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Name Numerology: What Kind Of Person Are You?


What will the numerology of name say about you? This article prepared by a professional numerologist will help you to learn how to calculate the number of a name and find out what your name has to say about your personality. Your name numerology is here.

Numerology name number is one of the most important indicators in numerology. Each of us has been given a name from birth, where an important information related to self-expression, realization in the outside world and personality traits has been encrypted by our parent’s. Numerologists argue that the name numerology accurately defines a person’s life mission, as well as other ways of determining it, for example the Pythagorean square – as calculating this indicator is one of the most important components of numerological consultation, along with determining the number of fate and the number of soul. Name numerology also allows to identify the compatibility of partners both in personal life and in the business sphere.

How to Calculate the Name Number: What’s Worth Special Attention?

1. The full name is important for numerology, not only the first name.

Almost every name has several variations. For instance, Jennifer can be called Jenny and Elisabeth – Betty. In addition, family members and friends will certainly not call you by your name and surname, however at work or in government facilities; people may also add middle name or last name when talking to you. For numerology of name, it’s the “official name” that is important, that is, the name that is included in your passport.

2. Change of name affects the fate of a person

If you have voluntarily changed your name or last name at a conscious age, then numerologists advise you to calculate the numerical vibrations of the previous and new name. This practice will help you understand what character traits you consciously wanted to change.

3. Maiden name / husband’s last name or change of a last name

When it comes to women who take the last name of a spouse after marriage, it is important to calculate both values. This information will help to determine how  changing a maiden name has affected (or will affect in the future) the vibration of the name number. This is described in more details in the article about the numerology of the family name. The same applies to changing any last name.

numerology of name

Numerology Name Calculator: Step by Step Manual

There are name numerology calculators to help you find out the numerology of your name. You can also learn whether you are compatible with someone. But we recommend to calculate your name number by yourself, because it is the only exact type of finding it. We will do it right now together.

  1. It is necessary to write on paper your full name, middle name (if any) and last name. You should write the name as it is indicated in the passport or birth certificate (for children)
  2. Write down the numerical value under each letter according to the table below
  3. All numbers must be added until you get a simple single-digit number from 1 to 9.

Look at the numerology name chart:

1 A J S
2 B K T
3 C L U
4 D M V
5 E N W
6 F O X
7 G P Y
8 H Q Z
9 I R

Example of calculation:

Jennifer Lawrence

Look in the numerology name chart below. J is 1, E is 5, N is 5 etc.



So here, we get the number 9

Using this method, you can calculate your name number. Below we give a brief description for each number in terms of numerology of the name.

By the way, here you can check your name numerology compatibility. You just have to calculate your and your partner’s name.

numerology name

Name Numerology Meaning: Find Out What Kind of Person You Are

So, now you know how to calculate the number of name. Let’s get down to decription!

Number 1

Motto: I am the first!

Strengths: You love to win! You are independent and self-consistent. You are full of original ideas, are not afraid to take risks. You are a winner who can break stereotypes. Only a handful don’t  recognize authority and always rely on their strength.

Weaknesses: You are a person who is not ready to live at someone else’s bidding. Sometimes it’s good being a person who is against the system. And sometimes … we will be honest – because of the habit of going against others, you find yourself in stupid or even dangerous situations. For example, in a restaurant, despite the waiter’s warning, you will surely reach for a very hot dish and, of course, get burned. And it’s very extreme – you won’t take an umbrella, even if it is forecasted to rain today – you know better! Did something like that occurred to you?

Realization: manager, leader, entrepreneur.

Number 2

Motto: Team spirit!

Strengths: You feel best when you share your inner world with others. You are an active and successful person, you get along well with people, always ready to support and help and expect the same attitude from others.

Weaknesses: It can be quite difficult for you to cope with difficulties on your own, you always need support. When in solitude, you tend to be insecure and self-critical. If your inner need to be in the company is not satisfied and you are forced to stay alone for a long time, you will find the someone to talk to … in your head! You can spend hours building scripts of conversations and even arguing with your “inner friend”. Yes, the habit of talking to oneself is common to many people, but in your case it goes to extremes and sometimes prevents from making the right decisions.

Realization: team player, peacemaker, employee of charitable organizations

numerology of name

Numerology Name Number 3

Motto: I will do whatever it takes to be the center of attention

Strengths: People with the number 3 are friendly, sociable, easy-going and emotional. It is usually a public person who desperately needs the attention of others. Being a born doer, you are more than anyone good at creating anything from nothing. “Life is a game” is your motto, and you are very fond of playing. You keep looking for fun in everything, so you rarely get bored.

