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Karmic debt. How to calculate it by date of birth


Karmic debt follows us from our past incarnations, and if we do not pay them off, we may experience serious difficulties on our life path. To understand how to calculate karmic debt by date of birth, and find out how you can settle it, you need to turn to numerology. If you have a few minutes of free time, we suggest that you get a notebook and a pencil to calculate your debt and learn you karmic tasks. Share your results in the comments and let’s discuss if it reflects your life or if it revealed something new for you.

Karmic debt can be calculated by your date of birth. You just add up all digits in your date of birth to a two-digit number. We do it as follows. A person was born on September 7, 1982. We write out all the numbers in a row and add them up: 7 + 9 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 2 = 36. The karmic code for this date of birth is 36.

Please note: if after the calculation you get a number less than 10 or more than 49, then numerology speaks of such “lucky ones” as people without karmic debts! In other words, paying off karmic debts is not your task for this incarnation. It is important to take care of living in peace with yourself and the people around you, to perform good deeds.

And for those who has karmic debts in their fate we propose to consider what exactly needs to be done in this life in order to clear them off.


How to calculate karmic debt by date of birth: karmic numbers

10 – Numerologists assure that you are very lucky! You have a good karma. In a past life, you committed no offenses or crimes and most likely your job was physical.

Advice: How to find out your karma by date of birth, if you get ten? You have nothing to worry about. You can easily build a career, you can start a family and offspring.

11 – You have made many mistakes. Your karma is full of betrayals and law violations.

Advice: Serious power examination awaits you. You are too naive. Before you succumb to someone’s urging, try to analyze the situation and never rush! Learn to observe situations and analyze people around you!

12 – This is a tricky number. How to find out your karmic debt if in a past life you were a rebel or a terrorist?

Advice: Given that your life path will not be strewn with flowers, you will have to adapt to the circumstances. 12 have a difficult fate – such people often become victims of manipulators. We advise you to keep your ears open all the time so as not to adapt to those around you. Learn to build personal boundaries and not be led.

13 – You spent the life constantly dreaming of freedom, because you were a prisoner. In this life, your dreams have come true – your life will be free and fun!

Advice: You will be haunted by changes, relocations, transformations. Better to relax and stop being anxious about it. Your life is like a roller coaster, but isn’t it a cool attraction?

14 – Your past life was cut short by an accident, you might be a warrior or sailor.

Advice: Don’t tempt the fate! Extreme is not a part of your personality.


15 – You are a very beautiful and creative person who in a past life sold your talent, and maybe even your body, for money. Natural charisma allows you to achieve a lot!

Advice: What is your karma by date of birth, if your number is 15? You use charm to achieve your goals. Fate will bring some luck, but you should not resort to fraud and deception. Stay away from earning bad karma.

16 – Your past life was truly royal! Being a crowned person or a nobleman, you were distinguished by a stern disposition. In this life, you have to pay off for the past luxury and excessive cruelty.

Advice: Your motto should be the saying “Think twice before you act”! If you rush and act emotionally you get negative consequences awaiting you.

17 – Your past life was difficult, full of suffering and hardship. In this life, fate gives you compensation – great love and almost perfect partnerships!

Advice: Relationships with the opposite sex will be easy and joyful. In business and any partnership projects, you will be lucky.


18 – The karma provides that your life has been devoted to witchcraft, this is a heavy karma that you have to work off.

Advice: You already know that your character can hardly be called easy. People with similar karma are typical rebels. Be careful with your competitors and enemies, they are much more dangerous than you think! You better to build a personal natal chart and see what signs and planets you have located in the house of enemies.

19 – In a past life, you were an eternal wanderer, without children and loved ones

Advice: Take care of raising your children. They are your strength, success and recognition.

20 – Your life has been all about money as you were a financier or a banker. You do not see your existence without a set of goals, but the fate sends you all kinds of obstacles on your way.

Advice: What is the karmic destination for the 20? Everything is simple here – be kind, do charity work, spiritual practices, and it will be easier for you to go towards your goals.

21 – You were a blacksmith and enjoyed great prestige! The karmic number 21 is the number of victory. Your whole life will be like a stadium. Almost every battle will end in your convincing victory.

Advice: Your main enemy is discouragement. Do not sit around and you will succeed!

22 – You managed to do a lot of small dirty tricks because you were a pickpocket. For this, fate has rewarded you with a difficult fate – you are a dreamer who finds it very difficult to see the world as it is.

Advice: Get out of your ivory castle! This ensures that you make fewer missteps in your relationships with people and the world.

23 – Your life has been dedicated to creating beautiful outfits. You gave women beauty, joy, self-confidence. Therefore, karma has awarded you with the protection of higher powers. Good luck accompanies all endeavors, be it career or personal life.

Advice: You have the potential of magical properties, you just have to want and all your desires are fulfilled. Don’t waste this talent on trifles, but rather help those who need support. In this way, you will build good karma for yourself.


24 – You dedicated your past life to creating the images of saints, you were an icon painter. It is clear that the answer to the question “How to calculate karmic debt by date of birth for the number 24?” lies on the surface! You need to keep doing good!

Advice: The space will generously support you in any endeavor. Your future is bright and clear. Do not waste potential on irrelevant things, and even more so, do not tempt the space by engaging in fraud and increasing your karmic debt.

25 – In a past life, you were an eastern caliph and spent a lot of time wandering. Your main task is to learn all your life.

Advice: The first half of life will be a true test of strength for you. In the second half, you will be able to correct your mistakes and find harmony.

26 – Your past life was devoted to the study of medicine, you were a doctor, but you made many unforgivable mistakes. Human life is very valuable for the Universe, so in this incarnation you will have to pay for your omissions.

Advice: Life has prepared many challenges for you. All you can do is withdraw into yourself, listen to your intuition and not act against your inner voice.

