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How to keep family relationship? Close-knit family rules.


How families are created in in these latter days? Scenarios are usually simple: people meet, marry, have children, or just live together and enter into marriage when they have children.

However, everything was different in the days of old, in the Vedic tradition! Before creating a family, a boy and a girl and sometimes their parents consulted with an astrologer.

To what end? First, to assess their compatibility, understand how strong and successful the union will be before having children. The second issue that the astrologer solved was the selection of the best wedding date, which helped to attract the maximum of favorable energies of the year, day and hour. As a result, the families were strong with many children and there were few divorces and separations.

But this was then, and now many of you often question – how to maintain family relationship? How to nullify conflicts and protect your family from divorce? Let’s get this straightened!

“A husband is a milk-toast and a wife is viper”   

Think about how you speak of your partner. How do you estimate him in your thoughts and words? If your husband, according to your words is a “milk-toast”, lazy and alcoholic, then he will fully accord with your expectations! You get what you expect!

You scold and nag at your husband? Does it help you? If not, then the first rule is as follows: try, by way of a change, to praise and inspire your partner, incite him to do some small “feats”, give up criticism!

Vedic astrology emphasizes that it is important for a woman to develop such qualities as tenderness, loyalty, femininity, mildness, ability to devote herself to a man instead of aggressiveness and pusher attitude. 

By the way, with the help of Vedic astrology, you can at once predict how successful your marriage will be. Will the partner support you, can you grow spiritually, intellectually and financially in this union? Or, on the contrary, accumulate debts, worsen health, change several professions? We teach finding answers to all these questions in our school of Vedic astrology Lakshmi.

What should be done if you have conflicts with your partner?

Sometimes such scenarios occur: a couple dated for some time and a man was a pure gold when they got married they started to fight and get in conflict. What is the matter here? According to the laws of Vedic astrology, the marriage partner is your main “Karmic Teacher”, it reflects your dark sides and negative qualities of character. It is the person who encourages you to change, to take the spiritual path, to grow.

Therefore, the rule here is – thank your partner (can be done silently) for showing you what should be changed in you. Listen to his words. Do not immediately stand up to him, do not blow up, reflect upon such a “lesson” and try to change. Then the partner will automatically change in reverse.

Do you respect you partner’s parents?

Another important rule concerns parents. It is crucially important for a wife to respect and support the husband’s parents, sometimes to take care of them even more than of own parents.  The same goes for a husband!

Having good relations with the parents from both sides is beneficial as the mansion of good luck and the mansion of movable and immovable assets of the horoscope are strengthened. If you have strained relations with father-in-law, father-in-law and mother-in-law, then these mansions are blocked, fortune gradually leaves such a family, and there are fewer large acquisitions.

Be polite, friendly, help parents and your family will be blessed with luck and love!

Happy together 

Do you go out together with the whole family? You will probably tell that you have no time and you are overwhelmed with work. 

These are also very important rules of a strong family: to go out, eat and celebrate together! Even if everyone is busy, you need to choose the time and go out for walk at least for half an hour every day and then have dinner together at the same table. And of course, do not forget about anniversaries, birthdays, which need to be celebrated together.

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