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Love Tarot Card Reading


Love Tarot card reading: check your feelings

“Does he love you or not?” – that’s the question the love fortune telling gives a quick answer to. You no longer need to suffer, cry yourself to sleep and worry about the feelings of another person.  It’s better to find out if he is attracted to you and what this relationship will bring you. Try love Tarot card spreads to learn your destiny.

Tarot cards reading for love can be made independently using own personal deck and online right on our website. If you don’t have your own deck yet, we recommend our rapid method, fortune telling online. In just a couple of minutes, you will receive your prediction and cards interpretation.

Love Tarot card reading: how to set your mind on it

First, let’s discuss how to do it when you lay out the cards yourself. At the beginning, we set our mind to the deck and the question that worries us. That means that we have to shuffle the deck No need to put it under the pillow, otherwise there will be chaos in your head.

  • If you are doing the fortune telling for yourself, observe your own feelings and emotions.
  • If you are doing it for another person, set your mind to this person as an object. Be sure to let him/her take off the deck. And it doesn’t matter whether you remove the deck from yourself or to yourself.

Always try to shuffle the deck well at the beginning; this will make the setting stronger. Here you shuffle the deck not to distribute cards, but to give rise to emotions.

After that, remove the top card and put it somewhere in the deck (down or in the center), repeat several times. When you feel you have enough, the setup was successful. After you have shuffled the deck and tuned in to it, you can start reading cards for love.

If you want to get the prediction online, then the mind setting is also needed, but you don’t have to shuffle the cards. You need to imagine the person you are interested in and formulate the question out loud.

tarot love

Express card reading for feelings

One of the simplest tarot cards reading technique for love, which is performed on three cards. Using this technique, you can find out about the feelings of your partner and get advice for the near future for your relationship. When shuffling cards, it is important to focus on your loved one, visualize his/her face and ask the question: “How does he/her feel about me…?” After that, we take out three cards and interpret them:

  • • 1st card – the answer to the question ” does he/her love me or not”.
  • • 2nd card – is the partner interested in a relationship with you
  • • 3rd card – obstacles along the way in your relationship.

Read about how to interpret the major and minor arcana.

Love Tarot fortune telling: “Oracle of Love” spread

Another simple fortune telling technique using 4 cards, which will give an answer to a tricky question or clarify the relationship of a couple in case of conflict. When shuffling cards, it is important to focus on a loved one, question or problem and ask a question. After that, we take out four cards and interpret them:

  • 1st card – current relationship between two people
  • 2nd card – the reasons for your conflict / controversial relationship.
  • 3rd card – how does your partner really feels about you.
  • 4th card – advice on how to act and make the right decision.

“Station for Two” love Tarot spread

This is  more precise and detailed  prediction. This card layout is used for couples in love and helps to reveal the true emotions towards each other. This divination technique is performed using the Major Arcana.

Interpretation of cards:

  • The left row refers for women, the right row for men. The middle, 7th card gives a prediction for a relationship.
  • Cards 1 and 4 – what partners think of each other.
  • Cards 2 and 5 – how they feel about each other.
  • Cards 3 and 6 – how the feelings are shown.

Simple and clear – online divination for love

Even if you do not yet have your own Tarot deck, right now you can verify the feelings and attitude of the intended partner towards you. For this end, express fortune telling online for love can be used.

Here are 22 numbered cards. It’s simple: focus on the image of your loved one and choose two cards based on your intuition.

Image – 22 cards face down numbered from 1 to 22

  • The first card you choose will tell you about how a person you love feels about you
  • The second card will give love advice.
tarot love

Interpretation of online fortune telling for love

Choose from the list the cards you have chosen and see the transcript.

Card nameHow a person feels about youArcana advice
Card 1: The Fool Passion, flirt, he is intoxicated by loveEnjoy this time of infatuation, but do not expect that something serious will grow out of this. Don’t delude yourself.
Card 2: The Magician Conquest, charm, desire concentrate all attention to yourself.You will have to take a lead in this relationship, be proactive
Card 3: The High PriestessReady to help you, understands your needs and feelingsDon’t hurry things along! Let your partner do the first step, be patient.
Card 4: The Empress He is very attached to you, he cares about youIn these relationships, love goes hand in hand with everyday routine, helping others and other issues.
Card 5: The Emperor Caring, pleasing, ready to start a family but only on his own termsYou need to discuss the responsibilities of each partner, there is no hierarchy and personal boundaries in the partnership.
Card 6: The Hierophant Your partner understands you, you have a spiritual connection, he is blind to faultsStable relationships if both are honest to each other and keep their promises!
Card 7: The Lovers You have a strong and sensual connection, loveYour choice is right, go ahead and do whatever your heart is telling you to do
Card 8: The Chariot He understands you, ready to compromise but not in way you are used toYou will have to find a compromise in everything.
Card 9: Justice Cautious relationship, first everything is weighted before he decides to start a partnership.An objective assessment of the situation is needed, the look of a wise person. Do not jump in feet first!
Card 10: The Hermit Not ready to serious relationship unless he sorts himself out and understands  his pastBetter to be alone. Or stay friends without starting a serious relationship.
Card 11: Wheel of fortune Feelings are too changeable. There is no stability.Ups and downs in love, let everything be as it is!
Card 12: Strength Sexual interest, passionIt will be difficult to “tame” a partner, it will be like playing with fire.
Card 13: The Hanged Man Love it so, but mother says no. doubts, discomfort and uncertainty.You will have to sacrifice something in order to improve the relationship. You will be having hard times often.
Card 14: Death He wants to break up with youThis partnership is weak, everyone lives their own life.
Card 15: TemperanceCaring partner, ready to patronize and support.You will always have to look for a compromise or ways of reconciliation in this relationship.
Card 16: The Devil Cruel and selfish, he can easily deceive.The connection is complex and tragic, it is better to finish it as soon as possible.
Card 17: The Tower Unpredictable partner, feelings are constantly changing.Relationships are difficult without stability and trust – save yourself.
Card 18: The Star  He is waiting for you and hopes for return of affectionsSet common goals for your couple and move towards achieving them together!
Card 19: The Moon He is not sure what he wantsThe situation is difficult and things may be clear in a few days. Don’t jump to conclusions!
Card 20: The Sun An attentive and sincere partner, mutual loveEnjoy love and each other.
Card 21: JudgementCan take a fresh look at you.Forgive each other mistakes and be happy together.
Card 22: The World Love and harmonyGreat and happy relationship

The article was about Tarot cards reading for love. If you are interested in the topic of express card reading or online fortune telling, be sure to put + in the comments under the article, and more articles on love Tarot will be posted!

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