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The High Priestess Tarot card meaning

the high priestess

2nd Major Arcana Tarot the High Priestess, also known as “Priestess” or “Papess”. Passive female card, goes after the Magician, who symbolizes the active masculine principle. A similar sequence creates harmony: male and female, active and passive, external and internal. The High Priestess Tarot card is all about intuition and wisdom, in spreads it is a strong, experienced woman and a call to rely on her own strength.

The High Priestess is depicted between two columns as a symbol of balance and harmony. Isis, the goddess of fertility, water, wind and magic, corresponds to her mythologically. She is the goddess of femininity and family fidelity.

The High Priestess Tarot meaning

The High Priestess upright card keywords are: trust yourself, your strengths, feelings, subconsciousness. trust is the main message of the card.

Its interpretation is as follows:

  • intuition, wisdom;
  • understanding;
  • secrets and secrets that are about to be revealed;
  • trust your gut;
  • prophetic dreams;
  • secret favorable changes;
  • what is happening behind the scenes;
  • past events and memories;
  • use hidden talents and potentialities;
  • look for happiness in yourself, not in others.

The High Priestess Tarot Major Arcana represents the following groups of people: a sister or a daughter, a virgin, a lonely woman, a counselor, a person with strong intuition and prophetic abilities. In addition, it is a card of virgin purity, love without sex, celibacy and the vow of life without a man. This is another important the High Priestess Tarot meaning.

The High Priestess reversed meaning

the high priestess

If the High Priestess falls out in a reversed position, then it speaks of a lack of wisdom, hasty decisions, manipulation, ignorance of her strengths and talents.

Other meanings of the High Priestess reversed:

  • emptiness and alienation;
  • lack of faith in yourself;
  • sudden negative change;
  • unwillingness to listen to the inner voice and intuition;
  • revealed secrets – there is nothing more to hide;
  • inability to foresee the situation;
  • sex without commitment, passion without deep feelings;
  • do something, despite bad feelings;
  • no time for yourself, everything for others;

In an inverted position, the card represents manipulators, female enemies, cruel and anxious people, empty and superficial.

Combinations with Major Arcana

If the High Priestess drops out in Tarot readings with:

Fool – the secret is revealed.
Magician – rely on intuition, secret trip or secret action, blackmail.
Empress – a rival woman or a wise friend, pregnancy, successful creativity.
Emperor – a love triangle, a man’s secret woman.
Hierophant – training, education, religious education, a strong patron.
Lovers – secret meetings, a love triangle, temptation, doubts about love.
Chariot – travel, change of life / place, do not interfere with the course of events.
Force – secret passions, confrontation, rivalry, jealousy, you need to hide everything.
Hermit – a hidden enemy, mystery, isolation, loneliness.
Wheel of Fortune – a desire for change, a trip, a move, an unstable situation.
Justice – lawsuit, manipulation, secret plan.
Hanged Man – fraud, deception, betrayal, forced inaction.
Death – a difficult relationship, the departure of a loved one, rivalry, vindictiveness.
Temperance – respite, preparation time, moderation, finding spiritual harmony.
Devil – addiction, affection, machinations, sexual dissatisfaction.
Tower – disclosure of secrets, impulsive action, thoughtless action.
Star – intuition, insight, foresight.
Moon – resentment, rival, deception.
Sun – pride, flattery, secret becomes apparent.
Court – disclosure of secrets, improvement of the situation.
Peace – the birth of a child, complete information, completion of training.


The High Priestess love, finance and health message

If an upright card of the High Priestess Tarot falls out in fortune-telling for the future, the meaning will be as follows: first observe, then act! Make a decision based on your intuition and what your inner voice tells you.

The High Priestess Tarot in reading on relationships, indicates platonic love or something secret in union (something that needs to be hidden from another), and in a reversed position, sex without feelings or selfish relationships.

In fortune-telling about work and career, the High Priestess in a direct position indicates that one must act slowly, intuitively and wisely. Sometimes everything can be sorted out as it is not engaging your participation! You shouldn’t expect big money and career heights.

In divination on a question the High Priestess Tarot card gives the following answer – rather not, but it is better to turn to your serendipity. You already subconsciously know everything!

If in daily fortune telling you get a card of the day High Priestess, then this is a card of inaction and contemplation. Do not interfere with the process, let everything work out by itself. Take your time to make a decision and don’t talk a lot.

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