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The Moon Tarot card meaning and interpretation


The Moon Tarot card – what does this Major Arcana mean in different spheres of life? Learn to read Tarot from the very basics in this article.

The Moon Tarot card is the 18th Major Arcana. It depicts an extremely interesting picture with a wide semantic paradigm. We see the Moon in the center. It is in the growth phase, while the crescent moon is placed inside the disk of the full moon. The face of the Moon in the Tarot is turned down. There are two towers under it. A dog and a wolf sit between them and howl at the moon. The picture is completed by a cancer crawling out of the reservoir.


How to interpret the Moon Tarot card based on the image provided? Night star, animals and towers indicate fears, secrets, anxieties. The wolf speaks of the spontaneous desires of our souls, the dog is a civilized part of the personality, and cancer is suppressed and hidden emotions. During the day, all these creatures live their own lives, and the night makes them gather together and worship the moon.

From the point of view of astrology, cancer is under the auspices of the planet Moon. This is a symbol of motherhood, feminine energy. Moon Tarot tells us about sensuality, intuition, hidden desires. This is a controversial card that can imply threat and betrayal.

The 18th Major Arcana carries information about the road leading beyond the horizon to wisdom, from the reservoir of doubt and illusion. The cancer symbol tells us: there is no turning back! The path to the past guarantees immersion in ignorance. Moon Tarot prompts moving forward despite fears and anxieties. It will give spiritual growth and development, and a merciful night star will support the brave wanderer in his endeavors.

The Moon Tarot card combination and meaning when reversed

The Moon Tarot card has a deep esoteric meaning. However, her maximum strength is revealed in combinations with other cards in different spreads.

First of all, in Tarot, the Moon is the meaning of something hidden, implicit, mystical. This card speaks of slight hints, unclear motives, conjectures. The querent can have heightened sensitivity and emotionality, a romantic approach to reality, rich imagination and intuition.

The appearance of the Moon Tarot card tells us about the influence of ancestors, roots, family and parents on the situation in question. The moon can indicate fear of renewal, deception, illness and betrayal, intimate experiences that the querent is not ready to share. If we talk about the Moon in Tarot in a positive way, then this is nepotism, a happy life together, nostalgia and creativity.

Every card in Tarot spreads spread can lay either in upright or reversed position, and the Moon is no exception. In this position it points to someone who is trying to hide the true intentions, about the unwillingness to perceive reality, about deceiving or receiving something for free.

When doing a spread to look at your issue the reversed Moon Tarot card has the meaning of discovering a loss. It tells you to get rid of illusions, about small mistakes that you should not pay attention to.

Another meaning of this card is that lies, insecurity and instability will become a thing of the past. It is possible that the querent suffers from psychological problems, but they will go away soon, as well as fears, panic, and lack of confidence in their abilities.

moon tarot

The meaning of the Moon in spread for different areas of life

The reading of the Moon Tarot card may differ depending on what topic interests you. For example, in relation to a career and in the material sphere, the Moon gives a hint – the querent must be attentive to hidden enemies and threats from them. You can fall under someone else’s influence, you are threatened with manipulation and fraudulent schemes.

If you are in business, then the 18th Major Arcana can predict failure in your projects. For a person looking for work, the Moon map, unfortunately, predicts failure.

When reversed the reading of the Moon Tarot inverts – the end of the bad times, immediate improvement of your situation.

In love and relationships, the Moon serves as a warning about the hidden intentions of one of the partners. You may be dealing with cheating or a love triangle. The querent may suffer from scandals and a showdown, misunderstanding.

Sometimes in love spreads the Moon Tarot warns of the unreliability, deceit of a partner, that he may suffer from bad habits. Moon Tarot is a relationship with no future or attachment to a contrived image of your beloved. Face the reality till it’s not too late!

The Moon Tarot reversed position interpretation: frank conversations between lovers, confessions, reconciliation. But do not think that all the secrets are in the past.

The Moon can also come out of the Tarot Cards in spread for the state of health. In such a situation, it is a pointer to psychological problems, fears, insomnia, nightmares and even hallucinations. Most likely, the querent suffers from some kind of addiction (drug, alcohol, gambling addiction). The person we are looking at feels the effects of stress or psychological trauma.

Physically it can be ailments associated with the excretory system: kidney disease, urinary incontinence, enuresis.

The health spread should be considered in combination with other cards. So, the proximity of other negative Arcana can be a symbol of coma or lethargic sleep, in the most difficult cases, even death. Sometimes the Moon, as a symbol of motherhood, can indicate pregnancy, and surrounded by negative Minor Arcana and in a reversed position, this is a sign of problems with speech (for example, stuttering, dyslexia).

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