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How I recovered peace of mind and earned 300 thousand in 4 months through astrology


My name is Donna Vallente, and I want to tell you my story. In 2013, I got very serious health problems to that point that I was even assigned a disability. I spent a year in the hospital. For the first six months, I didn’t leave the hospital at all, then I had to learn to walk, stand and sit again – it was very painful and difficult. In my 30s, I realized how hard it is for young children to learn to take their first steps.

When you are confined to your bed there is really nothing else to do except reading books and browse through internet. Then one day I stumbled across an advertisement of the Lakshmi School. I have always had an interest in Vedic astrology and I even read books about it. A few years before I studied Western astrology, and I did not really like it as it seemed superficial, while I wanted to do something more serious.

I contacted the Lakshmi School and found out that the first payment at that time was 15,000 rubles, while my disability allowances was exactly 15 thousand. I really wanted to study, I prayed that I would somehow have the right amount; I didn’t know what to do. For a long time I couldn’t tell the managers of the school about my situation. When they asked me the reason of my reluctance, I told them my story and admitted that I had no idea where I could get this money from. And then they said that the School will enroll me into the course for free! It’s hard to express how happy I felt that moment.


During that specific period of my life, I was miserable. I felt unwanted, I had a small disability allowance, I was bald and felt terrible. I was angry over the whole world, universe, God …

Even during the training, I was aggressive, intimidating towards others, I was often angry at my future husband. Now I understand that no one is to blame. Now I am very ashamed of the way I treated people that were around, and I still often apologize to my husband.

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About the changes in my life

Thanks to astrology course in Lakshmi Ameya, I have come to understand that we are building our own lives; no one will do it for you. I think that I was very lucky – the Universe gave me great and wonderful people on my way: my Lakshmi teachers, people that surround me and of course, my husband.

Peace of mind. I started to analyze my emotions, my words. If before I couldn’t stand when someone was giving me an unkind look, now I feel peace and love in my soul.

Self-acceptance. I used to want to live somewhere else: on the equator, in India, away from here. Now I am glad that I was born here in my family. If everything had gone different, I would not have become the person I am now. Every morning, I thank the supreme powers for what I have today.


Relations with parents. Relations with mom and dad have improved. I applied the knowledge that I acquired in the Lakshmi School and saw the result. Previously, my mother and I used to quarrel all the time, but now we always hug whenever we see each other, and when I visit her, she always cooks delicious meals for me.

Marriage. During the training, I got married. With such a temper I had before, no one would never marry me. And now I often hear from my husband that I am the best wife!

Surrounding. I stopped attracting bad people into my life.  Literally everywhere I see nothing but smiling people. Now I am hanging out with people who don’t eat meat, nor drink alcohol, and we have a lot in common.

Finance. In Lakshmi, I acquired a new profession with decent earning. I finished the master course and my income increased significantly. My husband and I bought an apartment and made a repair using solely my money. And I earned these 300,000 in 4 months of astrological consultations!

Health. My health started to improve. The doctors revoked the 1st group of disability and assigned the 2nd, a milder group. The school gave me motivation, I began to apply these practices, to work on myself. I felt improvement inside myself and started recovering.

If you don’t focus only on negative things that are happening around then nothing negative is attracted in your life. And if you fix your attention to bad things, you attract misery in your life. The same has been happening with me before. Now I have learned to see good around and my life is improving in all aspects!

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