27 – You were loved in marriage, and you devoted your career to science. You were an astrologer or a philosopher. Numerologists promise a happy life, full of “works of the righteous.”

Advice: rely on your intelligence, actively develop it. This is one of the main goals of your incarnation. Your kind heart will be rewarded handsomely. The time of this “take-off” is after 36 years.

28 – In a past life, you committed suicide, presumably due to unhappy love. In this life, you rebel against the “framework” and social restrictions.

Advice: When dealing with injustice, be careful, take care of yourself. Your future can hardly be called cloudless, perhaps it is worth changing your attitude to the situation?

29 – Your life has been devoted to trading, and not always fair. In this life, you will have to deal with deception and betrayal.

Advice: Dedicating your life to finding your soul mate will make your journey easier. Otherwise, you can become a hermit, leave the world.


30 – The former life was devoted to creativity. You were either a poet or a prose writer and had problems with drugs and alcohol.

Advice: You are very smart, you should not waste time chasing fame and material wealth. Dedicating yourself to serving people will give you true happiness and satisfaction.

31 – Your past life was bohemian: theater, female fans, many illegitimate children. In this incarnation, you choose loneliness.

Advice: You know perfectly well that love, like money, is not the main thing. Dedicate yourself to spiritual development, in this you will achieve realization.

32 – You dedicated your life to wandering, did not have either a spouse or offspring. In this life you are active, filled with enthusiasm and determination.

Advice: Talk less about your aspirations, then your plans are destined to come true!

33 – You spent your life at the court of the greatest rulers as an influential magician. Your future guarantees success in love affairs.

Advice: Develop the gift of a guru, teacher, sage. It is inherent in you from birth.

34 – Your life was short, but full of feats of arms. You died as a knight on the battlefield.

Advice: The first half of life brings you trials and tribulations. After 36 years, you will have a lot of opportunities: luck in the financial field, a happy personal life and sincere love of children.

35 – You devoted yourself to show business and succeeded in this area, however, you were not happy in love. In this life, you need to listen to your intuition and not believe what the “well-wishers” tell you.

Advice: Do not lend, bring up children in love, but in severity. Save money for a financial cushion.

36 – Numerologists say that in the past incarnation you were either a convict or a warden in a prison. In this life you will achieve everything on your own, no “miracles from Heaven”!

Advice: With the right effort, you can build a successful career despite the karmic debt. We advise you to draw up a natal chart and explore the house of your own efforts. The position of the planets and signs in it will tell you in what area money and successful implementation will come to you.

37 – For those who were in a past life a preacher or a hermit or a loving mother of a family, all karmic debts are canceled! A happy personal life and loyal friends await you in this life.

Advice: Enjoy life and give love to those who need it.

38 – In a past life, you were a courtesan and often deceived your patrons using your magnetic charm.

Advice: Don’t completely trust your business partners. Your motto: “Do not believe in words, but believe in deeds!”


39 – As a gambler, you have ruined many with your partner on the card table. In this life, you suffer from envy.

Advice: You have a powerful intellect, which means you will be able to reconfigure your consciousness. Try not to envy anyone and appreciate what you have. Take care of your health and give up any bad habits!

40 – You were a writer, and even a real Casanova! In this life you are a hermit immersed in yourself.

Advice: If you want to achieve mutual understanding with the world around you, try to move your Self to the background. Selfishness and unwillingness to listen to your loved ones can hinder you.

41 – About your incarnation in the past can be said in two words “Femme fatale”. In this life, you are also surrounded by a retinue of fans / female fans.

Advice: Try to keep your plans to yourself, do not brag about victories and achievements once again.

42 – You lived your past life as a man who loves to eat well and enjoy other carnal pleasures.

Advice: You look at life in a practical way. Thanks to your intelligence and strategic intelligence, you will achieve business success. But in your personal life you will have to show tolerance and diplomacy.

43 – You were a queen who lost her life because of her husband’s betrayal. Your life is not easy and free of problems. You may suffer from conflicts with work colleagues.

Advice: Despite the test of fate, keep the course positive. The more good you do, the easier it will be to deal with karmic difficulties.

44 – In a previous incarnation, you suffered from betrayal of your other half and spent money uncontrollably. In this life, you received a powerful intuition as a gift!

Advice: An inner voice always warns you of any danger, you should not ignore it.

45 – You were a doctor who was able to save many patients. The first half of life will be filled with difficulties and tests of strength, the second – wealth and prosperity.

Advice: Use your powerful intellect and work tirelessly. Any effort will pay off handsomely.

46 – You died heroically on the battlefield, leading an entire army, which earned you glory and honor. In this life, you will receive love from the opposite sex and happy family relationships.

Advice: It is imperative to conclude a marriage of mutual love and consent! A marriage created under different conditions will not make you happy.

47 – You were a schema monk, a hermit, a sadhu and spent your life in austerity and seclusion. In this life, you strive for publicity and communication.

Advice: Not all of your friends are sincere in their actions and words, be vigilant to avoid deception and disappointment in people.

48 – Your life has been associated with the manufacture of weapons. You have a powerful leadership potential. You have a developed mind and ability to make money.

Advice: You are good at being realized in politics, sports, military affairs. The career will be successful and fast.

49 – You were a public figure, politician or preacher. You are indifferent to the success and fame in this incarnation.

Advice: The greatest happiness for you is a measured life with your family, creativity, creativity, raising children.

Now you know how to calculate karmic debt by date of birth using numerology. Remember that this information is very superficial. In order to find out exactly who you were in a past life, what karmic tasks exist for this incarnation, and how to change your life by following simple recommendations, it is important to study astrology! All this information is in your natal chart! It is in it that the secrets of how to improve your life are hidden.

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