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How to find your life’s purpose and discover talents through Vedic astrology


Iron rusts from disuse, water loses its purity from stagnation; even so does inaction sap the vigors of the mind, so Leonardo da Vinci thought in his day. A person, who doesn’t know his life’s purpose is unhappy and lost. Imagine what would happen to some of the greatest artists and inventors, if they at one time would not have revealed their talents and began to do something else, let’s say construction. Surely, they would have succeeded, but could this possibly made them happy? And how many works of art would we lose?

Perhaps this is an extreme analogy. Then let’s think of the following: a person spends half a day at work; this is 50 percent of life, maybe a little less. And if he/she is doing something that does not bring him/her satisfaction, happiness, a large income? Surely, this feeling is familiar to you: when you force yourself to go to work, you live from weekends to weekends; you count the hours until the end of the working day. However, you want to enjoy your work, see the result, be proud of your achievements, earn some good money and be eager to go to work every day, anticipating every task that you have to accomplish. Is this not happiness? Enjoying life not only in your free time, but also at work. You can also read about searching for life purpose in this article.

Now imagine, how many hidden talents do you have? Maybe you just didn’t try and don’t know about them. However when it comes to trying something new you don’t have time, money, desire. But what if you try learn something to what you potential for, and not only enjoy new hobby, but also receive additional (or even basic) income for it?

And here you can turn to Vedic astrology, which will help you to define your purpose, talents, qualities and skills. Thus, it will be easy for you to understand which job is worth to devote your life to.

How to find your life’s purpose with the help of Vedic astrology

  1. First, it is necessary to analyze the qualities of a person. Then a patronizing planet and an ascendant are defined. With this information, it is possible to see what does a person has an aptitude for on the basis of his strengths. Find your ascendant. 
  2. The cast of a person is defined using numerology. There are 4 casts: Brahmins (sages), Kshatriyas (leaders), Vaisyas (merchants) and Sudras (artisans). Each cast has its own characteristics in terms of occupation and skills. Having defined your cast, you will learn about your potential, where you need to direct all your energy to achieve success. If, for example, your planet is Mercury and you are Vaishya by cast, you have a well developed speech, oratorical skills, you know how to persuade, sell, teach. It appears from this that you will make a good coach, speaker, blogger. Define your cast. 
  3. The 10th mansion and the position of the planets are examined in a personal map. The 10th mansion is responsible for career, profession, fame, position in society, credibility, growth. In this very mansion, even unfavorable planets flourish and strong qualities appear, if a planet is not in a weakening sign. Here you can determine how successful a person will be, whether he/she will become famous, whether he/she will be popular, or is career growth to be expected. In order to accurately determine the possible profession, you need to carefully analyze the position of the moon and other planets. This, by the way, we teach this in the school of astrology Lakshmi. If, for example, it turns out that you have a weak 10th mansion, you will need to work on yourself.
  4. Look at the 2nd (profit) and 11th (savings) mansions. Here you can find out what specific activities will bring you high income. There is no need to run your business, supervise a large amount of people if you do not have a right predisposition. Perhaps you have clever pair of hands and you can make unique furniture. You just don’t know about it yet.
  5. The lines of the palms are analyzed, by which it can be determined whether a person is heading in the right direction – to his destination, whether he/she  follows his/her vocation, in order to understand what should be done next.  

Tips for finding a life’s purpose 

1. Develop your strengths that will help you to approach to your destination;

Engage in self-development. Read the literature on personal development, watch trainings, and take part in workshops of interest; 

3. Don’t be afraid. Be confident in yourself and your abilities. If you understand that, what you are doing is not your cup of tea, start searching for your own path. Do not limit your abilities.

4. Childhood. Perhaps when you were a child, parents limited your talents. For example, you had the aptitude to pay violin but you parents has disregarded this ability saying that you need to get a higher economic education. Thus, this talent remained unrealized. Do not limit the talents of your children, encourage them.

  • Do something selflessly at least once a week. Golden karmic rule: give in order to take 
  • Learn to live for the now. Do everything with love, selflessly, help people. Then the Universe will help you to be in its flow. You will get what you want. The luck and success awaits you. 
  •  Increase energy levels. Read mantras, meditate, and practice special techniques.

If you are interested in this topic and you want to analyze yourself in order to find your destination, send us your full name, date, time and city of birth, as well as photos of your hand from all angles.

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