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Karmic relationship between partners: what to do?


Sooner or later everyone everyone gets a partner in their life, the relationship with whom is similar to running in a vicious circle. You both love and hate this person at the same time. It is very difficult for you to be together, but without him life seems unbearable. Almost every adult is familiar with the karmic relationship between a man and a woman, but not everyone knows what they are for.

You are drawn to each other by an irresistible force and you yourself cannot explain why he or she hooked you so. How to get out of a karmic relationship and what to do if you have met a karmic partner? Let’s try to dot the “i’s” with the help of this article.

What is a karmic relationship between a man and a woman and what are they for?

Yes, you heard right: a karmic relationship is not a problem, not an evil fate, this is one of the necessary lessons that the Universe teaches us in accordance with our karma. We need karmic lessons in order to work through situations from the past, “pay” debts for karma, draw the right conclusions for ourselves and get skills that will help us in the future.

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Why do we enter into a karmic relationship?

Some say that practice makes perfect, and this saying fits perfectly into the situation of karmic relationship. Sometime in a past life (and perhaps not in one, but several), you have already met this person and each time in a relationship the situation between you remained unresolved. Now you have this karmic debt from the past. Emotions did not find a way out, you did not draw conclusions, and so you didn’t learn anything from your previous meetings in the past.

That is why a karmic relationship between a man and a woman is needed – in order to finally learn an important lesson, and then start living in harmony with oneself and the world.

If you want to check on your karmic debt you can easily calculate it. Check out our karmic debt guide.

How to get out of a karmic relationship: 8 tips

A karmic relationship can be so unbearable that your suffering will eventually lead you to decide to break the connection with your karmic partner. How to do this so that the karmic relationship clearing is done and the lesson is not wasted?

karmic relationship
  1. Most importantly, you need to understand what exactly the Universe wanted to tell you by teaching this lesson. Analyze your case, remember key situations, your behavior and results. State to yourself what mistakes you’ve made, but don’t give in to guilt – accept the past as an experience. For convenience, write your conclusions on paper.
  2. Recognize that you and only you are responsible for everything that happens in your life. Don’t shift responsibility to your partner. This is your life and you live it as you see fit. All in your hands.
  3. Answer yourself to the question: “What did I gain in this relationship?”. For example, you have become tolerant and loyal to others, you have learned to openly express your feelings, etc.
  4. Sincerely thank your partner for going with you through the lessons of the Universe, teaching you something new, reminding you of important things (for example, that it is important to love yourself).
  5. Say goodbye to your partner and those unpleasant feelings and thoughts that accompanied you in the relationship. Tell them in your mind: “Goodbye!” and release him or her. Letting go is an important part of getting out of a relationship; don’t neglect it.
  6. If you live together, move to another apartment, if there is a desire and opportunity – to another city. Stop communicating, do not respond to attempts to contact you – your partner may not want to let you go. Cut off all the strings that bind you. Lesson learned – nothing should bind you anymore.
  7. Don’t try to dive into a new relationship right away. Learn to spend time with yourself interestingly. Practice meditation, yoga, mudras, pamper yourself with gifts, walks in the fresh air, going to exhibitions. Find inner harmony, feel that the main person in your life is yourself.
  8. Do not close yourself off from communication and new acquaintances, but remember about the lesson learned and the conclusions that you drew from the experience of karmic relationships. Take your time to live, enjoy every moment, tune in a positive mood and the right people will themselves be attracted to your life!

Karmic relationship healing

A karmic relationship between a man and a woman is not always a negative experience, doomed to an ending. If both of you feel empowered and ready to work on healing your relationship, correct your mistakes, and walk towards harmony, you can do it.

You may check on the love compatibility with your partner with the help of numerology. It is easy and you may get use of it if you doubt about your partner.

If you have broken up with your partner, but then decided to get back together, check out our useful article on how to get back with your ex. It provide some practices that will help you to bring back love into your relationships.

karmic relationship

Together with your partner, think about what lesson the higher powers taught you and draw conclusions (you can make notes) what you learned in a relationship, what qualities you acquired.

Sort out all the resentment that you hold against each other. Think back to any negative situations and accept shared responsibility for what happened. Do not blame each other, but honestly admit that each of you is responsible for everything that happened in your couple. Calmly discuss what led you to these or those results.

Think about the pleasant moments you spent together. Think about why you felt good, what actions and thoughts led to this. Thank each other for the time together and for the experiences (positive and negative) each one has.

If both partners sincerely and with an open heart approach the healing of the relationship, karmic zeroing will occur, and you can start from scratch.

Discuss your plans for the future, think about how you can refresh your relationship: perhaps it is a joint vacation or a trip to nature, updating the interior of your home, a new joint hobby. This will bring you closer after zeroing. Agree on the rules: for example, no longer reproach each other, give everyone personal space and time, not mention unpleasant events of the past (if the situation has already been resolved and feelings have been worked out), give up bad habits, etc.

One final tip: talk to each other! It sounds simple, but from omissions, hints, misunderstanding is born, a wall appears between partners. It can only be destroyed by a word. Discuss with each other your feelings, emotions, talk about what worries you or, on the contrary, makes you happy. If something does not suit you, tell your partner about it, but not with reproach, but in a calm voice. And be ready to listen and accept what your partner tells you. Relationships are work, and if you don’t invest in them, you shouldn’t expect a good result.

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