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Money Mantra – 3 Effective Money Affirmations for Wealth


Money mantra is our spiritual “helper” in attracting wealth. Eastern sages wrote: “There is a mantra for everyone. All your problems can be solved if you find the right mantra!”. The mantra must be practiced regularly, pronounced correctly, and the right intention is to be set prior to it. In this article we will analyze money affirmations for attracting money. How to do all this, and what mantras exist for money attraction- read below.


Money mantra features

If you recite mantras for money one day or practice irregularly, it will not bring any effect. Regularity and long-term practicing is important (1-2 months, unless otherwise specified). In this case the mantra opens up for you and begins to beneficially influence your life.

A few more important notes:

  • Before practicing mantras, it is useful to form and articulate an intention. This is what you would like to get out of practice. Usually, the intention begins like this: “I direct the effect from reading this mantra to …” then you indicate what you need at the moment. This can be an increase in income, a new place of work that suits you best, money for some specific goal, or even the soonest possible repayment of debts / loans.
  • The chosen mantra for attracting money is recited daily, the number of repetitions is 3, 9, 27 or 108 times. It is convenient to count this number on a rosary. It also helps you focus and immerse yourself in reading.
  • When reading, it is helpful to visualize the image of the Deity you are referring to. So, reading the mantras of wealth to Ganesha, imagine the image of this Helper, turn to him. It is also very useful to visualize your goal – a new job, debt closure, increase of income and things you are spending it on. These thoughts should be positive and bright!
  • Before reciting the mantra, take a few deep breaths in and out to concentrate. It is better to recite the mantra in a secluded place where no one will disturb you. And don’t rush to finish your practice! It is important for you to “plunge” into the mantra and feel the power of these sacred words.

Another important tip is to be respectful of the mantras, be open to changes, because they will definitely happen. And use the chances that life will give you! After all, mantras for money are not a magical miracle, they will not make you a millionaire at once, but simply open new ways for income, give chances and happy accidents.


Money mantras that work

Below are some effective mantras you can use to practice. But don’t mix them up, don’t read them all at once! Take time for each one and let it bear fruit.

-OM GURAVE NAMAH – the mantra of Jupiter, which is responsible for human well-being, prosperity for many years. It is read on Thursdays, the day of Jupiter. Very effective when combined with charity, meditation, positive thinking and other upayas. It is mantra for abundance, money and success.

-OM HRIM SHRIM LAKSHMI BHYO NAMAHA or OM SRI MAHA LAKSHMIEY NAMAH – a respectful appeal to Goddess Lakshmi, a mantra of wealth and obtaining all kinds of material wealth. It is a mantra to earn money fast. When practicing this mantra, one must visualize the image of Lakshmi and refer to her. For convenience, you can read in front of the image of this Goddess.

-OM SRI GANESHAYA NAMAH – veneration of Ganesha, an effective instant money mantra, keeping it and using it rationally. This powerful mantra also removes obstacles in business and attracts helpers and valuable connections. When reading, it is important to visualize the image of Ganesha.

These are basic money mantras that really work and you can practice them. It is also useful to attach astrology in your practices and see in what period you live now, which planets and how they affect your financial sphere. Working at such deep levels helps bring long-term prosperity into your life.

Now go practice your favorite mantra to attract money and share the results in the comments. What effects have you noticed after you started practicing mantra for money attraction?

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