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How I managed to get rid of negative mindset and increased my income by 5 times


Please welcome Ann Radmond, a Vedic astrologer and the graduate of the Lakshmi School. In the past, Ann has gone through a devastating life experience facing  failures in all aspects of life, but thanks to her astrology skills, she got rid of her fears, saved her marriage, and started a new balanced life. Read the interview with Ann. The extended version of the interview is available in the link at the bottom of the page.

Lakshmi Blog: Ann, where did it all start? What did you do in the past and how you ended up doing astrology?

Ann: So basically I had a long way to go. To begin with, I quickly decided to quit the wage work and decided to try myself in entrepreneurship. I was the owner of my own stores, for some time I was doing design projects, then I have an experience of managing a large marketing network, also I was doing business coaching. And throughout all this time, I have been always exploring esotericism as this area represents a huge interest to me.  

I always liked astrology, numerology, palm reading, but I never really got in the subject professionally until a certain situation occurred in my life.

I always considered myself as a successful person: I was financially sustainable and I seemed to have a clear vision for future. Of course I am not earning millions, but my income is pretty high for a woman. I gave birth to my second child pretty late, and it turned out that a long period of maternity leave made me lose my grip in terms of business. I couldn’t get back on track as my daughter was still small, she was often sick. At that time, I caught a terrible unreasonable fear (parents of later children will probably understand me): it seemed as if everything was falling apart – my business, relationships, health …

And as it often happens the more you think about something negative the higher is likelihood of happening, thoughts quickly turn into reality. This is exactly what has happened to me. My constant negative mindset has quickly attracted problems into life. And everything began fall apart for real: my business collapsed so did my family. A painful divorce with my husband, constant health  problems of my daughter has been devastating.  Everything was so bad that the only question I asked the universe and myself was “Why? ..”.

So it turned out that exactly during this very period of hardship and misery, a major turnover has happened in my life. Unfortunately, it often happens that when we are completely satisfied with life, when we are in the comfort zone we do not grow and develop, we simply enjoy life. But when a major upheaval happens in life we start to analyze and look for ways to regain happiness. It was the same with me. I understood that I am solely responsible for all the bad things that occurred in my life and no one except me could change it.


Lakshmi Blog: What happened next? How did cope?

Ann: My daughter and I moved to Moscow in an effort to start a new life (I was born in Moscow but my parents decided to move somewhere with a milder climate). For some time we lived near the monastery of St. Matrona, and probably this had influenced me in some way – I began to develop in a spiritual area. I started to develop interest in Slavonic culture,  I even held workshops on charm dolls, and earned a status of instructor in Slavic gymnastics. Then I quickly lost interest in this topic. And at that moment I came across astrology.

What attracted me the most was the fact that the Vedic astrology, jyotish, affirms that the natal chart is our passport, but it’s not a conviction, and much can be changed to neutralize the influence of harmful planets. I started looking for an appropriate school. I had high requirements, and after watching the Lakshmi School webinar, I realized – that is exactly what I needed.

Lakshmi Blog: What have changed in  your life after starting taking course in the School?

Ann: I have changed a lot in a way I perceived things. For example, in a relationship with men. I got married again, and it turned out that at that moment I was ruining my second marriage. And, like any woman, I thought that the man was to blame. The first thing I changed when I came to study was my understanding of the relationship between a man and a woman. Of course, this did not come immediately, but understanding of how the planets influence marriage, my personal life, gave me a lot. I have a retrograde Jupiter on my chart – and this is disrespect for men, and therefore, problems with money and children. I began to work on the influence of this planet – I did upaya and various exercises, which changed my behavior. As a result, I got a happy  family with the same man.

Relationship with children has also changed. My son is 29 years old, daughter is 7 years old. I started to better understand their personalities, behavior. Little by little, I began to apply knowledge in practice and to introduce some moments into communication with them. Our relations have become much better. And not only that, thanks to astrology, my life is getting better, the financial standing of my so has been improved – I try to give his family recommendations that ultimately improve their well being.

The skills that I acquired in Lakshmi School helped me to improve my relations with parents, and as a result, the situation with men in my life has changed for better: not only in my family, but also I improved by business skills. I began to better understand my mother, appreciate her, and now I feel harmony in my soul.

Why don’t  you to watch a free webinar which will help you to understand the basics of Vedic astrology, draw up your natal chart and see yourself in full view. Are you interested? Then register by clicking the link.


Lakshmi Blog: Ann, how has astrological practice affected the financial side of your life?

Ann: As I told previously, during the period of depression my income in business decreased severely. When I first started training, my income was about 20 000-30 000 rubles, which was obviously not enough. I started to panic as I was running out of money. In addition, I had a mortgage, which I took at an unfavorable time and therefore could not pay it as quickly as I wanted. But now I am able to predict favorable dates for important events and will not be in such a situation again (for more details on how numerology is related to loans, as well as an interesting case of Anna’s client, see the video below).

Initially, I started studying astrology to understand myself, but pretty quickly I realized that it was not only a great tool to help people, but also a good source of income. Soon, I began to practice. I received an incredible stream of energy and pleasure, realizing that I was helping people.

At first I offered consultations for free, then for donation. I gained experience, improved my skills. My self-confidence grew, and along with that my value as a specialist. A circle of satisfied customers formed, many came through word of mouth.

The financial flow has increased significantly, I have not started earning millions yet, but I can say for sure that my income has grown 4-5 times.


Lakshmi Blog: Can you please share an interesting case from your consultations with our readers.

Ann: My good friend turned to me for a consultation. Her husband was having a hard time as his business was falling apart. The difficult period of Sade Sati has come into effect. In addition, she has been taking care of her children for 15 years, which meant that she completely lost her professional skills. Plus, her age, she is almost 50 years old, despite the fact that she looks very good, but she would never been taken  back to her previous job. She came to me and told that she did not know what to do and how to help her husband. She was so desperate that she was even considering the divorce. Of course I said that it is crazy and needs to stop panicking. I looked through her natal chart and recommended that she change her profession to creative direction, that’s where the success is likely to come.  She was surprised, because she always worked with numbers and was far from the professions of art. Nevertheless, she followed my advice and went to design courses. Soon she found a job in this area and the financial standing in her family returned to normal. Plus, her self-esteem increased. She has transformed into a self-confident, strong and full blooded lady (for more interesting cases from Ann’s consultations, see the video at the link below).

Lakshmi Blog: Ann, and for the conclusion – what do you wish for those who are reading these lines now?

Ann: I want to wish readers and those who watch the video to always be positive minded and self-confident. The natal chart gives an idea of who you are and how to make your life better. Be sure to take the opportunity to learn more about yourself. I want you to have the vision of who you want to be, that will inspire you and give you direction.

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