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Pythagorean numerology chart: how to learn more about yourself and improve your life


How to draw up a Pythagorean numerology chart that will tell everything about your personality and help improve your life? Find out in this article.

How great it would be if we had a remote control that rewinds the tape of life. Let’s say I don’t like my profession – I press the button, return to the past and make another choice. Having a troubled marriage – rewind and avoid this person. You are always broke – use the remote control and start saving money while still young. Unfortunately, there is no such remote control. But the good news is that there is no need of having it if we use the science of numerology. To be more specific, we will build the Pythagorean matrix for ourselves using the date of birth, which will show the traits of character, personality, health, compatibility.

Who is Pythagoras and how will his numerology matrix help

Most people know Pythagoras as a mathematician, the creator of the famous theorem. But he was also a renowned astrologer, numerologist, musician, seer, mystic and spiritual guru. Pythagoras healed people and foretold their future, made predictions about earthquakes and communicated with the enlightened ones. He created a unique horoscope in numerology – the Pythagorean square, with the help of which the vibrations of a person’s date of birth are recognized and interpreted.

What is Pythagorean numerology chart? Like all numerology, the Pythagorean matrixis an accurate prediction based on the characteristics of numbers.

Using this square, one can determine such innate qualities as:

  • strength of character;
  • health;
  • luckiness;
  • intuitive and logical abilities;
  • kindness and compassion;
  • talents for handicraft and creativity;
  • ability to earn and save money;
  • mental abilities, intelligence and memory.

With this information it is easier to wend way through life; you can make fewer mistakes and immediately understand what can be left unchanged. With the help of the Pythagorean numerology chart, you can also estimate compatibility, so that even at the stage of acquaintance and romance, you can roughly imagine what kind of relationship is to be expected.

“Forewarned is forearmed!”. These are the goals that numerology pursues. The Pythagorean square is another opportunity to prevent difficulties before they arise, bypass problems and live an easier and happier life.


Pythagorean numerology chart and psychomatrix. What are the similarities and differences?

The Pythagorean chart is the essence of many numerological practices; it is experimented with and complemented over time. Thus, the Soviet scientist A.F. Aleksandrov, who is the founder of the school of numerology, developed the Pythagorean psychomatrix on the basis of the chart. He supplemented it, made a detailed and deeper deciphering of qualities. Now we can use the fruits of the labors of Pythagoras and Aleksandrov and build a personal psychomatrix by date of birth. This is not difficult to do! We only need a date of birth and a little attention.

How to build the Pythagorean matrix

Let’s take as an example the date of birth 30.06.1985. We start calculating main numbers:

  • First main number – you need to add all the digits of the date of birth: 3 + 6 + 1 + 9 + 8 +5 = 32
  • Second main number – you need to add the digits of the first main number: 3 + 2 = 5
  • Third main number – from the first main number we subtract the first digit of the date of birth multiplied by 2: 32 – (3 x 2) = 26
  • The fourth main number – you need to sum up the digits of the third main number: 2 + 6 = 8

We write down the date of birth and the numbers obtained in the following manner:


And now we need to enter all the numbers into the Pythagorean numerology chart.

  • Insert the numbers of your date of birth and your main numbers in order from 1 to 9 in numbered squares (where 1 -write out 1, where 2 – write out 2, etc.).
  • All the same numbers are entered too. For example, if there are two 2 in your date of birth, we enter them in the square with the number 2 (we add 22).
  • If some numbers are missing, put a dash in the required cell:

We enter numbers from our example in the Pythagorean table:

Of course, you can build the Pythagorean matrix online, but often such applications may do it wrong, so it’s better to calculate it yourself.

Pythagorean matrix: pattern

How to interpret cells of the matrix

Pythagorean numerology chart is the oracle of our life. It gives us an understanding of what our strengths and weaknesses are what deserves a special attention and what should be improved and worked on. Each cell in the Pythagorean matrix is an important human quality given from birth. We look at the cell; analyze the number or absence of numbers in it. The more numbers the stronger is the quality.

Cell 1 – strength of character, selfishness, authoritativeness

  • If there are few figures 1 in the cell – the person is selfish, self-centered.
  • If there are many (maybe up to six) – strength of character, authoritativeness

In our example, a person is with a selfish nature.

Cell 2 – energy, soulfulness, emotions, which can be shared or taken from others.

  • There are no figures 2 in the cell – there is trouble with your own energy, you constantly need “recharge” from other people and events.
  • Many twos (ideally three) – the person is very energetic, sincere and charismatic.

In our example, the person is with medium energy, rather passive.

