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Hand Line Reading Guide for Beginners


What is hand line reading? Read this guide for beginners and find out unusual things about yourself!

What is palmistry?

Among all the prediction methods, palm lines reading also known as palmistry is one of the most ancient.

Even though its exact origin remains unknown, it is believed that palmistry originated in ancient India, and then spread throughout Eurasia to China, Tibet, Persia, Egypt and Greece.

It is known that Aristotle described the process of palm hand reading in detail in his publication De Historia Animalium 2500 years ago. In his opinion, “the lines are traced on a hand for a specific reason”.

After a period of decline in the Middle Ages, palmistry went through a monumental renaissance in the 19th century, along with the rising interest in the occultism in the world. Whole societies were founded to promote and develop palmistry in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Famous palm readers such as Dublin-born William John Warner, known under the pseudonym Cheiro, William Benham, Noel Jacquin, amassed many followers around the world.

Currently in India (Mumbai) there is a university where palmistry is officially taught. Also in Canada (Montreal), the National Academy of Palmistry has been operating since 1940.

So, what is palm of hand? What can it tell about a person and how it generally works?

Palmistry is not just hand reading as we used to think. This is the art of analyzing the physical characteristics of your palms, which will tell everything about your personality and predict future events.

In the same way that our ancient ancestors looked into the night sky and saw the connection between the movement of planets and events on Earth, palm readers observe how lines and signs in the palm of hand have the connection with events and characteristics of a person. This tradition is based on the esoteric axiom “both above and below”, and in the context of palmistry the palm is regarded as a microcosm of the universe. Moreover, the lines on our hands are constantly changing, some disappear, and some appear. This is due to the fact that throughout life we choose which path of fate to go and which life to live.

Palm Hand: How to Read Hands

Although opinions vary, many modern palmists believe that it is important to analyze both the left and right hands: the non-dominant hand (passive) reveals the natural personality and character, shows what was given to you from birth, while the dominant hand (active , the one you write) shows how these features are implemented in practice, how your destiny is changing. Together they show how a person uses his/her potential in this life.

So, how to read my palms, you may ask?

Firstly, it is important to learn how to identify the main palm hand lines. Take a look at the diagram below. Take a close look at your hands and find all the main palm lines to discover more about yourself! What do the palm of hand lines mean?

palm hand
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What palm lines on your hand tell about your personality and future?

Now you know about the basic hand palm lines. Let’s now look at the palm lines meaning, so that you can learn more about yourself.

Hand lines meaning: heart line

palm hand

 The heart line on the palm is the closest to the base of the fingers, the highest. It starts under the little finger closer to the edge of the palm and ends differently for everyone. It is also called the “love line on the hand”.

It tells about some of the distinguishing traits of your personality, as well as what relationships you have with other people.

Hand lines: life line

palm lines

What do the lines on your hand mean? The life line begins between the pointer finger and the thumb and curves at the base of the thumb in a semicircle.

The life line stands for health, life decisions of a person, important choices, changes, physical condition.

Many people mistakenly believe that the length of the life line determines how long a person will live and are terrified if it is short. In fact, the length of the life line stands for vitality of a person, his/her energy potential.

Lines on your hand: Head line

hand lines meaning

The head line or mind line is located in the center of the palm below the heart line. Many people mistakenly believe, as is in the case with the life line, that the shorter this line, the less smart a person is. This is a false statement.

It is believed that a person with a short line of mind can achieve a lot in life, it all depends on how hard and often he/she works on fulfillment of his/her intellectual potential. The length of the line rather determines the degree of complexity of reasoning. The longer the line, the deeper is the thinking.

Fate line

palm lines

The fate line is the vertical line that crosses the center of the palm. It begins at the wrist and rushes up to the finger of Saturn. For some people, this line may not even reach the line of the mind. For some, it goes to the very end – to the ring finger.

The fate line shows us that we have dreams and aspirations. This line speaks of a person’s desire to achieve goals. It shows how strong a person’s capabilities are, how fortunate, purposeful and successful a person is.

What do the lines on your hand mean? There are morel palm hand lines, which you need pay attention to.

Palm hand: Marriage line

palm of hand

The marriage line is located on the edge of the palm from the side of the little finger, between the little finger and the heart line.

There may be several such palm lines, or there may be one – deep and long. All of this has an important meaning in palmistry.

It is recommended to examine marriage line on the active hand. It may be that you have several lines on the passive hand and only one marriage line on the active hand, which means that by fate you have several long-term relationships, but you chose to avoid some potential partners. And if the marriage lines on both hands are the same, then your love, indeed, was given to you by fate and cannot be avoided in any way.

Children line

how to read hands

The line of children on the hand looks like some kind of outgrowths extending upward from the marriage line.

You’ve got be patient and take a magnifying glass to be able to see and analyze these lines. However, according to some palmists the children line should be taken into account only if it is clear and unmistakably stands out from others.

Important: the large number of thin palm lines extending from the marriage line does not indicate that you are meant to be a mother of many children! These are just the chances that you may have children, and how they will be turned into life depends on your will and karmic predisposition.


Health line

palm lines

The health line, or the line of Mercury on the hand, originates at the spot where the hand crosses the wrist, then goes towards the edge of the palm, and ends at the mount of Mercury (located at the base of the little finger).

It is interesting that the faintest visible this line is on the hand, the better the health is. That is, a weakly manifested or completely absent line of Mercury speaks of a person’s good health.

The health line or the line of Mercury is one of the most important. It should be interpreted very carefully in order, if necessary, to adjust the lifestyle or to prevent the development of a disease. In addition, the health line can tell about a person’s oratory abilities, mental dexterity.

Palm hand: Sun line

palm hand

 The line of Success, Luck, Talent, the Apollo line – these are all the line of the Sun on the hand, which indicates the success, glory of a person, his/her aspirations and victories, both in work and in creative activities.

Palm Lines: The value of the Sun line. This line rises from the top of the Moon’s hill to the base of the ring finger. It often happens that this line originates on the hill of Mars or the mound of Venus, which also has its own meaning. If the line is absent, this signifies that a person leads a monotonous eventless and boring life with frequent disappointments. But this does not mean that a person lacks talent, good luck, it just shows that success will be associated with long actions and multiple efforts.

Palmistry is not just for fun. You should take palmistry seriously. Thanks to the knowledge of palmistry, many aspects of a person’s life can be determined: profession, children, marriage, health, success, talents, etc. You can even check your compatibility by fingerprint!

We have examined important palm hand lines. Write in the comments, did you manage to find them?

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