Girish Kumar Joshi


A hereditary astrologer from a family of Brahmin astrologers,  doctor of Ayurveda.

The prefix in the name of Joshi means “Vedic astrologer”. He has been studying astrology for 18 years.

He graduated from the Bengal University,  major of Astrology. He received the degree of Doctor of Astrological Sciences. He teaches students for 5 years.

He teaches a basic astrology course at Lakshmi.

One of his Gurus is the famous Sri Narasimha Rao, the creator of the first natal charting program. 

Jenney Clark


Astrologer, tarologist, yogi, writer, specialist in the harmonization of stones and crystals, spiritual practitioner.

She has been studying astrology for 34 years.  Attended the Katsurba Gandhi Women’s University in Secunderabad.

When she was 30 years, she left for a remote village near the city of Tirumal, lived there for 5 years, where she honed her spiritual skills and wrote a book, practicing a vow of silence. After that, she returned to teach others valuable spiritual knowledge.

In the Lakshmi school she teaches n Tarot, harmonization of stones and crystals, pumping chakras.

Guruji Murthi


Guru, Brahmin, astrologer, head of the Department of Astrology at the University of Bengal. He has been studying astrology for 52 years.

He studied at the Indian Consulate of Astrological Sciences in Bangalore, at Diviagyoti College at the Faculty of Astrology, at the Indian Institute of Advanced Sciences at the Faculty of Palmistry and Numerology.

He has been teaching astrology for 11 years. He teaches a course in Vastu-Shastra at Lakshmi.

 He holds  5 honorary titles in Jyotish. One of which is the highest  title – Jyotishya Visarada, which was awarded to him by the Indian Consulate of Astrological Sciences in Bangalore

Prasad Ji


Real practitioner, Guru, hereditary astrologer, brahmana.

He has been studying astrology for 25 years. He studied directly with his own uncle, the famous Guru in India.

He teaches live practical lessons in Lakshmi, analysis of natal charts and thoroughly teaches the correct interpretations obtained exclusively in practice.

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