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Palm reading marriage line. How to find and read it?


“When will I get married?” is one of the most common questions among women. Men are also worried about the matter of their chosen one, but they just do not always show that. What will be your relationship, will the marriage be long-term, will there be arguments and conflicts or strong love and respect for each other? Marriage line palm reading will help answer these questions. Today we will consider and discuss the marriage line in palm, or so called relationships line.

It is worth remembering that a marriage line is not necessarily about a legal marriage status. It refers to a broader idea of love, marriage line in palm reading is about commitments in relationships or civil marriage.


Where is the marriage line on palm?

The marriage line is located on the edge of the palm on the side of the little finger, between the little finger and the heart line.

There may be several marriage lines, or there may be one – deep and long, which stretches to the hillock of Mercury. All these details are of great importance in palmistry.

Palm reading marriage line: left or right hand?

 It is best to consider the marriage line on the active hand. The active hand is the one you write with. The passive hand displays the qualities that were given to you from birth. They are treated as the basis. All changes in the course of life due to certain events are displayed on the active hand. If the lines on your hands are very different, this indicates that you have worked a lot on yourself. It may be that you will have several lines on the passive hand, and only one on the active one, which means that by fate you have several long-term relationships, but you chose to avoid some potential partners. And if the lines of marriage on both hands coincide, this means that your love is really given to you by fate and cannot be avoided in any way.

How to calculate the timing of a potential marriage or relationship

In palmistry, you can roughly calculate when you get married, or when a serious long-term relationship awaits you. It is necessary to divide the distance from the little finger to the line of the heart into three parts, each part equals 25 years of your life. The closer the marriage line is to the base of the little finger, the later you will get married or find your true love.

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How to read a palm marriage line

Meaning of palm reading marriage line for girls and boys is apparently the same.

– A straight horizontal line indicates that your couple will be successful and happy. The longer the line, the stronger the love or marriage.

– If you have one or more clear lines on your hand, shorter than the main one, it means that you have already had a long-term relationship in your life that was not crowned with success

– If you have a lot of thin short lines in your palm, then you had a lot of frivolous relationships

– If on your palm marriage line rises up, your relationship is quite strong, but there can be problems and conflicts in the marriage. (another meaning: your partner may be higher in status or much older in age)

– If the marriage line goes down to the heart line, you will live longer than your partner

– If your line branches out at the end, this indicates the dissimilarity of the characters of the partners. Frequent scandals and quarrels are possible. A wide fork at the end of the line indicates that a person is very emotional, he often has tantrums, he is the initiator of scandals in relationships

– If your line begins even, deep, and towards the end it becomes thin and bifurcated, you will have strong love, which can end in divorce due to the constant showdown

– If your line bifurcates at the beginning, and then turns into a clear deep line, this means that you have already had a relationship with your chosen one, but everything did not end very well. After some time, you still realized that you were made for each other and resumed your relationship, which led or will lead to marriage.

– If there is no marriage line, it means that you are very amorous by nature and cannot decide with whom to build a family. Either you don’t want to get married.

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Marriage line marks

– If the line of marriage is crossed by one clear long line, this means that your marriage or your relationship will be interfered by relatives, friends, exes, etc. Fight for your love and you will certainly be happy

– If your line of marriage is interrupted, you love loneliness. Even if you are married or in a relationship, you constantly lack personal space. Either you feel misunderstood, different

– If an asterisk crosses the marriage line, treason is possible. Do your best to keep your marriage from ruining

– The small, barely visible lines extending up to the little finger from the marriage line are your children. From them you can determine the answer to question “how many kids will I have?”, the gender of the child, and so on. It is not possible to see these lines on every palm, because they are very small and thin. A short deep line is a daughter, a longer one is a son.

All this knowledge is useful, but does not provide the full depth. Palmistry is a multifaceted science that studies even every small line. All this matters in a comprehensive analysis of the personality. With the help of palmistry, you can find out your purpose, see your future partner, children, when marriage comes, is it possible to change fate for the better, when to expect changes, how to improve health, and so on.

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