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Life Path Number 6: Character, Personality, Compatibility


What is Life Path number and how do you know yours? How does Life Path number 6 affects your life and defines your personality?

Life Path number 6 is a wonderful number defining reliability, responsibility, hard work and family values. Do not be afraid of “Sixes”, considering them “the number of the Devil”! This is the number of happiness and harmony, since it is divisible by both even (2) and odd (3), and if you turn the six over, it will easily turn into a lucky Nine.

If your Life Path Number is 6, then you are a hard worker and romantic. It is much easier for people with a Life Path number 6 to become happy than for others. All they need for this is to find a job they love and arrange a cozy home. Usually work and hobbies are the same for them, and if everything goes well, the Sixes are very happy.

The second important point for Sixes is a safe home full of harmony. This is their refuge, “fortress house”! 6 is traditionally considered the number of comfort, family, children and parents, the number of material affairs and family values. This is the number of adulthood: therefore, Sixes are always ready to cooperate, help and support others, they are ready to take responsibility.

The patron saint of the Life Path number 6 is the planet Venus. Therefore, the main thing for Venusians is to live comfortably and beautifully, to build a large cozy house, create a strong family and raise caring children. Venusians have a gift for endearing people, good taste and choose professions related to art.

Don’t know what your Life Path number is? Add up all the digits of your date of birth until you get a number between 1 and 9. So, your Life Path number is 6? Then go on reading!

Life Path number 6

Life Path number 6: meaning

By nature, Sixes are eternal romantics. They want to give every person in their environment love and happiness. They have developed a desire to create coziness, comfort, family and roots. The instinct of caring turns them into a kind of “parent” for everyone. They are one of those who adopt children, pick up kittens on the street, take care of the elderly, and take on the education of young people. Sixes feel good about other people and know how to make them happy.

But when you start caring about others, do not overdo it in such selflessness! Perhaps you were not invited to a benefactor, or asked for help. It is important not to be the first to impose on everyone with your concern.

People with a Life Path number 6 are excellent advisors. There is something about them that makes people trust, creates the feeling that all problems will be easily sorted out with the help of the Sixies. Their open and understanding manner of communication makes Sixes a pleasant conversationalists.

Life Path number 6

Number 6 in numerology: negative qualities

People with the Life Path number 6 also have negative character traits, the main of which is thinking that they are the smartest in the whole world.

Also Sixes:

  • undemanding
  • petty
  • confident that they are right
  • can be tyrants at home
  • have internal anxiety for various reasons
  • often feel discouraged and helpless

Sixes may also be selfish with an eternal desire to prove their case. They do not admit other people’s mistakes, but indulge their own.

Life Path number 6: careers

Sixes have strong creative and healing abilities. Among people with the Life Path number 6, there are wonderful singers, artists, publishers, philosophers, teachers, managers, nurses and doctors, volunteers and patrons. They have a subtle sense of color and shape, so they can be designers, decorators. By nature, Sixes are caring, full of love and compassion for people, sensitive, responsible, seeking to heal, teach and help.

Financial recommendations

If the Six manages to get a favorite job, then her financial situation will be positive. A combination of natural generosity and reasonable economy will help to achieve good wealth. For you, the main thing in spending is the word “enough”. If it is enough for you – do not buy in excess, but rather save money, invest in business, become a sponsor!

People with Life Path number 6 are very good and successful in running their private business or small production. Over time they can be advised to focus all efforts on expanding the business. You can do it! And yet – while working, you must give yourself a firm statement: success is not only your achievement, but this is of your family and your loved ones. They are the main resource of the Sixes to success. With this motivation, it will be easy for you to achieve financial prosperity.

Life Path number 6

Life Path number 6: Compatibility

Life Path number 6 is a family number, marriage is vital for these people. In order to fully realize themselves, it is important for Sixes to feel a reliable back up in the form of a strong and happy family. Loneliness is contraindicated for people with their destiny number 6, they need to make every effort to have a caring partner nearby. The Six can take great care of their family and at the same time realize personal amibitions. For people with the Life Path number 6 marriage will bring balance and support is important, the ability to share happiness with a partner.

Which partner is suitable for you? Any! You are so harmonious and caring that you can live well with any person despite what is or her Life Path number is. But emotional Twos are most suitable for you, with them your relationship will be tender, passionate and long-term.

The Nines are also a good match for people of the 6. Life Path number 6 and 9 compatibility may create a perfect couple, this will be a movie-like love story. People with Life Path numbers 5 and 3 may make it difficult for the Sixes to build trustful and careless relationships. Friendships work well with Ones.

Karma of the number 6

The Sixes’ mission is to mentor, help others. Your karmic task is  to serve as the teacher of this world, the advisor to the needy, the protector of your own family. Your main talents lie in arranging harmony on earth for yourself, your family and loved ones, other people for whom you make life easier.

What is your Life Path number? Write your answer in the comments below the article!

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