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How to choose a suitable date for wedding?


In Vedic astrology, it is commonly believed that choosing the right date for wedding is the key to   the strong and happy marriage. If past experience is anything to go by, many unhappy couples were united in marriage in an unfavorable period from the point of view of Vedic astrology. Such unions were followed by divorces, constant scandals and quarrels. What could be possibly made to avoid it? The answer to that question is calculation of the correct wedding date so that the marriage is harmonious and happy. Also with the help of astrology, you can find out how many children your couple will have, what social status awaits you, how to avoid marriage problems and much more.

Marriage recommendations 

Selection of mansion 

1, 2, 4, 8 and 11th mansions are connected with family and marriage.

The first mansion accounts for physical body, life expectancy, happiness, sense of peace.

The second mansion accounts for family and speech.

The fourth mansion is accounts for the house, mother, and harmony.

The eighth mansion accounts for the possible collapse of the marriage, emotional distress, widowhood, divorce

The twelfth mansion accounts for the psychological state, the loss of a wife or husband.

All the planets that are located at a certain point in one of these mansions are taken into consideration. Some planets will contribute to a strong marriage and some planets can destroy it. Therefore, it is necessary that the favorable planets are located in the above indicated mansion at the time of marriage conclusion.

It is also possible to define how soon you will get married analyzing the position of these planets   against these mansions. For example, if the Sun or Saturn are in first of second mansions you will not marry soon. Venus and Rahu, on the contrary, bring the prospect of marriage closer.


Characteristics of the planets in various mansions

Planets in the 1st mansion: Mercury brings glory, Jupiter and Venus prolong life and endow couple with a perfect character, Rahu and Ketu can create difficulties with the birth of children.

Planets in the 2nd mansion: The moon in the 2nd mansion has a beneficial effect on the birth of children, this means that the birth of a child can be expected very soon; Mercury and Jupiter give financial prosperity; Venus endows the bride with a happy life.

Planets in 3rd mansion: Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter or Venus will bring wealth and many children to a bride. Saturn in the 3rd mansion symbolizes the husband’s constant attraction to his wife, Rahu will bring happiness in marriage.

Planets in 4th mansion: the Moon and Mars can negatively affect the wealth of a couple; Mercury gives a happy life; Jupiter gives prosperity, and Saturn and Rahu have an unfavorable effect on marriage.

Planets in the 5th mansion: Mercury, Jupiter and Venus bestow many children

Planets in the 6th mansion: Mercury will make a couple tight-knit and supporting each other. Rahu will give enduring love but may create financial problems

Planets in the 7th mansion: all the planets in this mansion are unfavorable.

Planets in the 8th mansion: Jupiter and Mercury foreshadow a divorce. Saturn will make the bride rich and loved.

Planets in the 9th mansion: Venus, Sun, Mars and Jupiter will make the couple happy in all senses; Mercury will give the couple sound health.

Planets in the 10th mansion: All planets will favorably affect marriage, except Mars, the Sun, Saturn and Rahu.

Planets in the 11th mansion: the Sun and Mars will endow a couple with sons; Moon, Venus and Saturn symbolize wealth, Jupiter and Rahu grants long life; Mercury – well-being.

Planets in the 12th mansion: Venus – loyalty and devotion to partners, Jupiter – wealth, Mercury – children.

Choosing a wedding date using numerology

It is necessary to calculate the number of fate, number of the name, and the date you have planned for the wedding. How should that be done? You can found out in this article. Each number has its own meaning; it will show whether you have successfully selected a number for marriage or not. Numbers 1, 6, 8 and 9 are favorable for marriage.

Happy marriage according to Vedas 

— “A well chosen date is only the beginning of the journey. In the Vedas it is said that the wife should be ready to follow her husband in everything, sharing all his aspirations and principles, only then their life will be happy. Support, attention and care – this is what will help your marriage to be harmonious and happy.

— Read the mantra for a happy marriage. For example, OM SRI MAHA LAKSHMIYAY NAMAH. This mantra is the worship of the goddess Lakshmi. She is the one who will grant your marriage health, wealth, happiness and wisdom.

— Keep in mind that the joint spiritual development unites and strengthens the marriage bond. Develop and enlighten together, since the spiritual intimacy is something you should look forward for. 

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