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Karma of Infertility: Causes and What Is To Be Done?


Any serious illness as well as the serious problem that cannot be solved for years is considered karmic in Vedic astrology. This also applies to infertility karma, when a couple, having undergone all types of examinations and treatments, cannot have a child. How does infertility karma happens and what is to be done? Let’s discuss it this article. 

Karma of Infertility: Causes and What Is To Be Done?

The peculiarity of karmic problems is that they can “get” us for the sins of a past life. However, it is likely that the “fruit of karma” is ripening for some actions in this life. First, it concerns abortions, which are considered as infanticide. Payment for such a karmic crime may occur in this life.

It often happens that, having made an abortion in young age a woman cannot get pregnant at a conscious age. Or but miscarriage occurs after getting pregnant. Moreover, doctors can shrug their shoulders since there were no medical prerequisites for this.

Is it possible to tone down the karma of infertility and finally become happy parents? Yes, it is possible, but first you need to learn this spiritual lesson. It is about understanding the importance of Life, its infinite value.

How to understand that this is infertility karma and not a medical problem?

It comes to a karmic lesson when the treatment of infertility fails to nothing year after year. It also happens that there are no medical concerns but still a couple fails to conceive a child.

For this very reason, there is no need to straightly diagnose yourself with infertility karma, but to visit a doctor first; undergo a therapy, change the environment and start a healthy lifestyle. And if all this does not work, it is worth to try spiritual ways to soften karma.

What to do with infertility karma?

There are several useful tips helping you to become happy parents.  However beware that, they do not work fast! You will have to go through the spiritual path of awareness, purification and trust in the world.

Following Ekadashi. The Vedic writings say that those who have difficulty in conceiving children or pregnancy need to take austerity, following the Ekadashi. Moreover, it is desirable on these days to fast and drink only water.

  • Performing upaya for the moon. The moon gives happy motherhood, therefore, it is very important for a woman to harmonize this planet. The main upaya for the Moon is to maintain good relations with mother throughout life, to take care of her. It is also very useful to wear white/light clothes on Mondays, walk around the water reservoirs, drink milk, read the mantra to the Moon.
  • Caring for other children, donations, adoption. A very important practice that helps to quickly tone down the infertility karma is adopt a child.  Often such couples then conceive their own child. You can also take care of the children in the orphanage, make donations, help them with good deeds, and visit regularly.
  • Mantras also help.


Mantra gives hope even to those couples who have long been desperate. It is necessary to read it for a long time, 108 times a day, having previously voiced an intention. Reading this mantra result in the inception of the desired child and the safe gestation of pregnancy.

Santana Gopal mantra also helps; it is a short prayer that has amazing strength and powerful energy. Gadadhara Pandit mentions it in the book, where he explains that this mantra is very popular throughout India. He recommends to use it  to anyone who wants to have a baby!





This mantra is translated as follows: “O Devaki-suta is the son of Devaki! O Govinda is the master of senses! O Vasudeva -is the Supreme Lord! Oh Jagat-pateh is the Lord of the World! Oh almighty Lord Krishna, please bless me with a child, you are my only refuge! ”

Reading this mantra every day 108 times contributes to the conception and good course of pregnancy. The reading period is at least 100 days, but better longer.

Use all these methods and you will be blessed with a desired child

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