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How to Choose Baby Name: Astrological Names By Month


Learn how to choose astrological names for your kids to make them happy.

Being blessed with a baby is the feeling nothing could replace in this world. There are so many things to look upon when you become a parent. One of those is choosing your baby鈥檚 name. Every parent wants their baby鈥檚 name to be unique and meaningful so they are looking for suggestions from everyone around them.

A great idea is to select your baby鈥檚 name based on astrology. Well, most of us are familiar with astrology in terms of just horoscopes but astrology is a vast subject. It includes various aspects of life and could help name your baby according to the month of birth.

Astrology is the study of different astronomical objects and their effect on our lives. It is believed that astrology names directly affect the personality of the child and could be the cause of certain personality traits.

Astrological names are usually based on the date of birth and horoscope of the child. Believers of astrology strongly believe that astrology names have a deep connection with the good luck and bad luck of the person for the entire life.

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Why it鈥檚 important to check astrological charts when choosing a baby names

Naming the baby is one of the biggest decisions and it is going to affect the child for a lifetime. While you spend all the pregnancy period thinking and planning about the baby, take some time and do thorough research on baby names. Consider babies horoscopes according to your due date and shortlist some astrological names too.

It is said that the presence of different astronomical objects at the time of birth has a great impact on a person鈥檚 life. Their traits and personality are strongly by the movement of these objects such as the sun. so try to check astrological charts before you finalize a name for your beloved baby as it is going to have a great impact on the rest of his or her life.

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Baby boy astrological names by month suggestions

Here are some astrological name suggestions for baby boys based on their month of birth. I hope it will be helpful for you to select a unique and cute name for your boy.


January is the month of happy New Year. So the name of the baby born in January has a joyful and energetic name. Some January baby boy names are listed below.

路         Alexander

路         Harry

路         Jerome

路         Benjamin

路         Adam

路         Clay

路         Felix

路         Franklin

路         Martin

路         Paul


February is the month of valentine so the baby鈥檚 name should be loving. Here are some suggestions.

路         Valentine

路         David

路         George

路         Lincoln

路         Ronald

路         Romeo

路         Ash

路         Blaise

路         Jedidiah


Some March baby boy names are listed below for you.

路         Chance

路         Connor

路         Aidan

路         Oscar

路         Reed

路         William

路         Marcus

路         Patrick

路         Finn


April is the month of spring so the name of the baby born in April should be soothing and calm. We have some suggestions for you.

路         Adam

路         Aries

路         Beech

路         Bartlett

路         Booker

路         Carson

路         Oliver

路         Peter


Some astrology names for your May baby are below. You can select one from the list.

路         Noah

路         Charlie

路         Harry

路         Alfie

路         Freddie

路         Emerson

路         Addison

路         Derby


Are you due in June and worried about the name of the coming baby? Don鈥檛 be worried. Choose the perfect name based on the zodiac sign from here.

路         Junius

路         Juniper

路         Jared

路         Nikko

路         Calinda

路         Sorley

路         Rome


As we all know July is a pure summer month, the name of the kid coming in summer should be summer-inspired too. Here are a few suggestions.

路         Lark

路         Taylor

路         Tom

路         Ernest

路         Leo

路         Julian

路         John

路         Marshall

路         Neil


Some ideas about your baby’s name born in August, based on astrology are given below. Have a look and choose your favorite.

路         Augustine

路         Aiden

路         David

路         Napoleon

路         Alfred

路         August

路         Fleming

路         Francis

路         Lionel


We have compiled some classic names for your baby born or due in September. It will help you a lot in the naming process. Here you go.

路         Harry

路         Walter

路         Mark

路         Indigo

路         Seven

路         Murray

路         Gregorian

路         Septimus


Here a list of some October names based on zodiac signs and astrology. You will surely love it.

路         Jimmy

路         Odis

路         Bonnie

路         Walter

路         Andrew

路         Carson

路         Jackson

路         Jonas

路         Keats


Name your baby born in November from the names listed below. Everyone will be going to love the name for sure.

路         Jayden

路         Rory

路         Hawk

路         Leonard

路         Charles

路         Hubert

路         Virgil

路         Winston

路         Thursday


December is the month of Christmas and holidays. It is definitely the most exciting time of the year. So name your December babies with the exciting names mentioned here.

路         Bruce

路         Clement

路         Frost

路         Bowman

路         Christian

路         December

路         Joseph

路         Kane

路         Michael

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Baby Girl astrological names by month suggestions

Some of the cute baby girl names based on numerology and according to astrology are discussed below to decide on naming your baby girl easy for you. You can shortlist some of them and select one which you like the most.


Some unique and stunning baby girl names born in January are as below.

路         Eve:

路         Nova

路         Angela:

路         Aurora

路         Garnet

路         Nina

路         Camellia

路         Hana

路         Marcelina


February is the month of love so as the kids born in February. Here are some cute and adorable baby girl names according to astrology.

路         Juliet

路         Rosa

路         Laura

路         Darcy

路         Venus

路         Violet

路         Kalila


Here are some classic and trendy names for your child born or due in March. Have a look and select which you like the most.

路         Clover

路         Molly

路         Nora

路         Marina

路         Willow

路         Erin

路         Felicia

路         River


It is good to look for astrological names before finalizing the name of your child. Some April names of baby girls are listed here.

路         Anastasia

路         Charlotte

路         Damica

路         Daisy

路         Flora

路         Zita

路         Taura


Some cute and perfect names for May babies according to the astrology calculator are mentioned here for your convenience.

路         Ella

路         Olivia

路         Emily

路         Isabella

路         Victoria

路         Marry

路         Maya

路         Poppy


Baby鈥檚 horoscope influences their life a lot, as their name. Here are a few names for babies born in June.

路         Gemma

路         June

路         Pearl

路         Iggy

路         Margot

路         Lena

路         Cleopatra

路         Selene


Name astrology is a real thing and should be considered while naming the baby. Have a look at these July names.

路         Julie

路         Ruby

路         July

路         Enya

路         Susanna

路         Zoe

路         America

路         Julia

路         Henry


August babies’ names are listed here for you to select one for your baby.

路         Augusta

路         Peridot

路         Aria

路         Charlize

路         Lucy

路         Oriana

路         Teresa

路         Virginia

路         Viola


These are a few astrology baby names for September babies according to their zodiac sign.

路         Aster

路         Agatha

路         Medi

路         Arista

路         Ember

路         Honey

路         Jane

路         Nova

路         Pamela


Some of the October baby name suggestions are here for you.

路         Sabrina

路         Tavia

路         Annona

路         Margaret

路         Rosemary

路         Octavia

路         Opal

路         Hazel


Some unique and cute baby girl astrological names according to November are suggested below.

路         Sylvia

路         Elizabeth

路         Hilda

路         Nova

路         Flora

路         Georgia

路         Ivara

路         Amabel


And last but not least, here are certain December baby girl name suggestions.

路         Barbara

路         Helen

路         Stella

路         Hannah

路         Lucy

路         Natalia

路         Susan

路         Sarah

路         Natasha

astrology names


You might not have faith in astrology but it has some connection with human nature and personality. So this factor should not be ignored while naming your babies. Go through our list of astrological names for every month and name your child according to his or her zodiac sign.

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