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10 best ways for personal development


What is personal development, what are the most effective ways to reach it, where to start self-development, what films and books contribute to personal development? Read in our article!

What is personal development?

Harmonious, interesting and powerful personality -this is what everyone of us wants to be like. But, as it often happens, you can’t just wish, you need to act in order to achieve.

In the life of every sane, conscious person, one day there comes a moment when he realizes that it is time to move on to the next step and become better. I would like to get new skills, change my life, become wiser and more successful.

And at this exact moment that we begin to be interested in personal development.

Self-development is continuous work on oneself: on improving one’s personal development skills and qualities. It is the process of redefining and re-setting your life goals in order to maximize your potential.

In order to self-develop qualitatively, it is necessary to pay attention to all areas of life. The question arises: where to start self-development? Below we will tell you about the most effective ways!

personal development

Personal development plan: easy steps

The best results can be achieved if you practice each of the proposed steps of personal development, and not dwell on one.

Step 1. Get rid of the trash in your head

Throughout the life, we accumulate a lot of unnecessary things: wrong attitudes, unhealthy habits, someone else’s way of thinking. This inevitably leads to the fact that a person begins to live a life that is not his own: he chooses the wrong profession, the wrong people.

To “put things in order” in your head, ask yourself the question: “What do I really want?” Be honest, drop all prejudices. It is with this that the self-development of the individual begins. Perhaps you dream of sewing dresses but instead you waste your time in the office just to keep stability? Start a notebook, write down your personal development goals and desires in it, make a plan for their implementation, and note what has been achieved.

Step 2. Start learning new knowledge

Think about what you wanted to do for a long time, but the right moment still did not come? Learn Swedish? Take a cooking class? Spend more time on yoga? Master Astrology? That “right moment” has come! Don’t think you won’t succeed. Fears are pulling us down.

As you begin to acquire new knowledge and skills, imagine that you are already a professional – this will give you confidence. You are the personal development coach of yourself!

Step 3. Fight your laziness

Don’t let laziness hinder your personal development! Understand that when your mind tells you, “Let’s do it tomorrow!” or “You are so tired, why bother yourself, you better watch TV!” – it tries to deceive you. The mind can resist new things – this is a normal practice, but you should not be led by the voice of laziness.

Plan your day so that there is always a place for the item “Rest”, this will give you strength on the way to self-development and self-improvement.

Step 4. Think positively

The best part of personal development is generating positive thoughts. Yes, you have heard more than once about the need to think positively. It’s time to practice just that way of thinking! Drive away every negative thought – just forbid yourself to think about the bad. You will see how the world around you will begin to change for the better.

personal development

Step 5. Follow the “art of small steps”

Do not take on an overwhelming load. It is much easier and more efficient to split it into smaller pieces. Let’s say you decided to lose a couple of kilograms and for this you loaded yourself with complex workouts. Surely, you have little joy from the classes and get tired quickly. Start by doing 20 squats daily. You will see the result soon and want to move on!

Step 6. Revise your social circle

Self-development: where to start? Reduce communication with people who drag you down as much as possible: whiners, gossips, those who like to see negativity in everything. Focus on communicating with those who can teach you something, who are willing to share creative energy. If you don’t know such people now, start looking and you will soon find.

Step 7. Keep a diary

Keep a journal to keep track of the changes in your life. Write down your achievements, even the most insignificant ones, so you will see how the process of your personal development goes.

Step 8. Visualize

One of the techniques to achieve what you want is visualization. Try to imagine in every detail what you want the most. You can make a map of desires: glue the images of your dreams on a piece of paper and hang them in a prominent place. This is a great way for personal self-development.

Step 9. Take care of your health

Do not limit yourself to spiritual personal development. A healthy mind in a healthy body – strive for this! A healthy diet, exercise, the right regimen – make sure it all becomes part of your life.

Step 10. Live your life here and now

Learn to feel the moment. We are used to delving into the past or thinking in the future tense. And life happens here and now! Realize the uniqueness of every moment – this is the only way you can feel the taste of life.


Personal development movies

And now we suggest you watch these films for self-development. They will help you strengthen your motivation, better understand yourself and your desires, believe in yourself and be inspired for new achievements!

1. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

“Seeing the world around, cognizing its dangers, looking through walls, finding each other, becoming closer, feeling – this is the purpose of life”.

The story of how even the most incredible dreams of a “little man” can be turned into reality if you decide to take the first step towards life.

2. Eat, Pray, Love.

“It happens that the loss of balance from happiness is an important part of the balance of life.”

The heroine of the film decides to change her life, she leaves everything and goes in search of happiness, discovering the world around her and revealing herself. Be sure to watch this movie, maybe this kind of self-development will suit you best.

3. Amelie.

“When the finger points to the sky, the fool is looking at the finger.”

Self-development and self-improvement can be a little strange and very sweet, like the main character of this colorful story. One day she decides to bring people happiness, and, according to the law of the Universe, she herself becomes happy.

4. The Bucket List

“The ancient Egyptians believed that two things were asked before the gates of paradise: 1) Have you found joy in life? 2) Has your life brought joy to others? ”.

A slightly sad, but at the same time inspiring story of how two elderly people at the end of their lives decide to go on a trip around the world.

5. The Pursuit of Happyness

“If you have a dream, you have to protect it. If people cannot do something in their life, they will say that you cannot do it in your life either! If you want something – go and get it! “

The real story of the success of Chris Gardner, a single father who went from being a homeless loser to a millionaire.


Personal development books

Personal development will be even more effective if you use the knowledge and experience of successful people. We share a selection of the best books that will help you work on yourself and achieve your goals.

1. The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire: Harnessing the Infinite Power of Coincidence by Deepak Chopra  

“The more attentive you are to coincidences, the more often they happen and the wider your access to the clue messages.”

In the book, the author speaks in simple language about how to learn to read the signs of the Universe, opening the way to the fulfillment of desires.

2. The Silva Mind Control Method for Getting Help from Your Other Side by Jose Silva, Robert Stone

“When you use both hemispheres of your brain, you come into contact with your higher self, which will connect you to an even more powerful creative reality.”

The book provides practices with which you can access your inner strength and fulfill your dreams.

3. The Teaching about Making Desires Come True by Esther Hicks, Jerry Hicks

“Keep it simple. You often take life too seriously. And she, you know, presupposes the presence of joy and happiness. “

The authors talk about the laws that govern events in our life, and provide guidance for action to fulfill desires.

4. Rhonda Byrne “Secret”.

“What you resist, you attract, because you are strongly focused on it emotionally. To change everything, look inside yourself and start sending out a new signal with your thoughts and feelings. ”

The author shares a technique for managing reality with the power of thought, which helped her change her life.

5. Daniel Gilbert “Stumbling Over Happiness.”

“The price we pay for our relentless drive to explain is that we often spoil our most enjoyable experiences by getting to the bottom of them.”

Personal self-development is impossible without changing the usual way of thinking. The author of this book talks about what you need to change in your thinking in order to become happy.

Do you have your own top inspirational films and books? Be sure to share in the comments!

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