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How to become richer and wiser – the harmonization of Jupiter


Did you know that with the help of Vedic astrology, you could determine what qualities you lack and thereby strengthen them in order to succeed in life? This article will tell you how to grow into a sage and stop being an unlucky person. How is this possible? The answer is quite simple: by harmonizing Jupiter in your horoscope or upaya, which means “crafty tools” in Sanskrit. You can enhance the missing qualities of the planet by these methods. So, what is the way to become richer and wiser with the harmonization of Jupiter?

To be going on with, let’s straightened out what does it mean to be unlucky. This is a person who is not respected in a society, nothing works out in his life, who is constantly being deceived which results in financial losses. This is the person with a weak Jupiter. Let’s find out whether you have a weakened Jupiter.

Let’s do a little test.

You have a weak Jupiter if:

  1. It is very difficult for you to achieve respect in society (among colleagues, friends, relatives, classmates, if you suddenly find yourself in an unfamiliar company);
  2. You have rather superficial thinking; you are often accused of lack of maturity;
  3. You often feel anxiety, agitation, uncertainty;
  4. You have absolutely have no intuition. What you think will happen, happens exactly the opposite. You do not understand people;
  5. You consider yourself either too slim or too fat; 
  6. You are often deceived, you constantly bump into scammers;
  7. You fail to succeed financially (small salary, business goes wrong, permanent debts);
  8. You have a rude language, you are intolerant of other religions, you have no morals; 
  9. You have liver and pancreas problems. You have diabetes, hernia, otitis or skin problems.

If at least one point suits you, it means that you have a weakened Jupiterand you need to harmonize it in order to improve your life.

Jupiter or Guru symbolizes wisdom, well-being, spirituality, optimism, good public. This planet represents the highest knowledge, enlightenment. People who have managed to find harmony with Jupiter are lucky, wise, generous, respectful and friendly towards others, they are respected and loved. They always have powerful patrons. They hold important positions in society. They know how to act rationally; they are fair and honest, endowed with different talents. Jupiter accounts for wealth, prosperity and success in all spheres of life. Want to learn how to become richer and wiser? Гармонизируйте эту граху

How to become richer and wiser – the harmonization of Jupiter


  1. Work on yourself. Try to start with respect and friendliness. Be polite to everyone around you, smile. Learn to say thank you even for the little things. Learn to treat people equally regardless of their social status. 
  2. Develop inner spirituality. Perform special spiritual techniques. If you are short of time, then try at least once a week, on Thursdays, which is the day of Jupiter. It would be good to spend this day on spiritual practices or to self-development. Choose a religion of interest, start learning about it, reading sacred books or just information about this religion. You can do meditation, read mantras, prayer practices. Spend the closest vacation to travel to spiritual places, if possible. Take a pilgrimage to holy places. You can go to the Indian ashram, the abode of the sages, where you can do spiritual practices and perform service.
  3. Read the mantra to Jupiter on Thursdays 108 times (Om Gurave Namaha)
  4. Develop generosity. Help the homeless and the needy, engage in charity, make donations to the temples. Do not wait for return, learn to do good selflessly.
  5. Wear yellow sapphire in gold. It can be replaced by zircon, topaz, tourmaline. These are the precious or semiprecious stones of Jupiter. If you are wondering what stones to wear to harmonize other planets, read this article.
  6. Wear clothes of yellow, creamy, beige, golden color.
  7. Eat the following foods: butter, pumpkin, berries, dates, honey, mint, cream, fruit juices.

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