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Solar Return Chart: What Will the Next Year Bring You?


Ever heard of the solar return chart and its amazing purpose? If not, then you must be missing out on the incredible work done by it. If you are new to this term, this article is specifically meant for you. 

The article clearly explains what the solar return chart is, why you need it, what you can learn from it and how to build it yourself.

What is a Solar Return Chart?

Did you know that each year when you celebrate your birthday, the sun always returns to the same position it was in the sky when you were born? This is what solar return means. In astrology, it means the time when the transiting Sun returns to its natal placement.

A solar return chart is an astrological chart cast for the exact moment the sun returns to its natal placement or its birthplace in simple terms. The chart summarizes the life events that you can experience over the next year of your life.

The solar return calculation is done annually when the sun reaches the same degree and minute it occupied during your birth time.

What do you need it for?

A solar return chart is a great tool to assist you to predict the themes that will occur over the next year from your birthday. The chart presents a time each year to begin a new chapter of your life. 

What can you learn from it?

The solar return planets in houses can be a very good place to start learning. Let us have a look at the solar return interpretation. The solar chart depends on the sun’s placement in different houses. What do I mean by houses? Well, each year the sun placement position is different. The solar chart contains segments called houses each located with every purpose depending on where the planets were at the exact time you were born.

For instance, the 1st house is called the house of identity. If the sun is placed on this house, it suggests that your next year’s focus should go to self-development. The 2nd and 8th house focuses on finance and wealth while the 7th house focuses on partnerships hence you will need to focus on others, that is your alliance with others.

If the sun is placed on the 5th house, it means it’s time to pay attention to love relationships and marriage issues. That can be the time you plan for marriage issues if you don’t have a spouse.

The 10th house concentrates on career development and other professional advancements. Every house has a specific purpose that you need to shine on for the next year.

solar return chart

How to build it yourself

You can build the solar chart with the help of an astrologer or by yourself. If you want to build it yourself, you can use a free online solar returns calculator like to cast the chart. 

What will be required is the time of your birth including the month and day, your current year, and the location you are in during your birthday. Then wait for the solar chart to do the calculations and give you the results.

It’s as simple as that and cost-effective since you are using the solar return charts free of charge. But if you have any complications, you can always contact an astrologer for help.

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How to calculate and interpret the Solar return chart

We have already discussed what is needed when calculating the solar chart using an online tool. The solar chart is mostly dictated by where you are or where you will be during your birthday.

If for instance, you are in a dilemma of celebrating the birthday in London or California, you can create a chart for both places and check which one suits you best.

To read the solar chart there are various key features to note:

  • The position of the moon concerning the house. This will indicate where your heart should be for next year.
  • The position of the sun about the house. This can show where your focus should be for the next year.
  • The hemispheric condition of the solar chart and the house. You can check which hemispheric conditions are dispersed and which house is mostly emphasized be it the cadent, succedent, or angular house.
  • Check the Solar return chart ascendency. If the Sun on the chart falls in 1st, 6th, and 12th house, the coming year is bound to have some difficulties.
  • Check the qualities of the leading signs of the year, that is if they are fixed, mutable, and cardinal. Read more about mutable sign meaning.


The solar return charts are great tools to predict the themes for the next year till your next birthday. You are also advised to compare the solar chart with your natal chart to have more understanding of the rising signs in your solar return chart.

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