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Numerology: Love Compatibility by the Date of Birth


Love compatibility by numerology will help you understand which partner is perfect for you just like zodiac compatibility does it. Find out your Destiny Number and calculate the Love Number for your couple. With this knowledge, you can improve your relationships, find out what to expect from a romance, how to get out of a crisis and become happy again!

What is Destiny Number and why is it important in love compatibility?

It may happen that we fall in love without noticing those traits of a partner’s character, which more, that over time begin to anger and annoy us. After some time, we find that we have begun to quarrel over saying that the person has “changed”. Although we just do not understand that at the very beginning of a relationship we meet the bright side of a person and we ourselves try to show the best version of us. After a while imperfections of our beloved start revealing, and we are not ready to get to know the person from its dark side. And if we ever get questioned why you broke up, we answer the notorious: “We did not agree in character.”

What can you do? Determine your numerology compatibility in advance (for example, using the Pythagorean numerology chart) in order to know what to expect from a person and how to smooth out contradictions.

There are many ways to determine the love compatibility of partners, and one of them is the numerology compatibility. For this, it is important to calculate your Destiny Number.

The number of fate in numerology shows what qualities you were gifted with in order to fulfill your destiny, and what helps you achieve success in all areas of life. Knowing your Destiny Number, you can understand a lot about yourself, your character, features, and, of course, about your love compatibility with your partner.

Destiny Number is calculated by adding all the digits of your date of birth. The addition is performed until a number from 1 to 9 is obtained.

For example: 03/25/1986

2 + 5 + 0 + 3 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 6 = 34; 3 + 4 = 7 – is your Destiny Number


Date of birth compatibility: numerology and Destiny Number

And now that you have already counted your destiny number, let’s consider compatibility by destiny number and which partner is right for you in terms of love compatibility.

Destiny number 1

You are used to being a leader in all respects, you believe that your opinion is the most correct and the decisions you make are the most correct as well. This can negatively affect your relationship. Everything should be your way, you do not accept the point of view of the other partner. Your ideal partner with a destiny number of 3 or 5. These are the people who take the right approach to a domineering nature like you. A partner with a destiny number 3 is a simple and carefree nature. He does not like to decide anything, so he will only be glad if you make all the important decisions. And a person with a destiny number of 5 is a very flexible nature. He knows how to find compromises, adds some dynamism and positive energy to relationships, and a serious “unit”, falling under his spell, becomes more carefree and more fun. Also, a partner with a destiny number 6 will suit you. But he suits all destiny numbers, because this is the most harmonious nature that will bring kindness, comfort and happiness to any relationship.

You should not meet with “eights” and other “ones”. Both numbers love authority, so frequent disputes and conflicts await you on the topic of “who is in charge”, because there cannot be two captains on the same ship.

Destiny Number 2

You are a very fragile emotional person who nevertheless uses skillful manipulation in relationships, that’s what numerology says. Compatibility by date of birth shows that the most harmonious relationship awaits you with a person whose destiny number is 8 or 9. A resolute and authoritative “eight” will go well with the gentle character of a “two”. A partner with a Destiny Number 9 is a loving protector. Such a person is suitable for your fragile and emotional nature.

A down-to-earth and emotionally dependent 4 or a serious introvert 7 can be a good match for you, but not for long. You will soon get bored with this kind of relationship.

If you date a person whose Destiny Number is 1, harmonious relationships await you only if your roles are clearly assigned. You have to accept that the unit will have the last word, but you, as a great manipulator, will determine what this last word will be.

Destiny number 3

If your Destiny Number is 3, then your ideal partner is 5 or 7.

The brave “five”, loving adventure and bright events, is very suitable for your unpredictability and chaos. The quiet introvert 7, who loves mysticism and mystery, will add depth and awareness to your relationship. This is that compatibility (numerology) when partners will not only get along well, but also complement and understand each other.

Numerology compatibility warns that you should avoid the practical 4. Such a couple will see only bad qualities in each other. You may become interested in an attractive and powerful G8, but in the end, you will not be able to cope with criticism in your address and will quickly part.

Destiny number 4

You need a strong, long-term relationship like no one else needs. This is all because you are practical and stable nature. Be calm about everyday life and routine in a relationship. That is why the unpredictable “three” and the dynamic indefatigable “five” will not suit you. It is also worth avoiding the idealistic dreamer with the number 9, you will be annoyed by his frivolity, because you are practical and down-to-earth nature. On the other hand, a serious, focused on the important “one” and purposeful “eight” is perfect for you. And if you get along with a caring, kind “six”, you will definitely have a strong family with many children. In this pair, you will be able to build a happy family future. Numerology compatibility says that a very dynamic and balanced relationship awaits you with the “seven”. It will add spirituality, dreaminess and a kind of mystery to your down-to-earth nature.

