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Strength Tarot card meaning. Major Arcana


The Strength Tarot card – what does this Major Arcana mean in divination? Read interpretation of the card for a love spread, or for your career and destiny.

The Strength is the 8th of the Major Arcana in the Tarot deck. It may be the 11th, and in this case the Justice becomes the 8th card in the deck. It depicts a woman in white with a wreath and a belt of flowers. Above her head is the number 8 lying horizontally – the symbol of infinity. The woman plays with a meek lion.

The main meanings of the Strength Tarot card are creativity and femininity, the victory of spirituality and patience that may be a source of energy, passion and confidence, intuition and power of conviction, courage and hard work, wisdom and health.

The Tarot Strength is sometimes called the Tamed Lion card, the Power, the Daughter of the Flaming Sword card. Its hidden spiritual meaning is an appeal to the tender power of a woman as a source of individual energy capable of serious accomplishments. Before us is the victory of spiritual strength, intuition over the gross animal principle.

The main lesson of the Tarot Strength: you can transform gross (physical, sexual, mental) energy into the strength of the spirit, which will give new opportunities for intuitive exploration of the world.

At the level of consciousness, the Strength Tarot card states interesting changes that help to understand the alchemical symbolism encoded in the picture. The red lion in alchemy indicates a mean that can convert lower substances into a gold. In combination with a woman (the image of a human), this indicates the ability to cope with the enmity between so called “base instincts” and civilized consciousness.


Strength reversed: combination and meaning of a reversed position

Tarot cards can show up upright or upside down. The Strength Tarot card is no exception. Let’s consider the core meaning of this card when reversed.

In general the Strength Tarot meaning indicates that you are able to achieve excellent results in the material world, but you lack an intuitive approach to communicate with people. It is difficult for you to cope with the current situation, the Power of the Tarot in a relationship suggests that your emotional sphere is under attack, perhaps you are in a state of conflict. The reason for this situation is that you devote little time to the spiritual realm of reality.

To summarize: the Strength reversed Tarot card provides timidity and fear, self-doubt, fanaticism and dependence, ignorance and fatigue, the triumph of brute strength and health problems, danger and vanity.

Strength Tarot card in love spreads indicates that a positive attitude and relying on your intuition will help to succeed in a relationship. The card indicates the ability to take confident steps towards your goal. You have everything to find your true love or keep feelings strong if you are already in a relationship. Remember that in love there are no winners or losers, it is important to avoid fighting, even if the situation forces you to choose one of these roles. The power of the Tarot is a relationship based on respect, trust and freedom. In the intimate sphere, this card suggests: be careful, as Lion is extremely fertile!

Strength Tarot card in combination with the Major and Minor Arcana gives very wide opportunities for interpretation. The main message of this card: do not restrain yourself in the realization of desires that come from the depths of your heart. But “animal instincts” are important to keep under control! The path to inner harmony is to pacify the “lion” inside you.


The Strength Tarot card meaning in spread for different areas of life

The interpretation of Waite’s Strength Tarot card differs depending on the query you are doing the spread. In terms of finance, such a card indicates that the querent knows how to manage monetary assets, although this does not mean that the person we are looking at is an inveterate materialist.

If we talk about work and career, then the Strength card in the Tarot speaks of the possibility of career growth and development without patronage or help from outside. A person can achieve high professional goals, such personalities are said to be “great at work”. This card describes a situation when, performing a particular job, a person gets pleasure from it. Thus, work fills him with enthusiasm and desire for creation.

The Strength card also matters in the love sphere. Usually, this card is interpreted as a pointer to the vivid and mutual feelings of the couple, passion, mutual understanding in the intimate sphere, and absence of stiffness and shame. In such a relationship, there is a very high degree of sexual compatibility.

Such unions are filled with energy, the love of a couple is diverse. Strength prompts: you need to be careful in the manifestation of feelings, not to bring the relationship to outbursts of jealousy, try to resolve conflicts in the bud.

If the Strength Tarot card dropped in the spread of only one of the lovers, this indicates an increased sexual interest emanating from him.

Emotionally the meaning of the Strength Tarot card is that the partners are blessed with the opportunity to make mutual concessions for the sake of relationships, they are tolerant and loyal.

When it comes to health, the straight position of the Strength card indicates excellent prospects for recovery! If a person recovers after an operation or injury, the prognosis is very positive. There is also an opportunity to cope with chronic diseases. All you need to do is to believe in yourself and make efforts.

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