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How I confided in the universe and brightened up my life through astrology


How I confided in the universe and brightened up my life through astrology

Today our guest is Tatianna Corbs, a Vedic astrologer, a graduate of our School. Tatianna told us about the changes in her life and shared an effective life hack that you can use right now. Read the interview and watch the video with Tatianna.

 “Lakshmi” blog: Tatianna, tell us how did you end up learning astrology? What was your life like before?

Tatianna Corbs: I have been interested in astrology since childhood. In high school we had a very up and doing astronomy teacher. He have been inventing some astronomical devices and even had an entire scientific center in the courtyard of his house. My parents and I often went there to look at the stars and the Moon through a telescope. Such an approach to work cannot help to make you fall in love with the astrology.

I graduated from high school with honors, did sports, then I went to college to study foreign language, traveled a lot around the world. Then I have been working in the financial sector for 12 years. My last position was the Head of the International Financing Department in one of the large federal banks. My life has always been multifarious.

Many people say that they ended up studying astrology after going through some hardship; some kind of emotional pain has been a trigger. My situation is completely the opposite. I was happy with my life; everything was going well for me. How did I come to astrology? Yes, actually, fate brought me. Unexpectedly, living my full happy life, suddenly my interest to astrology started to grow day by day. I randomly came across articles, links to astrologers; even on the radio I kept hearing information about astrology. As if the universe led me. However, I would like to emphasize that I have never went to astrologers, nor did I ever seen my natal chart. I simply knew nothing about it. So being an open-minded person, I decided to give it a try. 

I always choose the best, therefore I began to look for a school, reading reviews, ratings, training programs, and in such a manner, I found Lakshmi School.

 “Lakshmi” blog: What changes have occurred in your life thanks to taking astrology course?

Tatianna Corbs: Everything has changed. What exactly? I will explain. At a glance, I seem to be the same person, but my eyes, their expression – that’s what has changed dramatically. I started to think differently, began to enjoy life more. I always had many friends, my life was full of socialization, traveling and new discoveries, but with astrology the colors became brighter.

I stopped taking this life for granted and started to appreciate and value it.  All events form a life experience, whether it is positive or negative. We grow stronger by solving various tasks, we transform, change ourselves and the world around us, and I thank the Universe for everything that is happening to me.


All my surroundings began to change. Only those who think positively and see the colors of life remained in my life. There is no place for people who are constantly whining or complaining in my life. They are all energetically charged, working on self-development.

The main credit of the School is that I enjoy every minute of my life. Every morning I wake up with gratitude and anticipate the coming day wandering what is the Universe up to?

The picture might seem to be too perfect, but this is true, and it works. And it works thanks to the principles that I received at the School. I live by the principle of Jyotish – to shine, give people light, and I truly enjoy it.

“Lakshmi” blog: How did astrology affect your personal life, relationship with your spouse?

Tatianna Corbs: Astrology has literally turned my personal life upside down. No, don’t get me wrong, I am still married and have a wonderful child. But astrology helped me to deepen my relationship with my husband. We went to another level of communication. Now I know in advance the periods when my husband will have difficult situations and I am preparing him to face them, I try to be softer and this works well. My husband is not too talkative, but now that I know his natal chart, I have found an approach to him and he talks to me, shares his feelings, values ​​my opinion. He often asks me for astrology advice, uses my recommendations in business.

If the goal is to pay off for the training, this could done during the basic course. The main thing is not to be afraid to practice and follow all the recommendations of the teachers. The school helps astrologers get on their feet.

 “Lakshmi” blog: Tatyana, can you share with some life-hacks, which would make life easier right now.

Tatianna Corbs: I have quite a lot of experience in energy practices and I’ll be happy to share one of my favorites – breathing technique. This is a very effective practice of soothing the stress, it gives serenity and helps to find answers in difficult situations.

I advise you to watch a free webinar; you can understand the basics of Vedic astrology, make your natal chart and see yourself in plain sight. Interesting? Then register through the following link.


 “Lakshmi” blog: Tell us about some memorable incident from your astrological practice.

Tatianna Corbs: I have a lot of interesting cases, but right now the story of a sad girl came to my mind. She tried everything: psychologists, trainings, but nothing helped. She is a successful make-up artist, known in fashion circles. This wonderful, beautiful, talented lady came to me with the question: “I don’t know if I’m on the right way, what should I do?”. After examining her chart, I saw that even greater success in the business is on her way. At one point, she confessed: “In fact, I came on another issue – I want to divorce my husband.”

It turned out that they had already broke up and lived separately. She said the problem was that she has been more successful in a professional way than her husband, and hence they had a crisis in their relationship. I saw in the chart of her husband that he was a wonderful, decent person and he loved her very much. I gave her some recommendations and after a while, we met again. She and her husband got back together again; their relationships went to a new level. In addition, things started to look up in the professional field for both of them. Her eyes were full of happiness and I understood: the techniques helped to save her family. 

 “Lakshmi” blog:Tatianna, thank you for the interview. In conclusion, what would you like to wish to those who are now reading this?

Tatianna Corbs: Guys, the main thing is to believe in yourself. If you even once had the idea that you need to turn to astrology, believe your intuition. According to Vedic philosophy, intuition is the voice of the Soul. The Universe is your guide, trust it.

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