Destiny number 5

You are the kind of person who needs variety and change, so you need to avoid predictable people with whom you will simply be bored. A bold, authoritative “one” and an optimistic, cheerful “troika” are perfect for you. With the “seven” you are just waiting for an ideal relationship. The dynamic, impatient “five” and the silent mysterious “seven” will balance each other.

Numerology compatibility warns that 4, 8, and 9 are unwanted partners for you. With 4, you will be bored, excessive responsibility of 9 is not for you, and a purposeful 8 will annoy you with its endless plans and goals.

Нумерология совместимости

Destiny number 6

You are in luck, all of your character traits are perfect for any other number of destiny. You can build long lasting, strong relationships with ease. You know how to sacrifice something for the sake of love, adjust to the needs of your partner, you are a caring and loving nature. If you date a deuce, who is an emotionally gentle nature, you will have a perfect relationship. You will love and delight each other constantly. With the rest of the numbers, you will also build harmonious relationships thanks to your love, affection and care.

Destiny number 7

You have a very high expectations, which can make it difficult for you to choose the right partner. “One” and “Eight” will dominate, and you don’t like that. “Two” is too emotional and sensitive for you, and “Nine” is too much for solitude. Nevertheless, you are not fixated on love and relationships, you know how to enjoy life without a partner, you are comfortable and well. It will be interesting for you with a partner who will simply amaze you with his intelligence and sense of humor, and will understand that you need personal space when you want to be alone with yourself. The most suitable partner for you may be 3 or 5. A creative and bright “three”, as well as an intelligent unpredictable “five” will always motivate and test you. And that’s exactly what you need in a relationship.

Destiny Number 8

8 – The Number of Destiny, the love compatibility of which says the following: it is important for you that everything is under your control, including relationships. You are used to being a leader and an authority. You do not know how to seek compromises, because of this, problems often arise in your personal life. A soft and gentle “two” will suit you, just like a loving and sacrificial “six”.

An independent strong “unit” is not a suitable partner for you, you will compete for leadership in relationships, constant disputes and conflicts await you. Freedom-loving 5 is also not for you, you will limit it, and eventually you will lose.

The best option for you is “four”. Both of you are down-to-earth practical natures, disciplined and purposeful individuals who are guided by logic. You have a lot in common, success awaits you not only in your personal life, but also in business, so you can safely start a family business!

Destiny Number 9

Numerology compatibility for Destiny Number 9. You are the most mysterious and complex person of all of the above. You are a rather secretive nature, you like to be alone, avoid talking a lot about your feelings and experiences. You hang out with people who respect your personal space and always know exactly when you want to be alone.

A sensitive “two” and a loving “six” are very suitable for you. Surprisingly, the troika is also close to you, you are both creative and artistic natures, you have a rich imagination, an unusual sense of humor. You will definitely have something to talk about with each other.


Numerology compatibility: calculate the Love Number

With the help of the Number of Love, you can improve your relationship with your partner, find out what to expect from the novel. Love number and numerology compatibility will tell you how to get out of the crisis and become happy again!

Numerology by date of birth: compatibility and Love number – how to calculate it?

To calculate the Number of Love for a couple, you need to determine the Number of the Transition for each partner and add them together. The Number of the Transition is the sum of the Number of Destiny and the Number of the Name (see Numerology of the name).

We’ve figured out how to calculate the Destiny Number above. Let’s calculate the number of the name.

To calculate the Number of the Name, use our table. Write down your first name, patronymic and last name and mark which numbers correspond to each letter:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
S T U V W X Y Z  

Add up the resulting numbers until you get a number from 1 to 9. This is your name number.

Now add the Destiny Number and the Name Number – you get the Transition Number. Let’s say you have a Transition Number of 7, and your partner has 4:

4 + 7 = 11

1 + 1 = 2

2 is the Number of Love for your couple. It will tell you a lot about your relationship!

Numerology Love compatibility: Love Number details

Now let’s see how relationship numerology interprets the Love Number of your couple and what is the main component for the prosperity of your relationship.

Love number 1 – Common goals

Your relationship needs common goals and ambitions, and if you have something to focus on together, you will be happy in this union. It’s great if you have big plans to move abroad, start a family, build your own home, or start a joint business.

You both have skills that you can greatly improve and even double their strength by teaming up. You can become an example and source of inspiration for others.

