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How I Found Healing Meditation And What It Taught Me


Jenney Clark – astrologer, tarologist, yogi, writer, spiritual practitioner and teacher at Lakshmi Ameya Institute – shares her personal story and gives advice on healing meditation.


A year ago someone told me something that hurt… in a well meaning way of course. But nevertheless it hurt… That made me reminisce and so that is why today I share something that is very personal to me. 

A few years ago, I was happy. One day I discovered something that changed the course of my life. I was doing a corporate job at that time, on that awfully rainy day, I had a meltdown.

I felt I had lost a part of myself and went into deep introspection… I wouldn’t talk or communicate for three days. I switched off my phones, the TV and everything that connected me to people. 

Oh don’t get me wrong, I lived, I breathed. But even as did this I began to look inward.

Flashbulbs exploded in my mind… suddenly it was an epiphany… I had a sense of my calling… I was in a deep trance and even as I healed, I felt myself awakening to a new calling, a new way of life.

Suddenly everything I had read before took on a new meaning… in my silence and meditation, in my introspection and peace I found myself. Something that was a horrendous experience for me became a turning point in my life. Silence gave me that epiphany, that “aha!” moment…

Silence taught me 

1. Healing meditation.

2. My mind became my temple.

3. I shut out all the noise from the outside world.

4. I found peace and contentment.

5. Silence became the source of all my “Eureka!” Moments.

6. I became in control of negative emotions.

7.  I realized the outside are just external factors.

8. I am what I am and nothing somebody says or does changes that.

9. I can control what happens to me by how I react to others.

10. Wisdom from our ancestors will always hold true… unconditional love and forgiveness… go hand in hand.

11. Every day we learn something new… unless of course, you are Christ or Buddha – ascended masters.

12. We will each continue to learn from the other.

13. Humility is the best antidote in a conflict.

14. Always remain grounded… dump the ego.

15. In any relationship, be it friendships or partnerships, love without expectations and you won’t be disappointed.

healing guided meditations

Types Of Healing Meditation 

Active Meditation is a form of healing meditation where you are involved in some form of activity while meditating. A yogi knows that he has control over his breath and thoughts he can multitask while also remaining in the meditative state , some would call it being present in the NOW.

Some of the popular  forms of active meditation are the “Whirling Dervish”  practiced by the Sufi or as they like to call Muraqabah. In this form one whirls to the trance of Sufi music, tilting the head heavenward, one hand placed over the heart chakra and the other hand raised toward heaven or God. The sufis believe that this form of mediation connects one with the heart and with the creator/divine. I have myself practiced and found a trance like Solace in it.

Osho Meditation also recommends  dancing and shaking as an active form of healing meditation. In fact Osho’s form of mediation involves 4 stages where one is active in the first and second stage and one becomes passive in the third and fourth stage. 

Active meditation is also practiced through a combination of arts such as Qi gong and Tai Chi which help you concentrate on the element of water and fire in the body through the breath while moving the body to the positions that combine these two body and mind practices.

Passive Meditation. This form of healing meditation is the more conventional and understood form where one concentrates on breath control while being still in a sitting posture. Also sometimes one lays  down as is practiced in yoga through Pranayama. In this form of meditation one may choose to chant a mantra (f.e. money mantra) for a particular purpose whether it be for peace, protection or whatever one chooses or one may simply remain silent while breathing and counting the breaths. This form of mediation if practiced daily can help you develop patience, restraint, self control, good health etc. We can come to the latter subject in another subject soon.

Watch this guided meditation for pain and sleep:

Also listen to this body healer meditation:

How Mediation can Help with Awakening the Kundalini Shakti

Trick Question: Can Kundalini be forced through  artificial stimulants?

Awareness is key. Ignorance of spirituality and not understanding Awakening is the main reason many turn to drugs/intoxicants and go through the dark night of the soul. It is very Simple Sthula Sarira the physical Body and Sukshma Sarira or subtle body. One is mass and the other is energy. The balance of both is the way to go.

In the western world  a person experiencing a state of imbalance  during awakening may get stigmatized / ostracized as unstable with mental issues. Whereas in Asian cultures a more holistic or spiritual solution is short rather than a chemical or medical one. The individual  themselves would take responsibility and turn to grounding, prayers and f. e. healing guided meditations.  

Sometime back one of my students in class asked me if Kundalini can be forced through stimulants. My response was “yes” but it would also be unnatural and hence set you back when trauma or issues you have not dealt with resurfaces. 

Awakening is better when experienced naturally. Chemicals are the worst thing you can do to the body but plant based herbs could help you in the process as they give you the energy of the plants and are earth based unlike substances. However  we also know the Laws of karma dont work that way. Everything is Divine Timing and Meditation for healing is a process which will help you get there.

Firstly when we go through a Kundalini awakening many symptoms can show up. Although  7 chakras  exist, 3 chakras play an active role and can lock down energies if not activated in the proper manner. Chakras are energy centres and each chakra is shaped like a lotus flower with sacred symbols such as the Shiva Linga.

The 3 main chakras that are vital where symptoms occur are Root or Muladhara Chakra – the base where fight or flight occurs, survival, fears, materialism.

Heart Chakra or Anahata Chakra – traumas related to broken heart, childhood, insecurities.

Third eye or Ajna Chakra unable to handle stress, cannot concentrate, mistrust of one’s own abilities, illness as the energies don’t flow through chakra centres, unable to look past illusions, and a disconnect from universal love. 

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meditation for healing


THE MEETING OF 3 PRINCIPLE NADIS: Ida, Pingala and Sushumna or Moon,  Sun and central energies or in other words Femine (left), Masculine (right) and  Centre (earth). Nadis are breath channels for prana or life force. In yoga this is considered important as the three nadis can balance the subtle body through prana.

The way to unblock the chakras is to deal with the heart of the issues, you may revisit situations and experiences you never wanted to feel as you pushed them into a dark place and hoped they would disappear. This is your dark night of the soul.

They have a way of resurfacing when not healed properly. Each chakra has a power centre or button that gets pushed, the energy flows from one chakra to the other. This energy is like agni or fire and can feel hot and electric at the same time as it flows in waves. And that is why meditation and healing these traumas can help you with your spiritual growth 


When you ground yourself through meditation, pranayama, dancing or walking through nature you can let all the negative energy release from the body and you may send it to the earth as you then absorb the energy of the earth and let it flow through you body where it meets with the energy of the sky. The thing is the energies of the elements are precious while the energy of the earth is red and the energy of the akasha or sky is white, when both mingle during the grounding exercise it will turn pink in the color of unconditional love.

Meditation In Tantra

Meditate with the right mudras (hand gestures) to calm your mind: I have recently learnt that healing meditation with a partner is a beautiful thing indeed. It synchronizes your mind with his and your souls merge as one when you hum the “om” in unison. Though considering your busy schedules it may not be possible to meditate with your partner on a regular basis, meditation every day, individually, is good for you. 

When you practice meditation you learn to go inward and become mindful; this aids the process of sacred love. Patience is one of the key elements in tantric sexual practices; meditation is especially helpful for men, helping them to take things slow.

My unconditional love to you all

~ Jenney Clark, Spiritual Guru

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