Astrology for Better Life 0 11 February 2020

Mercury Retrograde: how to behave in this period?


In the period of Mercury’s retrograde, all the positive characteristics of this planet may have the opposite effect. However, with our advice, you can fit yourself to Mercury retrograde and this time will pass by you, without causing troubles. But first, let’s look at what retrograde Mercury means.

The retrograde of the planet. What it is?

The retrograde of a planet (Vakri in Sanskrit) is the difference between the motion speeds of planets against the Earth. In other words, when the planet moves slower than the Earth and it seems as if it has begun to move backwards. Such a movement has a negative impact on people. All the planets can be retrograde except for the Sun and the Moon. As for Mercury, it can be retrograde 3-4 times a year, and this period lasts about 20 days.

How does Mercury retrograde affect people?

Mercury accounts for such areas as communication, business transactions, negotiations, sales and purchases, training, contracts and agreements, travel. When the planet is retrograde, all of these areas can get out of control. During this period, people become absent minded, make small mistakes that may result in serious consequences. During the Mercury retrograde, it is recommended to be very careful, double check everything several times and avoid taking important decisions. But don’t be afraid if at this time you still have an important matter that needs to be solved here and now, do it, just with the utmost care and accuracy. Mercury retrograde may surprise you with the loss of important documents, letters, contracts, money transfers. Be very attentive.


What to do during the period of Mercury retrograde?

  1. Be careful and attentive when transferring information and communicating with each other. At this time, it is difficult to convey to others any ideas. Because during this period, communication is distorted, many things are understood literally or not understood at all. Therefore, misunderstandings can arise.
  2. Refrain from business trips, important business meetings, signing contracts or agreements.
  3. If you are looking for a job or employee, it is better to postpone the interview for another time, otherwise you risk losing your job or a potential employee.
  4. Postpone large and expensive purchases. This is especially true of electronics and home appliances. All this can quickly come out of action or you just will not be happy with your purchases. 
  5. Strange as it may seem, during this period, past negotiations, relations with people, matters, which were once abandoned may have a positive effect. You can optimize  workflows and wrap-up pending issues.
  6. If you once could not sell something, update all ads for sale. This period can be very successful for you.
  7. Read the mantra dedicated to Ganesha: “OM GAM GANESHAYA NAMAHA” or “OM NAMO NARAYANA”, so that this period does not have a negative impact on you. Also the Saraswati mantra, it is dedicated to improving the attention and clearing the mental sphere of unnecessary thoughts. You can listen to audio mantra.

Do not be afraid of Mercury retrograde, embrace this period with your favor with the help of our advice. We wish you to experience this period in the best possible way. 

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