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Lunar Eclipse | Everything You Need to Know About it in 2021


Lunar eclipse has always fascinated people. For most of us the eclipse is an astronomical event, but for ancients it was a symbol of rage and horror. They believed that a lunar eclipse is a signal of god’s wrath that is why they named it ‘eclipse’ which means downfall. But what is a lunar eclipse? How often do eclipses occur? And when is the next lunar eclipse? Here is your guide to lunar eclipse 2021.

What is a lunar eclipse?

An eclipse is an astronomical phenomenon in which the earth comes between the sun and the moon. Because of the close intersection the face of the moon darkens. 

The intersection happens during the full moon phase. It also depends on whether the moon moves through the umbra or penumbra of the earth. There are three types of lunar eclipse:

Total eclipse: The moon passes through the umbra of the earth with its entire diameter. The celestial body is completely immersed in the earth’s shadow. In this kind of intersection, the light appears brownish, and a blood moon can be seen.

Partial eclipse: The moon only passes through the earth’s shadow with part of its total diameter. Only parts of the earth’s shadow cover the surface of the moon.

Penumbral eclipse: The moon passes the penumbra of the earth with a part and rarely with its entire diameter.

Solar Eclipse vs Lunar Eclipse

A lunar eclipse or solar eclipse typically occurs when the sun, moon and earth are exactly in one-line, special events occur.

A lunar one can only occur when the moon is full. If the moon completely enters the umbra of the earth, it is called total eclipse. If the moon is only partially in the umbra, it is generally known as a partial eclipse.

On the contrary, a solar eclipse can only occur at a new moon. The moon lies on a line between the sun and earth and thus covers the sun. The sky darkens, the light of the sun can no longer (directly) hit the earth. If the moon is exactly in front of the sun, a total solar eclipse occurs. If the moon only covers part of the sun, it is considered a partial solar eclipse.

Лунное затмение 5 июля

What is the Eclipse Corridor?

The Eclipse corridor is the period of two weeks between solar eclipse and lunar eclipse. This period is considered as the most influential period of one’s life. It is believed that everything that happens in our life during this period lays foundation for the next eighteen years. Now, here is a question. What should we do during the eclipse corridor?

The most favorable acts during this time are:

  • We should stay positive and productive.
  • It is also recommended to pay attention to our physical and mental health.
  • We should desire for everything we need in the next eighteen years because our thoughts and desires design our destiny.

During the eclipse corridor we should avoid:

  • Long journey and negative thoughts.
  • Taking risks.
  • Crowded places and negative arguments.
  • Pessimistic thoughts.

The Eclipse Corridor is a very special period when we can reflect on our lives, relax, and meditate.

Lunar Eclipse in 2021

May 26 (Total lunar eclipse): 

On Wednesday, May 26, the eclipse is at least partially visible in South / East Asia, Australia, Much of North America, South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Antarctica. What time is the lunar eclipse occur on May 26? At 08:47 UTC.

June 10 (Annular Solar Eclipse):

On Thursday, June 10, the partial June eclipse can be seen in Much of Europe, Much of Asia, North / West Africa, Much of North America, Atlantic, Arctic.

November 19 (Partial Lunar Eclipse):

On Friday, November 19, the eclipse is at least partially visible in Much of Europe, Much of Asia, Australia, North / West Africa, North America, South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Arctic.

December 4 (Total Solar Eclipse): 

On Saturday, December 4, a partial solar eclipse can be seen in the South in Australia, South in Africa, South in South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Antarctica.

If you want to know when there’s next new moon and what should be done on the waning gibbous, read article “Waning Gibbous”.

Lunar Eclipse Astrology During 2021

If we walk through the zodiac in the lunar calendar, the moon needs around 28 days – this means that it spends around two days in each zodiac sign every month and thus brings us into contact with all the factors of our horoscope every month. Depending on which zodiac sign the moon is currently in, it promotes and inhibits different aspects of our life.

As the new moon emerges, it attracts strong energies that are ideally suited for all kinds of new beginnings. In this phase we can plan new projects well and should start implementing them right away. It is also easier to renounce old habits.

When it is waxing, everything is characterized by absorption and growth. We can focus on our health and hygiene. We should also work on uplifting ourselves spiritually and mentally.

When the moon is full, we have strong feelings – it can be positive as well as negative. We become more restless and irritable, and sometimes we sleep worse.

When the moon is waning, energies and forces are released. We are physically in the best phase of our month; even complicated tasks are easier and accessible than in other phases of the moon.

What should we do during the lunar eclipse?

A lunar eclipse occurs four to six times in a year. It is a celestial event which influences our body and soul. A lot of people believe in the spiritual importance of lunar eclipse. It is considered as the most significant time to purify your body and soul. Many people believe that it is a time to revive ourselves and consider it as the best time to reflect and meditate.

Many youngsters enjoy taking breathtaking pictures of lunar eclipses. 

What should we avoid during a lunar eclipse?

What to do if there is a lunar eclipse tonight? Although modern science believes that these lunar eclipses are completely safe, many people still take measures to avoid any harmful situation. Some cultures also believe that a pregnant woman should stay inside and avoid touching any sharp thing during the lunar eclipse period.  

In general, a lunar eclipse is an event in which our planet comes between the sun and the moon. Although science believes that it is completely safe, but still has its own significance and rituals in many religions and cultures. The best act during this period is to meditate and reflect on our past and ponder on our future endeavors. 

Friends, have you learned something new about the lunar eclipse? Share in the comments!

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