. Of course, I accepted this new challenge.

It was very scary because my work was very intense, taking up to 12 hours a day. I was worried – how am I going to combine study with work, and then also consultancy practice? But you know, when we really want something – as in “Alchemist” by P. Coelho – the whole Universe helps us in this. This is the first thing. And second, you won’t try, you won’t know. I stepped into the new chapter of my life.

As one of my teachers used to say, “Close your eyes and take the first step.” And then you will already see the opportunities that will make you do the right choices.


Blog “Lakshmi-Ameya”: What does studying at Lakshmi-Ameya gave you? And what can you say about astrology as a source of income?

Irys Reed: When I began my study, wonderful changes began to take place in my life. This happened both at marathons and in the process of communicating with fellow students and teachers. Serious changes began to take place inside, which helped to see this world better, more beautiful, and I began to feel happy. I also began to accept other people and interact with them more calmly, more effectively. Previously, it was not so easy for me to build communication with loved ones, so this moment was also key for me.

And what is most important is overcoming all fears. First of all, there was a fear of being left without work, without money. Having loans – as many people live now – it was difficult for me to make a decision to go to study. I was thinking about how to realize my life so that I can live at the same financial level as before. And when I closed my eyes and took the first step, this fear gradually began to go away. There is self-confidence and confidence in the future.

Of course, astrology is now my main source of income. First there was work and study, then consultations were connected. Frankly speaking, it was not easy, I had to study at night, consult in the evenings. The only thing I regret a little is that I should have started consulting even earlier. When I overcame my fears and found strength, I realized that I have something to share with people, I have something to offer them, than to help them. And this is such a pleasure! The Institute has all the possibilities for this.

I encourage all newbies to start consulting as early as possible. Now I am supervising the big astrology project, and I help the participants to cross the barrier and start practicing knowledge. I am always glad for their success!

Blog “Lakshmi-Ameya”: Please share some useful tips with our readers.

Irys Reed: In my inner transformation, the practice of gratitude helped me first of all. There was that project Seva that helped me a lot. All the time I was looking for a way with which I could give more, how to harmonize my Jupiter. I have helped people before, but not regularly. And thanks to this project, I understood how this help can be put on track and fully implemented.

My group and I cooked food on Saturdays, helped people who were in a difficult situation. When I returned home, every time I felt so good – it feels like you smile inside yourself! All these changes have come to me through awareness, and it is very powerful.


Blog “Lakshmi-Ameya”: Tell us an incident from astrological practice.

Irys Reed: I consulted the family. They did not live with each other at that time, they were at the stage of separation. The husband was the first to turn to me, but he asked about business, but during the conversation we found out that there are problems in the relationship.

Blog “Lakshmi-Ameya”: Irina, what can you say to those who are now reading these lines?

Irys Reed: I recommend it to everyone who is at the decision-making stage – don’t even hesitate. I understand that everyone has loans, I also had and still have a mortgage loan, there was a loan for study, plus living in New York, renting an apartment. It was not easy for me, like everyone else. But the main thing is not to be afraid, to go forward, to take this step, and then internal changes occur, opportunities and resources are found to resolve your issues. And most importantly, life becomes more joyful, better and more beautiful. Therefore, I wish that everyone finds courage to change their lives.

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