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Palm Reading Life Line. How to find and read it.


How to find out everything about your life using palmistry? What is the meaning of the life line on a hand, how to find it and what will it tell about you? Read in an article prepared for you by professional palmists.

Life line on hand: meaning and characteristics

What do the lines on the hand mean? Today we will look at one of the most important lines in the palm reading life line. It starts between the forefinger and the thumb and curves in a semicircle at the base of the thumb.

Many people mistakenly believe that the length of the life line determines how long a person will live and are terribly worried if it is short. In fact, the length of the life line determines the vitality of a person, his energy potential.

The life line on hand is responsible for health, human life decisions, important choices, changes, physical condition.

How to find the life lines on your hand? Look at the diagram:


Palm reading life line: main characteristics

Now let’s look at the life line palm reading.

Sometimes it happens that a person does not have a life line on his hand. This means that he is constantly in tension, anxiety, constantly nervous.

If the life line on the hand is barely noticeable, pale, then this means that the person has a lack of energy, he gets tired fast, there are few bright moments in his life.

If the life line is deep and long, it means that the person has excellent health and a lot of vitality.

A deep and short life lines means that a person easily overcomes life difficulties, quickly recovers if he falls ill.

If the life line on the hand has a irregular depth, it is uneven, this means that a person has frequent changes in his health condition. Perhaps he had some diseases in the past, but got a well treatment and recovered.

Линия жизни на руке

If the palmistry life line runs very close to the thumb, the person gets tired quickly. He needs regular rest. Such a person should pay attention to physical activities, train his body, so sports may bring him more resilience and fill him with the missing energy.

The life lines on the hand, running in a wide semicircle, suggests that a person is full of enthusiasm and vitality. Such a person has a deep sleep, he loves all types of physical activities, and if he does what he loves, then he practically does not get tired at work, but even, on the contrary, is charged with energy.

The life line palm reading considers interruption in one or several spots, this means that a person’s outlook on life, worldview, attitude towards himself or others have radically changed. It can also indicate important changes in life: for example, moving to another city, to a new house, changing the type of activity.

Линия жизни на руке

How to determine timeframes with the life line palm reading?

To understand in what particular period there have been or will be changes in your life (breaks in the life lines), you can calculate the approximate age.

There are several methods. The first divides the entire line into time segments. The second option is simpler, and we will get into the easier method more deeply.

Линия жизни на руке

This is done like this: draw an imaginary vertical line from the middle of the middle finger along the palm. The point of intersection of this line with the life line is 35 years. Here it is already possible to roughly calculate in what period of time some event occurred by dividing the vertical line into equal segments.

Линия жизни на руке

Palm reading life line. How to read the life line on your hand?

Lines of concern

If from the base of the thumb to the life line palm has small thin lines, like the rays of the Sun, then you are often worried and worried. If there are such lines, but there are few of them, then you can determine the time period of each of them – it was then that a serious decision or problem arose in your life.


There are people who have no such lines at all. They are lucky because they never worry about anything. Life goes on as it is. If the lines of concern are long and cross the life line, this indicates serious problems in a person’s life that negatively affected his health.

If you saw that such an intersection awaits you in the near future, then there is nothing to worry about. You can train: engage in meditation, special practices that will help you keep your mind calm, do not panic, recharge your life energy, so that in due time you can easily cope with the difficulties awaiting you.

Double life line

If your life line is double from the birth, it means that you are a lucky person. You can easily cope with all the difficulties and unintentionally avoid accidents.


If your life line splits at some point and runs parallel to the main line, you don’t have to worry about this either, as this is a very good sign.

This means that you influence your destiny or found your patron. It can be a teacher, a partner, a person of authority for you, or an inanimate object like a talisman or your patron planet.

It can also mean that you are engaged in spiritual self-development, which has benefited you and gave you productive results.

All this knowledge is useful, but does not provide full depth. Palmistry is a multifaceted science that studies even every small line. All this matters in a comprehensive analysis of the personality. With the help of palmistry, you can find out your purpose, see your future partner, children, when marriage occurs, is it possible to change fate for the better, when to expect changes, how to improve health and other helpful things.

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