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What is my Life Path number? How to calculate it with date of birth.


The Life Path number in numerology, or as it also called the Destiny number, shows what qualities you were gifted with in order to fulfill your life, and what helps you to achieve success in all areas of life. In this article, you will learn how to find Life Path number by date of birth.

Numerology is a great esoteric practice that provides us with priceless knowledge that helps us to understand ourselves. Kindly note that you can get a broader view on your life path with the help of astrology and palmistry. For choosing the best scenario of your life and creating your dream destiny you can always turn to help with astrology.

How to calculate Life Path number

Let’s see what is the Life Path number calculator. Let’s define the number according to the example with the given date in the infographic below. You must add up all the numbers in your date of birth. Add all the figures up until you get a one-digit number. We get 5 as a result of determining Life Path number for the provided example.

life path number

If you are experienced in esoterics, you know that palmistry also provides lots of information about you and your life. Every single line on your palms contains data about your fate. Your past and your future is visible if you try Fate line reading.

Life Path number numerology: interpretations

And now that you are done with your numerology Life Path number calculator by date of birth, let’s look at the interpretation. Check on your number and see if the interpretation matches your personality.

Life Path number 1

life path number

You are a natural born leader. Your number speaks for itself, you are number 1 in everything you do. You are confident, ambitious, independent, and always motivate yourself to succeed. You have a unique talent to permanently stay in the spotlight. You have perfect organizational skills, and a great manager when it comes to the launch and leading new projects. You get tired of routine work, so you always need new interesting tasks to stay focused. If you face difficulties, you can easily get through them thanks to your inexhaustible inner strength. Your life credo “I will do everything whatever it takes to succeed.” And so it happens. Inspire the people around you to achieve your cherished goals and happiness and endless success await you!

Life Path number 2

life path number

You are very smart, your intuition is well developed, you are full of inexhaustible inner energy that helps you on your life path. You are an ideological inspirer, a muse for others, with your help they come to various realizations and ideas, and you do not make any special efforts for this. You are also a good inventor. You fond of creating new and unique things. People are drawn to you and are ready to follow you like a bright light, because you can always give them good advice, support and motivate. Sometimes you can be extremely emotional, but this is only because you have an inexhaustible energy that leads you to success and happiness. Continue to lead people along, invent new things and inspire everyone around you, and then the personal qualities of your Life Path number will bear fruit.

Life Path number 3

life path number

You are full of charm and charisma. You are witty, popular and artistic. What cannot be taken away from you is creative thinking. You are cheerful and always ready to step out of your comfort zone in order to try something new and different. You treat any situation with humor, which does not prevent you from judging it wisely. You are the “king or queen of the party,” and people love you because you can make anyone smile. You believe that life is too short to waste in anger and sadness. Unfortunately, people often think about you that you are disorganized and frivolous, and do not take life seriously. While you actually have an optimistic outlook on life, you love to seek adventure to fill it with positive things. Continue to infect everyone with fun, joy and love of life, then you will definitely succeed!

Life Path number 4

life path number

You are a born leader with tremendous strength and discipline. You are a whole person. You have a complete understanding of how this world works. You have an unwavering ability to support yourself and those around you effortlessly. You are a fairly successful person, but not out of luck, but because of your honesty and hard work. You are very reliable, tenacious, and you can turn an ordinary thing into something extraordinary. You are diligent and organized, if you have some important task in front of you, you will certainly do everything possible to complete it. You are not afraid of life’s difficulties, you boldly and stubbornly go through them. Sometimes it happens that you are overworking, it leads you to a decline in vitality, but all this only happens because you are not used to giving up and giving up unfinished business. You love seeing productive results from your work. You have an extraordinary gift to help people who are struggling in life. Keep doing this and then you will be the most successful person in all your endeavors.

Another great numerology tool is Pythagorean chart. This is a matrix built on your date of birth. The Pythagorean chart is the essence of many numerological practices.  It shows the traits of one’s character, personality, health and even love compatibility.

Life Path number 5

life path number

You love to travel, seek adventure, meet new interesting people. You are very attractive and make new friends easily. Unlike most people, all changes in life affect you in a very positive way: you seem to flourish, acquire an even greater interest in life. Any instability in life cannot break your spirit. You like to take part in several projects, events, and various activities at once. You are excited about something new and interesting, so you are always on the lookout for that kind of thing. Your flexibility is the key to your success. You value freedom more than anyone else in the world and will do your best not to be attached to anything specific in life. You are often described as being too impulsive, extreme person. You should not be offended, but, on the contrary, should be proud of the fact that over the past 5 years you have seen so many interesting things, experienced so many positive emotions that a person has not experienced in his entire life. You have a unique gift for motivating people through your experiences. Keep up the good work to be successful and happy!

Life Path number 6

life path number

You are a very sensitive and helpful person. This is what helps you make the people around you happy. You are very responsible and attentive. You have the unique gift of giving the support you need to the people who need it. You are intelligent, you have a well-developed creative mind, you are a good advisor. You will never condemn a person for any actions, but rather give him wise advice. You are often admired, which confuses you very much because you are a humble person. You are used to putting yourself in the background, if only your loved ones feel good and comfortable. Because of this, many people sometimes feel that you are being used. But this is not the case. You yourself are ready to take off your last shirt for the sake of the people you love and care about, if they are comfortable, then you will be happy. Continue to take care of your loved ones, but do not forget about yourself maintain inner harmony.

Life Path number 7

life path number

You are a very sensitive person, your intuition is well developed. You have the extraordinary wisdom that you have lived for a thousand years. Spiritual enlightenment is much more important to you than material values. You are very inquisitive and want to learn everything unknown, hidden, gain new knowledge. You have an analytical mind, you know how to concentrate on one important thought, and you can easily give almost any advice. You value solitude and peace, but this does not prevent you from attracting people to you with the help of innate charm and charisma. You are a wise storyteller, you are interesting to listen to. Very often people do not understand you, mistaking you for an introvert who loves loneliness and silence. In fact, you love communication with other people, you have many friends, but very often interesting realizations come into your wise mind that you want to reflect on alone and in peace. Do not be shy and do not be afraid of your thoughts, it is it that will help you on the path to harmony and enlightenment.

Life Path number 8

life path number

You are that exact person who loves to take responsibility for any reason. You are a person with inexhaustible inner strength, you are a born leader with incredible charisma. It is these qualities that inspire other people who want to be like you. You are good at understanding people, so you attract only good people to you. You have developed the gift of visualization, with the help of it you manage to achieve all those goals that you set for yourself. You are not afraid to take risks, which is why you easily achieve success in your career and financial sphere. If you have difficulties, you boldly go forward, with all the courage and perseverance. You are often considered stubborn and impatient, but this is only because you are very boldly and decisively going towards your goal, and unlike many others, you achieve it. If you motivate other people to succeed and help them in this, you will certainly become the happiest on earth! Good luck!

Life Path number 9

life path number

You are wise beyond your years. You are very smart and reasonable. You have the gift of foresight, you often experience a sense of déjà vu, you have prophetic dreams. You are an emotionally gifted person. You are always in search of new knowledge and personal growth, you believe in an individual life mission. People are drawn to you because of your friendliness and gentleness. You are often criticized for being overly dreamy and floating in the clouds, in fact, you are a person with a unique imagination and creative thinking. When you are committed to your cherished dreams and goals, all the strengths of your character are strengthened, and you achieve everything you want. Continue to follow your intuition and then everything will certainly work out!

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