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Jyotish Natal Chart online: how to build and read it


Find out your present and future by building your personal horoscope. How to look at unfavorable and successful periods of life? What profession suits you best? How to reveal your talents and make money with it? The Jyotish natal chart tells you all of that, and it is very simple to draw it up! How to read a natal chart yourself? Find out in this article.

Every astrologer begins any consultation with drawing up a client’s natal chart. If this does not happen, you should stop the consultation and claim your payment back.

The natal chart is your stellar passport based on the date, time and place of your birth.

The astrological chart shows the position of planets at the moment of your birth. Without knowledge of the natal chart, it is impossible to talk about the astrological forecast in principle, so it is important to be able to interpret your natal chart at least at the beginner’s level.

The fate chart is the basis of a person’s horoscope. It contains knowledge about what data you have come to your current incarnation, what opportunities you have and what events should happen to you throughout your life.

You can build a natal chart online, but that’s not enough. It is important to be able to read and understand it. By reading your Vedic horoscope you will learn a lot of interesting things about yourself and your fate such as:

  • understand the traits of your personality;
  • learn your destiny and the Path;
  • what are your karmic tasks for the current incarnation;
  • what kind of partner you need and how to build a relationship with him;
  • what kind of family can you build and will you have children;
  • what qualities you need to develop to be successful;
  • what profession has the biggest potential for you;
  • what are the best sources of income for you.

As you may see, the natal chart provides you not just a basic information about yourself for free, but also gain valuable knowledge on how to live a truly happy life. And now you will learn how to compose your natal Jyotish horoscope and interpret it.


Natal chart in Vedic astrology

First, a little theory. Jyotish is a Vedic astrology that has a long history. It involves 9 planets or Grahas (Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu). All these planets are located unalike on the natal chart of each person and affect different aspects of life, personality, actions, inclinations.

By studying the Jyotish, you get a chance not only to know yourself and your destiny better: past, present and future, but also to work through karma so that luck and success come in life.

Note! Vedic astrology considers influence of only 9 planets, while Western astrology also uses Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. This is the main difference between Vedic and Western astrology.

How to calculate a Jyotish natal chart: where and how to draw it up?

To build a natal chart follow the link to Prokerala website and enter your data:


date and time of birth;

place of Birth;

chart type – North Indian


Here is a Vedic natal chart ready, it is fast and easy to do. Now let us tell you how to do the analysis yourself.

After you have learned how to build a natal chart, it is important to calculate your ascendant sign. It will differ from your usual zodiac sign and will most accurately tell you about your personality.

How to read a natal chart and learn more about yourself?

So, the Vedic natal chart has been drawn up, and you see a large outlined rectangle with 12 houses. The most important and significant is the 1st house, Lagna, it describes your personality, character, health.


All the horoscope houses and their meanings

In addition to the numbers in the cells of the houses, you will see the designations of the planets that are there. The location of the planets in the houses is different for each person! In one house there may be one or several planets, or there may not be them at all. This is completely normal and does not indicate your limitations or failure!

Vedic astrology: natal chart online with decoding

How to read a natal chart: what the horoscope houses will tell you about

Before you learn how to read a natal chart yourself, it’s important to decipher the concept of houses.

This is what each house of the horoscope is responsible for:

House 1 personality, body, health, character
House 2 material well-being
House 3 efforts house. Brothers and sisters
House 4 mother’s house, emotions, happiness in life
House 5 your children, intellect, education and creativity
House 6 the house of diseases, enemies and other obstacles in your life
House 7 matrimony and spouse
House 8 longevity and intuition
House 9 luck
House 10 career
House 11 responsible for fulfilling desires
House 12 house of outcomes and losses

As you see, all the main aspects of your life are represented in the natal chart. And you can find out the details for each house. For example, in the first house you can see what diseases there is a predisposition, in the second – how rich you will be, in the 5th – how many children you will have, and how they will treat you.

The best houses are considered to be 1, 5, 9 (houses of tricons), it is very good to have planets here. 6, 8, 12 houses are the unfavorable houses of dusthana, where influence of any planet is damaged.


How to calculate Lagnesha? Your Jyotish horoscope

Lagnesha is the host planet of the most important first house of the horoscope. Often a lot depends on the position of the Lagnesha, because he may be in a completely different house. Interpretations on the natal chart can be very different if we do not take into account the position of Lagnesha. For example, if in the first house you have no planets, then it is important to calculate Lagnesha and determine its position.

We will need our Jyotish map again. So, we look at the number in the corner of the first house. This is a zodiac sign, where 1 – Aries, 2-Taurus, 3 – Gemini, 4 – Cancer, 5 – Leo, 6 – Virgo, 7 – Libra, 8 – Scorpio, 9 – Sagittarius, 10 – Capricorn, 11 – Aquarius, 12 – Fish.

In our example, this is the number 4, that is, Cancer.

Now look at the table below to determine Lagnesha.

Aries Mars
Scorpio Mars
Taurus Venus
Libra Venus
Gemini Mercury
Virgo Mercury
Cancer Moon
Lion Sun
Sagittarius Jupiter
Pisces Jupiter
Capricorn Saturn
Aquarius Saturn

Let’s take an example.


Here we see that the planet ruling by the sign of Cancer (4) is Moon (see the table above). This will be our Lagnesha. It is in the 5th house – the house of children and intellectual abilities.

The best position for Lagnesha is considered the 9th house. It develops the best qualities in the person.

Next, we look at what Venus symbolizes in order to understand what character traits will prevail in a person. It is also important to watch how strong and weak planets affect your life.

Natal chart reading: what else do you need to know?

Reading articles on decoding a natal chart, you will surely come across the following important terms:

The planet is in exaltation – it is in its best position and manifests its good qualities easily and freely.

Moolathrikona – “royal degree”, also a good position of the planets, but slightly weaker than exaltation.

A planet in its own sign – a good position of the planet, but worse than a Moolathrikona, the planet shows both good and unfavorable influences.

The planet is in debilitation (debilitation), falling – the planet feels worst of all, it is devoid of strength, carries negative manifestations.

The natal chart of Jyotish will definitely indicate which planet is exalted and which one is debilitated.

If at your birth the planet moved retrograde (backward), then the map will have an R icon next to this planet. Retrograde motion changes the qualities of the planets and brings its own characteristics to your horoscope!


How to find out love compatibility by the natal chart?

There are several ways to find out compatibility on a Jyotish natal chart, and for higher accuracy it is better to use them all together.

The first way is to look at what sign the Moon is in in the natal chart of each partner and, based on this, see how they fit together.

The second way – you will need a Jyotish natal chart again, compatibility should be checked by the ascending sign of partners.

And the third option is to draw up a natal chart online for each of the partners and superimpose them on top of each other in order to compare the indicators: the position of Mars and Venus, the presence of Kuja-Dosha (Mars defect), what period is each partner now, etc.

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