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Mutable Signs – Everything You Need to Know About


Are you profound in astrology? If yes, then you must be knowing the various zodiac signs present and how they influence our worldly activities. If not, don’t worry since this article will help you understand the signs, more so the mutable signs.

In astrology, there are 12 zodiac signs each with an element in water, earth, air, or fire. Let your mind not take you to the “Avatar bending movie” if you have watched it, heh. These signs have unique strengths and traits that influence various human emotions and activities.

The signs are divided into three categories called modalities (sometimes called qualities).

 These modalities include:

  • Cardinal signs – Comprise of Aries, Capricorn, Libra, and Cancer signs.
  • Fixed signs – Comprise of Scorpio, Taurus, and Aquarius signs.
  • Mutable signs – Comprise of Virgo, Pisces, Gemini, and Sagittarius signs.

In this article, we will focus more on the mutable sign meaning and later see what connection they have with the cardinal and fixed signs. Let’s get down to the terms and their traits.

What is a mutable sign?

The term mutable in basic English means the ability to change either in quality, form, or nature. This meaning is not different for the astrology case. Just like a chameleon, mutable signs frequently change their expression modes and hence are inconsistent, unreliable, and somehow not loyal. They are still very helpful.

What are its features?

  • They meditate change

As mentioned above, mutable signs indicate change. Maybe once in a while, you have asked yourself “what my moon sign is”. 

Well, if your sign is the mutable modality, you are well-prone to change. That means if any unknown or unplanned life changes/transitions come in your way, you can easily adapt and flourish on it.

Change requires innovative thinking, flexibility, and hard work to cope well with the transformation. So, if your astrology mark is the mutable sign, you can generate innovative and understandable ideas for people during the transition period.

For instance, people with a mutable sign adapted easily to the changes made during the covid-19 pandemic. They also contributed to innovative ideas that helped others meditate on their flexibility and hard work towards coping with the transformations.

Since things are not always according to our plan, mutable signs prepare us for coming changes and also helps us to be open-minded and flexible in case of sudden change and the challenges brought about by it.

  • They are the well-thinkers of the zodiac

Some may argue that the changeable nature of the mutable signs makes them indecisive. That may be true to some extent but it doesn’t mean that they should not be considered in giving major opinions. 

Mutable signs are philosophers of the Zodiac. That means they can be depended on when withholding judgment until the whole information is obtained. Even though the mutable signs can be a bit spineless at times, they can still assist in processing judgmental information and make intelligent decisions.

Although mutable signs are known to assist so much during changes, they can also assist in normal situations. Even if things go according to our plans, the signs help in making thoughtful and positive ideas to effectively handle the situation.

  • They signify the end of a season

The mutable signs represent the end of one season initiating the next. In our normal activities, the end of a season signifies the completion of a task or the project at hand. 

For instance, if your task was to build a house or save money to buy a car, or even commit yourself to improve your grades, the mutable signs indicate the end for such tasks. 

That means when the mutable sign approaches, you will have completed the construction of the house or have bought the car, or have done your examination and improved your scores.

  • They are governed by two planets

We have already mentioned the four mutable signs present. They include Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. We will describe them in more detail later on. 

These signs are ruled by two planets namely Mercury and Jupiter. The Mercury planet governs the Gemini and Virgo signs while the Jupiter planet governs Sagittarius and Pisces signs.

In our worldly events, Mercury is known for covering news and travel-related activities while Jupiter also covers travel activities but mostly in the international aspect. It is also concerned with philosophy and other higher education activities.

Although there may seem some contradiction especially in the travel aspect, the two planets still work together to survive. Jupiter is considered a macro agent while Mercury is considered to be a micro agent in the travel field.

cardinal fixed mutable

Importance of the mutable signs

We have already mentioned some advantages/importance of these signs. But to summarize them up, their importance includes:

  • Help us to be well-prepared for future changes and challenges that may come from it.
  • Help us to be flexible and easily adaptable in case of sudden changes or a crisis.
  • Helps us to make innovative decisions even if things go according to our plans.
  • Since they signify the end of a season or completion of a task, they motivate us to work hard to end the task successfully.
  • They don’t limit us to one view. Their philosophical nature helps in making different decisions that aid when making various judgments.
  • If you have a mutable sign, you can have a great experience when traveling to other countries or meet new people since you are comfortable dealing with new situations and make intelligent decisions.

Disadvantage of mutable signs

One disadvantage of this sign is its changeability nature. That means you are not fully decisive with your opinions. However, this should not limit you to make decisions since your flexibility and easy adaptability will really help in case of future changes.

Existed mutable signs

We mentioned earlier that there are four types of Mutable signs each with a unique element which can either be air, water, earth, and fire. These signs include:

  • Gemini

This is the mutable air sign with very talkative nature. If you need company, this sign may be the best option due to its fun, talkative and social nature. This means you can never get bored since they always have something fascinating to talk about.

It is also adaptable to change. Even if activities for the day don’t go according to their plans, the Geminis will still find something meaningful to do. Their intelligent nature always makes it easy to make informed decisions on changes.

The main downfall of the sign is that its intelligent nature can make it to be highly diagnostic which can lead to indecisiveness. This can also happen as a result of its flexibility which means it can change its decisions with just a click of a clock.

Its talkative nature can also be irritative at times.

  • Virgo

This is the mutable earth sign mostly known to be logical and practical in its worldly activities. Virgos are consistent and make sure that every they do is almost perfect if not 100% perfect. Even though both Gemini and Virgo are ruled by Mercury planet, they are different.

Gemini is mostly associated with the expression of information and other outputs while Virgo is concerned with the processing of information and other inputs. This information is mostly computer and technology-based. The Virgos like to process this information to a practical view in a systematic manner that is easy to understand.

  • Sagittarius

This is the mutable fire sign connected with being honest, fair-minded, and intellectual. Just like the Geminis, Sagittarians are fun and very social. They make a lot of friends through their talkative and funny nature.

They are also known to be optimistic and inspiring, the likes of Steve Harvey. Their intellectual nature makes them best suited for careers like coaches, Journalists, and teachers but this doesn’t mean that they cannot take other careers.

One negative trait they have is they easily get bored and move on to the next person or something quickly. This may be a discouragement for friendship and relationship cases.

  • Pisces

This is the last mutable sign also called the mutable water sign. Being the last sign means that Pisces have gone through all the pain and happy moments of the season and therefore need to be emotionally strong to move forward or else they could flake on the experiences.

They are known to be visionary and creative in what they do bringing a big change to the world.

mutable sign meaning

Connection with the cardinal and fixed signs

Although each modality has its different and unique technique of expressing its energy to worldly activities, they are still connected in a way. All the signs have air, water, fire, and earth bending which influences how the energies operate around the world.

Cardinal signs are known for moving to the next tasks easily while the fixed sign ‘sticks’ to their projects until completion. The mutable sign as discussed can be uncommitting due to their changeability nature but are well flexible and adaptable to the changes.

The main connection among these modalities is that cardinal signs always bring innovative ideas to start projects while the fixed signs turn the ideas into meaningful plans and finally the mutable signs complete them since they signify the end of projects.


Mutable signs play a major role in worldly activities. Change is inevitable in any operation and to best deal with the situation, the mutable sign helps to be flexible and adaptable to the situation. 

If you still have some unanswered astrology questions, you can get a Vedic astrology guide or Jyotish natal chart to help. You can also seek an astrologist’s help.

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