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How does numerology can help improve your health?


How does numerology can help improve your health? 

Not only numerology makes it possible to find out the qualities of your character, but also with the help of your personal fate number to define what health problems can arise  and what is to be done to strengthen not only your spirit, but also your physical body. Surely, you did not even think about the fact that we get ill because of such simple things. With the help of numerology you can find out what you should avoid and what you need to do in order to always feel fresh, healthy and happy.

Let’s calculate the number of fate 

To start with, you need to correctly calculate the number of fate. It can be done by date of birth.


Date of birth: 29.04.1988

Day of birth: 2+9=11, 1+1=2

Month of birth 0+4=4

Year of birth: 1+9+8+8=26, 2+6=8

Then we add the numbers together: 2+4+8=14, 1+4=5 – here you have your fate number  


Characteristic of fate numbers: illnesses and their treatment

Number 1

Problem areas: heart, overstrain, vision problems, too high or low pressure, propensity for sunstroke.

Avoid: any foods that contribute to gall bladder problems, avoid eating fatty, spicy, and fried foods. You should also refrain from coffee and alcoholic beverages. 

Better-for-you products: barley, thyme, citrus fruits, ginger, raisins, chamomile, nutmeg, ginseng, lavender, honey.

Tip: you want to be a leader under all circumstances. If things are not going your way, you immediately get upset. This is especially true for managers. Think of a number of simple exercises that will help you to relax, get away from it all for a moment so that you can get rid of stress and irritation. This can be yoga or simple meditation.

Number 2

Problem areas: anemia, stress and pressure causing anxiety, insomnia, allergies or asthma

Better-for-you products: flax, cabbage, melon, turnip, cucumber, banana

Avoid: emotional conflicts that expose you to various illnesses because you become very nervous

Tip: you are taking everything too close to your heart. If you are stressed out, go for a walk to the place where you feel safe and calm. It is also important for you to learn to express your feelings and emotions and not to keep everything inside.

Number 3

Problem areas: lung problems, sore throat, tendency to overwork and string up nervous system, skin problems, arthritis, diabetes

Better-for-you products: mint, saffron, asparagus, olives, almonds, nuts, beets, apples, peaches, grapes, blueberries, strawberries

Avoid: foods that may cause allergic reaction. For example, garlic, ginger. Also avoid places with dry grass.

Tip: take probiotics to avoid stomach problems. Think of an exercise to keep stress under control. Special techniques and meditations will help.

Number 4

Problem areas: you can often get depressed and exposed to melancholy, frequent shortness of breath, cough, you can often be cold.

Better-for-you products: All green vegetables and fruits, eggplant, kohlrabi

Avoid: conflict situations, sugar-containing products

Tip: think up of hobby or other useful activity that will help you to distract from possible problems and concentrate on something else.

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Number 5

Problem areas: mental stress causing anxiety, cough, cold and flu, skin problems, insomnia, kidney problems

Better-for-you products: strawberry, parsley, mushrooms, nuts, carrots, potatoes, oatmeal, rice

Avoid: stressful situations, all health problems can be solved by relaxation.

Tip: You need freedom and changes. But you also need to come up with some kind of regular useful activity, for example: constantly keep a balanced diet, drink plenty of water, do light exercise.

Number 6

Problem areas: you are vulnerable to to fevers and flu, infections of the nose, throat and lungs, heart problems in old age.

Better-for-you products: mint, parsnip, figs, spinach, walnuts, pomegranates, legumes

Avoid: sweet, spicy and fatty foods, tense physical activity

Tip: you like to keep everything under control. You should learn to let go, let things take their course. When you are frustrated, you have problems with overeating. You better take pay special attention to this specific problem.

Number 7

Problem areas: common infectious diseases, skin problems, arthritis, poor blood circulation

Better-for-you products: flax, ginseng, green tea, apricots, cucumbers, apples, watermelon

Avoid: The best would be quit consuming alcohol and smoking, avoid stressful situations and overload at work

Tip: take time for a short healing meditation. You need to spend more time alone, at this moment free your thoughts, do not think about work, and then you will be able to improve your health.

Number 8

Problem areas: legs, ears, teeth, rheumatism, constant headaches, liver and intestinal problems, low or high blood pressure, heart problems.

Better-for-you products: chamomile, green tea, cashews, pine nuts, sunflower seeds, sweet pepper, tomatoes, sour apples, pears

Avoid: canned food and fast food. Passivity and isolation from the outside world.

Tip: people with his number also like to keep everything under control. Learn to let things go and enjoy life

Number 9

Problem areas: most likely, mumps or rubeola have been endured in childhood. Problems with the throat, lungs and kidneys.

Better-for-you products: pepper, garlic, onion, leek, ginger, grapefruit, kiwi, pumpkin, cranberry

Avoid: fatty foods, situations causing aggression

Tip: you love to be responsible for other people, take care of everything except yourself. It would be good for you to take massage in order to relax and take some time for yourself. It is also useful to do yoga, where you can learn to free your mind from the outside world.

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