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How to get your ex boyfriend back using only pure energy and your own power of thought?


Curious how to get your ex back? Going through a break up? Learn tips and techniques on getting bank into your relationships and be loved. Read the article prepared by wish fulfillment and Ayurveda specialist.

I have been familiar with the techniques of affirmations and wishes visualizations for a long time. But for some reasons I never had the need to apply these techniques. As often happens in life, difficult situations come when you don’t expect them at all. So in my life one day I had a mental breakdown. We broke up with my boyfriend. Today I want to tell you my story and share the secrets on how to get back with ex after breaking up.

How to get your ex boyfriend back after breaking up: my story

Our break up happened spontaneously, I was not ready for such a turn of events. He went on a business trip for a couple of weeks; we didn’t really keep in touch during this period. When he returned, he did not tell me about it. We met a couple of days later, and he said that we should part ways. He could not explain the reason and I remained in the dark. Of course, I thought that he met another woman. But whenever I or my friends stumbled across him in the city, he was always alone. I suffered a lot, everything fell apart and I did not know why this happened. I wanted everything to be the same as before, but he didn’t call, neither did I.

A month later, I came across him in our favorite bar; we looked into each other’s eyes, and I realized that our story is still not finished. He looked at me the same way as before. And I started to wonder how to get your ex back? Pride did not let me to start the conversation the first and I decided that I would turn to esotericism. I read more about the practice of visualization, tried to imagine us together – happy and in love again. And everything turned the way I wanted. I decided that I will devote all my spare time to visualization of my most important desire – to be with my Sasha again.

Sometimes I spoke out loud my desire in the present tense: we are happy, we are together, we love each other. I affirmed, so to speak, unconsciously. It was before the New Year, and I was going to visit my parents who live in another city. 10 days before the New Year, I was having a coffee in my favorite cafe. Suddenly he happened to be there. He sat down at my table and asked one question: “What is happening between us? Will my ex come back?” He told that he has been constantly thinking about me during these 1.5 months. He proposed to try again and fix some of the issues  that were in our relationship.

I could not believe my ears, my wish came true literally a couple of weeks after I started to visualize my dream.  As a result, I didn’t go anywhere, we celebrated the New Year with our friends and since then we are always together.

What was it? A coincidence? Or maybe the universe decided to tell me how to get your ex back?

The most interesting was the reason for our separation: he thought that I stopped loving him. When he was on a business trip, I didn’t call him because I didn’t want to distract him. He interpreted this as a manifestation of my indifference. It often happens when people talk little about their relationship. Here we are, at the moment when it was necessary to talk and discuss the problem, we interpreted the things differently  and went our separate ways.

I learnt 2 lessons from this situation: if there is a chance to discuss a problem, take the first step and talk. If you have missed the opportunity to discuss the problem – try to use your own energy and the right thoughts to get your relationship back to normal. I can now assure that it works 100%. Although at some point it seemed to me that nothing could return the man I love to me.


How to get your ex back: techniques for getting a person you love back and the best days to open your energy chakra

It’s not just visualization and affirmations that work. There are several Vedic techniques that help return a loved one back. Which one is right for you, only your heart will tell. I will tell you what I know, and you choose the energetic action that is right for you and will answer your question “how to get a guy back after breaking up.”


I have already mentioned them but I repeat – I performed them unconsciously. For this technique to really work, it is worth doing it correctly and consciously.

Affirmations are attitudes that have a beneficial effect on the development of your destiny. There are effective affirmations that in 99% of cases help you when you are wondering how to make your exboyfriend want you back.

  • I am Love.
  • Love enters into my destiny;
  • Me and the man I love will be together soon;
  • I am a strong magnet for my beloved boyfriend;
  • Me and my man belong together;
  • My boyfriend loves me with all his heart;
  • To be with my him is my destiny;
  • We are connected with a thin but strong thread;
  • My man loves me;
  • We are meant to be together;
  • We have a common future and a strong family;
  • Our future is painted in bright colors of happiness;
  • My feelings for the man  I love are mutual;
  • He loves me as much as I love him.
  • My beloved boyfriend will come back in a few days

The thought tend to turn into actions. Put your heart and soul into reading these affirmations and you will be surprised how it works.


How to get a boyfriend back after a break up using mantras

Mantras carry magical powers. This is the ancient science of listening to and singing magical songs, which help the Universe to make your wish come true: how to get your ex back into your life?

Tantric breathing technique

How to get a man back? Another great method is related to breathing rhythms, which is recommended by Tantric masters.

Why breathing? The nose is the personification of the couple. The right nostril stands for Yang, and the left for Ying.

How to get your ex back with the help of the breathing practice?

1. Close the right nostril and breathe only through the left nostril for 5 hours 36 minutes. Specifically this amount of time is needed to fully open your feminine principle and attract your ex-boyfriend through this energy channel;

2. Set the alarm and perform the technique exactly 5 hours 36 minutes. Do not exceed the time even for for a minute – it can backfire.

3. Listen to the calm music, read philosophical books, do meditation and fully tune in to the fulfillment of your desire.

This technique should be performed  in the morning or evening on an empty stomach. It is better not to eat while breathing, you can drink any liquid except alcohol.

After completing this technique, be prepared that magic will come into your life very quickly. The main thing is to wish it with all your heart.

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How to get your ex back: creative visualization

How to get a boyfriend back using visualization? The technique is very simple. Imagine that you are together again. Feel his hugs and touches, remember every important little thing and feel all the good things that happened between you. Recall his smell, his voice, his words, his hands, his eyes. Imagine him with you as often as possible. Go to your favorite places where you were happy together. Perform the visualization with all kindness and love in your heart for that person. Do not think about the bad, think back of only those moments that make you feel warm and comfortable in your soul.

The entire Universe is woven from energies and our thoughts are the same energies. A conscious and correct thought can not only return a loved one, but also make your relationship even better than it was before.

Remember my example. I visualized that my boyfriend would come back with all my heart and it took very little time for him to return to me.


Let me repeat that that techniques work if you wish it with all your heart. If you are in doubt about whether you want your boyfriend back but still try to do the techniques, be prepared that  nothing will work out. Only complete concentration and clear intention can make your dream come true – to bring your beloved man back to your life!

The New Moon is very powerful. How to bring your loved one back on New Moon? It’s that simple!

Try to perform any of the above mentioned techniques!

The new moon has special power and energy to fulfill desires.  The whole Universe will work to make your dream come true, which is charged with the energy of the New Moon. Prayers and requests for love specifically during the New Moon tend to come true more often and very quickly, which is important when you suffer without the man you love.

What to avoid

  • You can’t wish your loved one bad things, revive bad moments and remember the difficulties that were between you.
  • Remember that the Universe will help to get your ex back, if this does not contradict the intentions of his heart. If a man has left you irrevocably and you do not feel that he is ready to come back, the techniques will hardly help. You need to let go and forgive the person. If you are not sure how your boyfriend feels about you, follow the techniques but repeat the thought in your head or out loud: that everything will come true if it does not contradict the desire and will of the beloved man.
  • Do not perform the techniques when you are in a bad mood. Be kind and happy with all your heart as you perform the technique. A kind heart and pure thoughts generate the best and strongest streams of energy.

I wish you the best of luck in returning your boyfriend and I hope that the correct use of the techniques on how to return the man of your life will help to fulfill your wish as soon as possible!

Love and be loved!

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