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How Do Our Thoughts Affect Health?


A simple principle lies at the bottom of life. You get what you think. In other words, it is totally up to you whether you are happy, healthy or successful. The very thoughts make us who we are, how we live and what we feel.

A thought is the root cause of most illnesses!

We also constantly nurture our illnesses ourselves. Just like our life, our body is also a reflection of thoughts, beliefs and convictions.

Simple as that: think positive, try to be optimistic in any situation and the body will respond you with strength, toned condition and healthy look.

If your thoughts are negative, you are afraid, whining, complaining, the body will respond with illnesses and weakness. Moreover, each body reacts in its own way.

So, ears are our ability to hear and listen. If you have ear problems, perhaps on a spiritual level you are angry and do not want to hear your loved ones, partner. You are convinced that you can cope with everything yourself, and they just talk “nonsense”. 

Eye problems indicate that we tend to turn a blind eye on problems at home, work, in relationships. Throat illnesses suggest that we feel irritation, but we are afraid to speak up, we believe that “we have no right” to express our intentions and desires out loud.

The back provides support, and problems with it indicate that you don’t expect any support from friends, family, and loved ones. We fear that we won’t be able to cope with a problem and that we’ll have to deal with everything alone. In addition, back problems occur when a person is constantly expecting a catch, a “backstab” from a loved one, colleagues.

The stomach function is the digestion of food and in the same way we “digest” or “don’t digest” new ideas and offers. Stomach illnesses are frequent among those who are stubbornly attached to old customs, who are afraid of something new, feel helpless in the face of change. A stomach ulcer is a deep conviction that a person is not good /smart/active enough for his/her job position or his/her whole life.

Another illness of our days is overweight, which is barely cured by diets. It keeps returning. Thoughts about protection from outside world, pain, criticism, lack of attentions are what lie behind this illness. 

Similar illnesses arise in other ways. How do our thoughts affect health? Directly, day after day!

Forgiveness means healing!

Many illnesses, especially lingering ones, which are hard to diagnose, originate from our grievances. Grievances against yourself, relatives, parents, marriage partner. If you intend to get rid of the disease, heal and free yourself, remember who you hold the most important grievance against!

Be honest with yourself! Perhaps you have it in for your mother or father, who weren’t doing a good job in parenting or had constant fights when getting a divorce. When you feel aggrieved against your parents and former partners, not only you are blocking your marital luck, the power of the 4th mansion (mother’s house) and the 9th mansion of success, but also provoke diseases of the reproductive, sexual system. Stop constantly recalling all the offenses and try to forgive, for the sake of your own healing and good luck!

Try also: meditation for healing.

Clearing your thoughts for healing 

There is an effective technique that helps to understand what you think about yourself. And since thoughts directly affect our life and health, there is an opportunity to get to the root of the problems.

So, prepare a sheet of paper, a pen, get in front of a mirror. First, try to remember and write down all the negative things that your parents/teachers/friends said about you. How did they speak about your body, character, habits, study? Write down everything you have recalled!

Then, in writing, answer the question: “How do I see myself?”. Look in the mirror, think over and write down all the negative things that will come up. This is a very useful cleansing session, so take time for it, no matter how hard the memories are!

Here is a sheet of paper with negative comments. Now scrunch it up, squeeze in hands, put all your strength, rage, resentment into this sheet of paper. After that, tear into small pieces or burn, scattering the ashes to the wind.

Finish the technique. Approach the mirror and look into your eyes, say: “I set myself from all the tension and offenses. I am freed from all the fears. I am freed from all my old convictions. And I feel calm. I’m in tune with myself. I am in harmony with the life itself. I’m safe!”. Repeat several times.

Return to this technique whenever negativity arises from the past. So, day after day, you will get rid of the “foundation” of the negativity that formed earlier.

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