Cell 3 of the Pythagorean chart indicates a craving for science, knowledge, learning. It also means self-discipline, dedication.

  • Few figures 3 – a person is not inclined to science, difficulties in perceiving and applying new things.
  • Many figures 3 – it is strongly recommended for person to do science, become a scientist.

In our example, a person has an average learning ability.

Cell 4 stands for the health and physical strength.

  • There are no fours – a person is in poor health and must take cares of his/her health throughout the life.
  • The more fours in the cell, the stronger the body, health and immune system.

By the way, you can also read about how to improve your health using numerology.

Cell 5 stands for logic, intuitive qualities and also the ability to anticipate and plan events. The more numbers, the more intuitive and logical a person is in life.

Cell 6 – indicates physical labor, handicraft, physical activity, manual skill. The more numbers, the better are these qualities.

Cell 7 is an excellent indicator of luck, talents, creativity, and Divine spark. In our example, there are no talents from birth, so the best choice of this person is manual and physical labor (there are enough Sixes in the card).

Cell 8 is an indicator of duty, responsibility, liabilities in life, how a person will comply with them. If the cell is empty, it means that a person lives carelessly without any obligations and responsibility.

Cell 9 is intelligence, mentality, memory. The more Nines, the more brilliant and smarter a person is, the more important it is for him/her to develop and make a choice in favor of knowledge.

All this can be found out by interpreting the Pythagorean matrix online. In such a simple way, you manage to identify more about yourself and your personality, strengths. Want more details? Then try to apply psychomatrix by date of birth, since it represents an extended forecast and gives even more information.

Numerology: Pythagorean chart – what else can be defined?

In addition to the numbers in the cells, which we discussed above, in the Pythagorean psychomatrix the following should be reviewed: 

  • the first line (numbers 1, 4, 7) means the determination and power of will, important qualities for life in the modern world. The concept is the same: the more numbers in a line, the stronger are these qualities.
  • the second line (numbers 2, 5, 8) stands for nepotism, how much a person needs a family. Few numbers here indicate a loner in life, unwillingness to have a family and children.
  • the third line (numbers 3, 6, 9) – a person’s attitude to change, affection and conservatism. If there are many numbers in this line, then this is a very stable and conservative person.
  • three columns – they indicate a person’s self-esteem, his/her talents and ability to provide for himself.
  • two diagonals stand for spiritual and base (carnal, sexual): what a person is more attracted to in life.

Having completely deciphered the Pythagorean psychomatrix, you can get a complete and detailed profile of the personality, its aspirations, strengths and weaknesses.


How to evaluate compatibility through the Pythagorean matrix

Are you two good for each other? One might be family oriented and another one is a reveler, one is looking for changes, and a partner is looking for stability and tranquillity. The chart of Pythagoras will tell about this. Compatibility tested in this way allows potential problems in marriage to be prevented in advance.

We make two charts using the dates of birth of a woman and a man. And then we compare and analyze the following indicators:


The first row of each partner’s square is an indicator of a person’s commitment. We count how many digits are in the man’s line and in the woman’s line.

It’s good if the indicator of commitment is approximately equal. In this case, both are quite ambitious.


The second line of the square is an indicator of nepotism, affection and willingness to start a family.

Different indicators of nepotism are the signs of a poor compatibility. So, for instance one with many numbers is family oriented while another one with few numbers is a rolling stone.


 The third line of the square stands for stability in relationships.

If there are few numbers, a person is prone to change, he is not monogamous and not a homebody. If there are many, he/she appreciates stability in a relationship.


The first column for each partner stands for self-esteem which is also affects compatibility.

It is desirable to have approximately the same level of self-esteem for a successful family life.


The second column indicates material well-being for partners. Compare these data to understand who is a spender and who is a miser, who knows how to save money, and who flings money around.

This is an important indicator of compatibility in the Pythagorean matrix that is worth considering!


The diagonal stands for the sexuality of partners. Count the number of digits here and compare them with your partner’s. It’s good if sexuality indicator is about same. It is bad if one of the partners has a strong sexual temper, while the other has a weak one. There may be problems in bed and conflicts because of it.

As you can see, the Pythagorean charts analyzes compatibility according to several main criteria that are important in family life. Pay attention to the number of matches in the numbers of partners. This is what will make you closer and happier in family life. Also, compatibility can be identified by the number of destiny.

Try to get to learn more about yourself by means of the Pythagorean numerology chart and the psychomatrix! Use this knowledge to live a happier and easier life!

Did you manage to build your Pythagorean matrix? Share in the comments under the articles what you learned about yourself!

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