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What Is Astrological Science? Things You Need To Know


You must have heard about astrology in your life but do you know what it actually is apart from “signs”? Most people don’t know much about astrology beyond these zodiac signs. Let me tell you what on earth is astrological science. 

What Is Astrology?

The effect of different stars and other astronomical objects on our lives, our behaviors and different events happening on earth is basically known as astrology. It has very deep roots in the history of mankind and a strong political and ancient background. Egyptians, Romans and Latin people were so into astrology and they had a strong belief that everything happening on earth and in their lives is due to the movement of stars and moons.

That was the old school of thought of astrology. In modern terms, it is more than just the movement of astronomical objects and their influence on us. Rather, it is a social science today and tries to find out the impact of different arrangements and patterns of movement of objects on human life. Astrology is kind of a map to study the various aspects of human lives and how they are influenced by the movement of systems and objects.

Astrology and Science Relationship

The most asked question about astrology is ‘is there any science behind astrology’? Astrology is considered pseudoscience that means it is claimed to be scientific but is based on theories as assumptions. Well, the decision varies whether astrology is a science or not as everyone has their own perspective. It is not decided to date if it is a science or not but there is some connection of astrology with science at some point.

Now the thing is why do people believe in astrology? People having traditional and superstitious backgrounds claim it as a science and have a strong belief that astrology surely impacts our lives in certain ways. On the other hand, scientific and objective people are not willing to accept it as scientific knowledge. Their unbiased approach doesn’t allow them to believe that certain patterns and their movement can play a role in our life.

Astrology and these signs and horoscopes and considered as a cognitive bias that means what we think or what we strongly believe will happen to us. Our mind has so strong influence on us that it starts making us do what we are truly believing. And this is how it seems to be a genuine and scientific approach. There is no definite answer to is astrology a science or not. There is much knowledge to be explored yet in this regard.

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How Does It Work?

As discussed above, astrology is the study of different astronomical objects and their impact on the earth and our lives. The specific patterns in which the sun or stars move is considered to be the most fundamental concept in astrological studies. The movement patterns and particular alignments of these giant bodies tend to be the cause of human behaviors and also provide the base to predict their future life or events that are going to occur in the future on earth.

These horoscopes or signs are based upon the position of the planet at the time of the birth of the individual and claim to give details about personality traits, future events or even the perfect matched sign for them. Although science doesn’t believe all this as it is considered as a theory but still, believers have a strong belief.

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Best Astrology FAQs

We have discussed the basics about astrology like defining astrology or is astrology real? Now some of the frequently asked questions about astrology are listed below.

What Are Different Types of Astrology?

Some of the types of astrology are:

·         Medical astrology

·         Psychological astrology

·         Vedic astrology (read more about Jyotish)

·         Relationship astrology

·         Horary astrology

·         Humanistic astrology

·         Karmic astrology

·         Zodiac astrology

·         Western astrology

What Is a Horoscope?

Horoscope is a chart or diagram made on the base of the position of planets at the time of a person’s birth. It is used by astrologists to predict the events that are going to occur in a specific time period like daily, weekly or monthly horoscopes. Horoscope is considered the most interesting aspect of astrology and is widely followed by believers throughout the world.

Is Astrology Free?

General astrology, horoscopes to be more specific, is free and you can check your daily or weekly free horoscope in a magazine or any online site. But some customized services are charged. These services are other than free astrology and include some personalized Astro advice, matchmaking, information about astrology personality or even your astrology report like about your career, love life or marriage by birth date.

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How To Learn Astrology?

To learn astrology, you must have knowledge of horoscopes and 12 zodiac signs. Apart from that, astrological symbols, their interpretation, different planets and astrological houses are the subjects that should be understood to learn the basics of astrology.

Estimated Salary of an Astro

Being an Astro is a well-paid job and other than a job, people are earning a handsome amount of money from astrology. According to an estimate, the average Astro salary is $32,635 per year in the United States.

Which Type of Astrology Is Considered Most Accurate One?

There are so many types of astrology like medical astrology, zodiac astrology, psychological astrology, horary astrology and karmic astrology but Vedic astrology is considered to be the most accurate one. This is because the patterns, their evaluation and calculations are considered to be accurate and reliable than the other types.

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Astrology is a pseudoscience and has an ancient background. Some people strongly believe in astrological facts and predictions while others completely deny its authenticity. The decision is up to you and it’s completely your choice but the roots of astrology are so deep and you can’t cut it off easily. The debate about it being a science or not is so long and hasn’t come to an end yet. There is still so much to be explored and looked upon.

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