Weaknesses: It is very important for you to stand out in a crowd and always to be in the spotlight. If this does not happen, you suffer as well as your self-esteem. Often you can be irrational and even immature.

Realization: all art professions, especially writers, artists.

Numerology Name Number 4

Motto: Comfort, stability and order!

Strengths: according to name numerology you can be described as the person who is used to keep everything under strict order. You have outstanding organizational skills, which you enjoy to apply. For such a person, order in life, in relationships, and in his own head is important. These are practical and solid people, patient, stress-resistant and calm.

Weaknesses: To others, you may seem overly materialistic, bogged down in daily hassles, despite the fact that you just want to live a quiet life.

Your main need is to be “safe and sound”, to feel safe. Your desire for comfort is so strong that you sometimes miss out on interesting opportunities because you are used to stability.

Realization: Architect, event planner, financial expert

Number 5: name numerology

Motto: I am free as a bird!

Strengths: You are a born adventurer, exploring something new and pushing the limits brings you the greatest pleasure. Sometimes you may seem reckless, but sometimes that is exactly what attracts some people to you.

You are an independent person, demanding respect for your freedom. You are multitasking and very curious. Fresh knowledge and information give you food for thought and new achievements.

Weaknesses: You are a creative thinker and sometimes it is an obstacle.  It is very important for you to feel freedom in terms of your career and in life. If this does not happen, you begin to drawn in all kinds of rules and routines and therefore tend to be depressed

Realization: reformer, inventor, freelancer, photographer. Any profession associated with business travels.

Number 6

Motto: I am a justice fighter!

Strengths: The number 6 indicates that a person is a great adviser, has empathy, their thirst for justice has no limits. You are not alien to mercy, compassion and you always protect helpless and vulnerable.

You are a wonderful family man and you are doing a great job in creating home comfort. This means that you pay a lot of attention to details and usually do everything perfectly.

Weaknesses: Sometimes you are too demanding of yourself and others. Your perfectionism goes to extremes: it seems that you are ready not only to vacuum the carpet, but also to vacuum the vacuum cleaner itself! Yes, it may seem too extreme to others, but for you it is in the order of things. Your loved ones sometimes suffer from your perfectionism. Sometimes it’s worth recognizing that the world is chaos.

Realization: work related to the enforcement of the law, the judicial system, charity.

Number 7: name numerology

Motto: Incredible but true!

Strengths: number 7 means that you are a mystic, philosopher, you have a perfect sense of the structure of the world and karmic laws. Such people enjoy immersing themselves in occult sciences, delving into inexplicable events and believing in UFOs. The greatest happiness for them is to find a soul mate.

Weaknesses: You do not strive to open your heart to everyone, you out of touch with reality, you have keen senses of  loneliness in the crowd. Because of your passion for thinking, sometimes you go so far in thoughts that you just miss the thread of conversation, and this is not to everyone’s liking.

Realization: yoga teachers, astrologers, philosophers, numerologists

Number 8 

Motto: I’m the best!

Strengths: Numerology of the name says that these are individuals who do things in a big way. They can carry out ambitious business projects, manage people and financial assets. As a born businessman, you most clearly show your qualities when you run a business. Your need to constantly move up the career ladder makes you always look for a profitable deal: you are bargaining, trying to negotiate. And it always works out great for you!

Weaknesses: your ego. If you fail to control yourself and don’t come down to earth sometimes, there may be problems with the perception of reality.

Often the people that surround you may have feeling  that you don’t think about anything except money — you either earn it, or you think how to get it.

Realization: finance specialist, manager, politician

numerology name calculator

Number 9

Motto: An artist is an easy target

Strengths: It is common to speak of such personalities as a “free artist”. You are a sensitive person with excellent intuition, you always have a deep sense of the atmosphere in the team. You are friendly and calm. Generosity and selflessness, willingness to serve people make you a wonderful friend. You were born to be an assistant and even a lifeguard. You help others develop their talents and achieve goals. You are able to see the potential in everything and will never miss the chance to help unlock this potential.

Weaknesses: the numerology of name says that you can not stand criticism, even if it is a constructive feedback. You prefer to quit rather than listen to constant comments from management.

In an effort to benefit from the situation as much as possible, you go too far. Your weakness is keeping unnecessary things that (of course!) will come in handy for you one day. Yes, unpaired socks, containers from everything in the world, unfinished candles from a holiday cake – all this will certainly be handy in the year of 2036 … If you, of course, you will manage to find them in your storage room

Realization: all professions of art.

Now you know everything about your personality with the help of numerology of name! You can also identify compatibility with a partner by name.

Tell us what number you  have in the comments section under the article, it is very interesting!

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