If there is a crisis in your relationship now, most likely your interests, and therefore goals, are divided. Try to bring the energy of the unit into the relationship: make joint plans, find a new hobby, focus on something together. Ignite your inner fire!

Love number 2 – Communication

You just need to talk to each other. Even if you are not social by yourself, you should use each other to develop your communication skills. Practice on each other, showing sensitivity and concern.

Numerology: Love compatibility advises you to learn from each other and work together to find your inner balance.

If there is a crisis in the relationship, you may need to pay more attention, time and energy to each other, learn to listen to each other and be sincere. Don’t neglect the art of compromise!

Нумерология совместимости

Love number 3 – Fun

Fun and playfulness are the must-haves in your relationship. Let your inner child express itself! Carelessness is very important for your couple, do not let routine and everyday life get in her way.

Attend a variety of events together, throw parties – live life to the fullest!

To cope with the crisis, bring the fun back into your relationship. Try to bring more threesome energy into your life: do something spontaneous together and allow yourself to be funny. Remind yourself why you once fell in love with each other!

Love number 4 – Plans for the future

Numerology compatibility advises you to plan your joint future in detail. Organization and substantiation are what keep your relationship together. If you work together to implement ideas, plan your life, keep a budget, everything will be in order.

You may not be used to planning everything, but if you want to be happy in this relationship, learn! Others will admire the strength and stability of your feelings.

To overcome the crisis, focus on the details of your life together: discuss the details of everyday life, distribute responsibilities, do household chores. Your relationship cannot “last” without a solid foundation.

Love number 5 – Adventure

Explore life and the world around you together – that’s what your couple needs. To be happy in such a relationship, you need to work together to make your life together exciting and interesting. Feel free and don’t be afraid to do spontaneous things!

A joint adventure, even a small one, will noticeably improve mutual understanding in your couple. If you can bring variety to life, you can grow and develop together as a couple.

To overcome the crisis, add the energy of the five to the relationship: make an unplanned rearrangement in the house, reserve a table at a restaurant for today – surprises and spontaneity will bring your relationship back to life!

Love number 6 – Care

Your relationship should be safe, serene, and orderly. To become a sort of “refugee” for each other is what you need to do if you want to be happy in this relationship. In such a “refuge”, you both can creatively realize yourself.

Surely neighbors, relatives and friends like to visit you, and it is not surprising – it is cozy and sincere in your house, and besides, they are always treated to delicious tea.

If there is a crisis in the relationship, answer the question – when was the last time you went to a restaurant or a movie together? Take care of each other with equal effort and see your senses grow stronger again! This is exactly what the love compatibility numerology says about you.

Нумерология совместимости

Love Number 7 – Depth

The deeper you dive into each other’s feelings, the stronger your relationship will be! To be happy, you need to be able to find deeper meanings in everyday things. Work together to find new ways to solve routine tasks.

You will enjoy spending time only together, this will deepen your knowledge of each other and explore the depth of your life together in order to make it the way you have always dreamed of.

If you are going through a crisis, it is most likely due to a desire to meet the expectations of your family and friends. Do not interfere with third parties in your relationship! Talk to your partner about your desires and concerns. Get inspired by each other – and you will succeed!

Love Number 8 – Wealth

You and your partner must become worthy rulers of your small family “empire”. For a relationship to flourish, you need to maintain the energy of cash flow and maintain balance in the couple.

In general, the eight is looking for balance, but often this manifests itself in energy fluctuations: ups and downs. Therefore, it is important to understand that relationships can go through many stages and cycles, and there is no one’s fault.

According to the numerology of compatibility, if there is a crisis in a couple, the balance must be restored. And it’s not just about money and material well-being, you need to determine who is responsible for what in your relationship. Shake it up a bit and see how your feelings begin to change!

Love Number 9 – Help

This relationship will thrive when you devote a piece of yourself to higher goals. Charity, helping those in need – serving people together will strengthen your feelings.

People turn to you for advice, help, and you are happy to help them. But do not forget about mutual assistance in a couple: support your partner and get support in return.

If a crisis has come in a relationship, it is probably due to the fact that you give too much energy to the outside world. Tell each other what each of you needs and cover those needs with pleasure and love.

As you can see, compatibility numerology stores a lot of interesting and useful knowledge about how to work out relationship problems. But it is best to consider yourself and your partner from several sides at once, including from the perspective of astrology. If you learn to work with a natal chart, you can prepare for negative periods in order to avoid accidents and possible illnesses, you can understand your purpose, improve your relationship with your partner, with your family.

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